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How to solve the Act 2 puzzle in Scorn

Here is how to solve the Act 2 Puzzle in Scorn

Solve the Act 2 puzzle in Scorn– Every act of Scorn has a significant new puzzle to complete, and Act 2 is no exception. You must solve new spinning circle puzzles in order to advance the plot.

You must first locate the appropriate tool, which we also describe below, in order to access these circle riddles in Scorn. We also explain how to solve the last challenge in the area with the bright red plant-like animals using the same tool.

You can pause the game, start over from the beginning of the act, or exit the game and re-enter it to access your most recent autosave if a problem or glitch ever prevents you from exploring or entering these spinning circle puzzle solutions in Act 2.

How to unlock the spinning circle riddles in Scorn Act 2 and where to find the device

After briefly travelling outside in Act 2 of Scorn, you will soon go inside the structure where you will find a room with a crimson glow and various plant-like animals in the midst. At one of the doors to this area, there are two devices that you can view, but you can’t yet interact with them.

Act 2’s concluding problem is really located in this area, but to get to it, you must first solve four spinning circle riddles. However, you’ll need to locate the appropriate tool to do this!

Turn around and take a left while keeping an eye on the two contraptions in front of you as well as the red glowing plants. There is a dead body here next to the locked door. Interact with it to obtain the tool you require to complete Act 2’s spinning circle puzzles.

The first of these riddles is directly to the right of the corpse you just looted.

Solution 1 to the spinning circle puzzle from Scorn Act 2

As long as you have the item, you can plug it into the alien console when interacting with it to start the puzzle.

Act 2’s circular puzzles vary slightly from one another, but they all require the same logic to solve. Each one’s main premise is to spin around to the top of the console and drop the notches there after moving your device around to pick up each of the notches in the circles in the proper order.

Since all of the notches are stationary in the first solution to the spinning circle puzzles, it is the simplest of the four solutions. Pick up the notches from the outside and place them inside before putting them back down at the top.

Solution 2 to the spinning-circle puzzle from Scorn Act 2

Utilizing the elevator to ascend a floor, establish a passageway to the left-hand room across the hall by using the alien panel. This will lead you to the second spinning circle puzzle answer. The doorway leading to the room, which is one and two away, is blocked by bodies.

When you reach the end of this chamber, turn right. Until we have another device, we are unable to access the panel on the left. The second circle puzzle is located on the right down this corridor.

This puzzle also has a similar solution, except this time the required notches are spinning independently. You must rotate your gadget so that the notch ultimately stops in a position that allows you to pick it up in order to solve this puzzle. The notch will make a clicking sound when it reaches the location you need to spin your device to, therefore we advise turning the volume up.

It takes a few rotations for a notch to line up exactly once more, so keep an eye on it and then position your gadget so that it will be there when you pick it up the next time. Finish the puzzle at the top once more after you have all three.

Solution 3 to the spinning-circle puzzle from Scorn Act 2

After you have figured out the second circle puzzle, return to the alien panel where you may make new rooms, and then choose the room to the left of the one with the body pile.

As you approach a fan, keep exploring until you come upon a building with three tentacles attached to it in order to enter past the fan. After removing all three tentacles, turn around and move forward. You’ll experience something a little unusual, but don’t be alarmed—this is all part of the plot, and you won’t perish.

Returning to the fan will reveal that it has been turned off and that you are now able to pass through it. The third spinning circles puzzle is located at a console at the top of a ramp, so continue exploring past it.

The rationale used in this puzzle is the same as in the second. Spin your smartphone to that position and watch for the notch to move back there when you hear the click of the proper notch placement. To solve the third circle puzzle, collect all three and place them at the top.

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Solution 4 to the spinning circle puzzle from Scorn Act 2

It’s time to properly dispose of those dead remains!

After completing the previous circle puzzle, continue your exploration until you find a new circular elevator and can interact with the panel there. It will lower you into a new room where you can use the device mounted on the wall (below the tiny light) to recover the item that enables you to operate part of the alien technology.

Returning to the location of the second spinning circle problem, you can now access the panel next to the corpse that provides a view of all the rooms that may be reached by establishing passageways (the room entrance is located two to the left of the pile of bodies).

After interacting with this panel, spin the gadget to the room where the bodies are and turn it on. The bodies will be removed by some green liquid, and you can now enter this chamber by creating a tunnel there using the same tool as before.

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You’ll eventually reach Act 2’s fourth and trickiest spinning circle challenge by continuing your exploration past the room’s entrance. The puzzle is exactly the same as the previous two, however this time, half of it is blocked.

You must definitely pay attention to where the leftmost notch should be placed before spinning your gadget to pick up all three of them and dropping them as usual at the top.

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