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Cyberpunk 2077: This ‘Trickshot Grenade’ Build Will Totally Change The Combat

Are you looking for Cyberpunk 2077: This ‘Trickshot Grenade’ Build Will Totally Change The Combat.

The majority of constructions in cyberpunk focus on well-known ideas like stealthy hackers, unbeatable punching machines, terrifyingly accurate snipers, deadly quick samurai, and many more. All of those strategies are enjoyable to use, but if you want something that demonstrates wise skill tree selections while still demanding some accuracy, you can check out the “grenade trickshot” construct.

A recent video from the YouTube channel KhrazeGaming proved that it is indeed possible to shoot a bullet into a grenade for an early explosion in Night City. The video demonstrated how this seemingly insignificant aspect of the game’s combat can serve as the inspiration for an entire character concept. On the video, the setup in question begins at roughly 5:32. Additionally, we’ve already discussed KhrazeGaming’s sick David Martinez build, which was inspired by the Edgerunners.

Even though the main draw of this build is shooting grenades in midair, there is a lot of flexibility surrounding it, making it the ideal complementing playstyle for other builds if you have extra eddies, perks, and skill points. Grab the “Jackpot” perk in the Engineering tree as well as other perks that increase grenade damage, according to KhrazeGaming. But there’s more we can do. To get the most out of this build, you’ll primarily be investing in Reflexes and Technical Ability (Engineering).

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Time-affecting cybernetic implants and which ripperdocs have them

To fully utilise this idea, as seen in KhrazeGaming’s video, you’re going to need the ability to slow down time. In Cyberpunk, there are a few possibilities for bullet time, and they derive from cybernetics.

The Kerenzikov implant is among the most prevalent. Anytime you slide or dodge, block, or attack while aiming down sights, time will slow down. It is available in Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary forms, with prices ranging from 4,000 to 28,000 depending on rarity. There is no stat requirement for the common or uncommon forms, but you need a Reflex score of 12, 15, or 18 for the rare, epic, and legendary varieties. The following ripperdocs can be obtained from the following places to find Kerenzikov’s:

All ripperdocs (who don’t sell higher level versions) are typical (time is slowed down by half for 1.5 seconds)
Uncommon (1.8 seconds of time are slowed by 60%): Rocky Ridge, Rancho Coronado, West Wind Estate, Japantown,
Arroyo, Wellsprings, and Downtown Epic (time is slowed by 80% for 2.5 seconds): Wellsprings Legendary (time is slowed by 90% for 3.5 seconds): Arroyo Rare (time is slowed by 70% for two seconds):

A Synaptic Accelerator implant is another option, which slows down time when you are discovered. However, this may or may not be as desired given that you might not be aiming for stealth with a design like this. It would also be worthwhile to look for a Reflex Tuner, which, when your health is at 25% of your maximum, slows time by half for two seconds.

Any implant using the Sandevistan Operating System is an excellent alternative. The benefit of them is that, unlike the others, they are not restricted to a movement set or a particular situation, allowing you to slow down time simply holding down E.

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You should research which is best for your build because they all have different time dilation stats and other benefits like increases in crit chances and damage.

Watch out for the Dynalar Sandevistan Mk.1 or Mk.3 or any of the Zetatech OS implants to extend your Sandevistan bullet time. To increase impact duration and decrease cooldown, you might also wish to install a heatsink mod or an overclocked processor mod.

There are other cybernetics to take into account for trickshot builds besides these. You can perform dodges in midair with the Manoeuvring System implant from the ripperdoc in Arroyo, although it needs a score of 14 in Reflexes. Additionally increasing your mobility, fortified ankles give you extra positions from which to throw explosives and make wicked shots.

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With the exception of Downtown and Wellsprings, all ripper physicians sell the Rare variation of Fortified Ankles, which needs 12 Street Cred (purchasing from Viktor Vektor waives the requirement). You can then continue to hold down the jump button to increase your jump height to its maximum. This makes the game more simpler to play overall while also giving you a superb vantage point from which to launch grenades and fire expertly.

The fun starts with Fortified Ankles in its Epic form. This particular implant is unique to Fingers in Japantown (so, you know, don’t kill him as much as it might hurt you). This will allow you to hover and stabilise in the style of Halo 5 while aiming in midair, reducing your fall damage by 15%.

You’ll become the talk of the town in no time if you throw a grenade into a group of adversaries, jump into the air, slow time down, and thread the needle with a well-placed shot.

If Regina Jones suspects you are a cyberpsycho, she might send W to kill you.

Best guns for grenade trickshots (and more!)

So you need something to shoot a grenade with if you want to. Most firearms, with the possible exception of shotguns, will likely work. But a grenade can only be launched so far by V’s arm, therefore a sniper rifle could be unnecessary.

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Nothing beats a pistol, in my opinion. I believe that playing Cyberpunk 2077 as a handgun-specced V is the only legitimate way to do it, and they also have some of the best equip animations. Additionally, sticking to handguns will make inventory management much simpler. Just make sure you have enough of ammunition on hand.

Not all handguns are made the same way. Pistols and revolvers are the two main classifications. You can choose from Smart, Power, and Tech types after that (there are no Smart Revolvers, however). It will be difficult to hit a grenade with a Smart Pistol, therefore ideally you want either a Power or Tech gun. You can use Falco’s Techtronika RT-46 Burya Tech Revolver if you’re going for an Edgerunners-inspired Falco build, but I’d rather Power Pistols because of Ricochet.

It’s always fun to ricochet a shot at an enemy hiding behind cover. But if you’re successful in firing a ricocheted shot into a launched grenade… Please give me a video of that so I can freak out.

Revolver Ocelot can be added to your V to assist the trickshot build do more than just hit grenades. Any shot fired from a Power weapon will have a chance to ricochet, but one of the finest tactics is to acquire a Kongou, which can be found in Yorinobu’s bedroom during the “The Heist” mission and always fires ricocheted shots.

Additionally, the Ballistic Coprocessor cyberware will increase the likelihood that any Power weapon will ricochet.

The “Draw the Line” perk in the Engineering tree or the Trajectory Generator cyberware optics mod, which displays a visualisation of ricochet trajectory on your HUD, can help you control ricochets because they can be unpredictable. For every level you spend on the Play the Angles perk (also in Engineering), your ricochet damage will increase by 15%.

If you prefer using submachine guns, assault rifles, or sniper rifles as your weapons of choice, the “In Perspective” perk in the Assault tree will also enhance your ricochets.

It’s always fun to ricochet a shot at an enemy hiding behind cover. But if you’re successful in firing a ricocheted shot into a launched grenade… Please give me a video of that so I can freak out.

Best V Attributes, Skills, and Perks for grenade trickshots

Reflexes and Technical Ability, as previously noted, are your best allies for a grenade trickshot build. To get the most out of bullet time effects, I advise maintaining a Reflex score at at least 12. To start increasing your grenade damage, you’ll need a Technical Ability score of at least 7, but ideally it should be greater.

For grenade trickshots, you should take into account Grenadier, Shrapnel, Bigger Booms, Can’t Touch This, and Jackpot. You can scale your weapon perks as you see fit. The final one demands a 20 on a scale of 100, but it allows grenades to deal critical damage.

Grenade choices and other considerations

The fact that the grenade trickshot construct doesn’t merely rely on the math of your stats is one of its best features. Even after investing in perks and cyberware, striking a grenade with a bullet requires some skill even if your hud will show you where it is and slowing down time greatly helps. It’s a fantastic approach to maintain the FPS challenge in a game that would otherwise be easy to win through sheer numbers.

You should probably buy lots of different grenades. The other enjoyable feature of this build is this: Similar to having a special variety of spells with various status effects in a fantasy RPG, fragmentation, incendiary, EMP, poison, or even flashbang grenades can make for entertaining moving targets.

It probably goes without saying, but this build is best for gamers who use a mouse and keyboard. With the accuracy of a mouse, it will be much easier to time a ricocheted shot or hit a grenade. Furthermore, evading on a keyboard is accomplished by double-tapping a movement key (keep in mind that doing so during a fight triggers the Kereznikov implant), as opposed to double-tapping B or Circle on a gamepad.

However, if you’re determined on using a controller, you might want to try a claw grip to maintain finger contact with your dodge functionality. An alternative would be to purchase a controller with a programmable back button. The ability to aim quickly is crucial for hitting grenades and performing trickshots while time is slowed, therefore the time it takes to move your finger from the outside face button to your right thumbstick can affect how effective this build is.

Generally speaking, you won’t be able to master the trickshot grenade construct as soon as your stats reach the required level. It will take some practise, but it’s well worth it and is a genuinely original way to play this game. Try out this gaming style if you’ve ever been dubious about the combination of RPG principles and FPS action.

Go outside for practise so you won’t be harassed by anyone. In order to discover live targets, keep an eye out for NCPD alerts or engage in combat with any of the gang members roaming around Night City before beginning the main quests in order to impress an NPC.

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