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How to get the Pumpkin Mask in GTA Online Halloween month

Are you looking for how to get the Pumpkin Mask in GTA Online Halloween month.

Here is step by step guide on How to get the Pumpkin Mask in GTA Online Halloween month.

Rockstar Games is continually launching new events and activities that will provide players a tonne of holiday-themed goods as the Halloween season approaches in the GTA Online community.

The Pumpkin Mask, which has a special wicked chuckle that players can trigger after they put it on, is one of the most well-liked accessories. The object itself is a grotesque-looking Jack O’lantern, which serves as Halloween’s unofficial emblem.

With this mask, players may easily get into the Halloween spirit. If they don’t already know how to get it in GTA Online, this page will provide them all the details they want.

The easiest way to get Pumkin Masks in GTA Online

Players in GTA Online must locate and gather 10 Jack-O-Lanterns that are hidden throughout the map in order to unlock the Pumpkin Masks. Additionally, this will give them $50,000, making the whole project quite profitable.

The majority of the places for the Jack o’ Lanterns now existing in the game are shown in the graphic below, making it much simpler to complete this task:

Players of Grand Theft Auto Online must visit each of the coordinates shown on the map above in order to locate the Jack O’Lanterns. If they wish to do this assignment fast, they should keep in mind that the majority of these will be in front of buildings, shops, or houses.

When they obtain a Jack O’Lantern in Grand Theft Auto Online, gamers might even transform into arbitrary animals. They don’t need to worry too much because the effect will last for 10 to 15 seconds.

They will receive notified that they have unlocked the Pumpkin Mask, which has been added to their wardrobe, after collecting the tenth Jack O’Lantern. They can now equip it by going to the Style section of the Interaction Menu.

They must go to the Action area of the Interaction Menu and choose the item’s audio if they want to activate the “evil laugh” audio that is included with these masks. This makes it the simplest method for obtaining the Pumpkin Mask in GTA Online.

Other Halloween-themed clothing in GTA Online

Players can unlock the Pumpkin Shirt if they are able to collect all 200 Jack O’Lanterns in one day. So, if they are already becoming tired of the Pumpkin Mask challenge, they should try to finish it as well.

Grand Theft Auto Online is also hosting the UFO Sightseeing event. If gamers are able to capture images of about 25 UFOs, they will receive alien-themed headwear, an additional $50,000, and 1,000 RP.

The Conquest Masks are also available to players who merely log in. For the Brown Vintage Frank Mask as well as Dark Green Vintage Vampire in Grand Theft Auto Online, however, they must be a bodyguard or associate.

How to get the horror pumpkin mask in GTA V

You must complete a task in GTA V before you can obtain the scary pumpkin mask. The map is filled with Jack O’ Lanterns, which you must collect ten of. Collecting the 200 Jack O’ Lanterns that are scattered over the entire map is not too tough.

The coveted horror pumpkin mask will be yours once you have collected 10 Jack O’ Lanterns. If you are successful in obtaining them, you will also be given a reward of $50,000.

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