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Snap adds Ghost Phone AR game to Snapchat

Snap adds Ghost Phone AR game to Snapchat. Go to Snapchat Lens Explorer to start the game.

Ghost Phone is an AR-based in-app game that Snapchat recently released. This is the business’s initial attempt to introduce augmented reality games to the platform.

Players must navigate to Lens Explorer on the Snapchat app or hit the rocket icon in chat to open the app. To play the game, players must decrypt a password. Players may unlock Camera Modes to catch the augmented reality ghosts and locate hints inside text messages and data. To discover applications and data for further hints and camera modes, the user must advance through levels.

Snap adds Ghost Phone AR game

Snap claims that PlayCanvas, a web-first game engine, and Lens Studio were used to create the game. The game places game items everywhere around the player using surface detection and Snap’s World Mesh technology.

Last Monday, Snap announced its Q2 2022 financial report, showing an increase of 18% year over year to reach 347 million daily active users.

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