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How to Watch Fetch TV in Canada? [2022]

Have you ever thought, “How can I watch Fetch TV in Canada?” We’ve got a solution for you. If you are frequently on the move and find yourself missing your favourite shows, a VPN such as ExpressVPN can provide you with access to FetchTV in Canada.

You may use VPN to alter your virtual location and experience all of the benefits of Fetch TV, such as subscription channels, on-demand movies, and even a mobile app to view while on the go. You will no longer have to miss out on your favorite shows or be concerned about geo-restrictions interfering with your entertainment.

FetchTV provides a set-top box with such a digital TV tuner, a personal video recorder, up to 45 subscription channels, video on demand, pay-per-view movies, web apps, as well as a mobile app. FetchTV offers two different set-top boxes: the Mighty and the Mini.

Both media players offer antenna connections for receiving all of Australia’s free television channels as well as IPTV connections for providing subscription packages. Chernobyl, Breaking Bad, and Fargo are among the shows available on FetchTV.

How to Watch Fetch TV in Canada? 

  1. Because FetchTV is not officially available in most Canadian provinces, the only option is to pay for a VPN subscription. Simply follow these simple steps to watch Fetch TV in Canada:
  2. Subscribe to a high-quality VPN service.
  3. Install the VPN app on your smartphone after downloading it.
  4. Connect to an Australian server.
  5. Navigate to the FetchTV website.
  6. Sign in with your information.
  7. FetchTV in Canada is now available for streaming your favourite shows.
  8. Note: To view Fetch TV, you must have a subscription, and we have given simple instructions on how to subscribe to Fetch TV.

How to Sign up for Fetch TV in Canada?

FetchTV’s subscription process is distinct from that of other streaming providers such as Stan, Binge, and Shudder. If you want to learn how to use the Fetch TV guide, simply follow these steps:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service, such as ExpressVPN, and connect to a Melbourne server.
  2. Go to the official FetchTV website.
  3. Create an account by entering your username and password.
  4. Choose the channel packs you desire.
  5. To verify your account, enter your credit card details.
  6. On your phone, you will receive an activation code.
  7. Log in to your account after entering the activation code.
  8. Begin watching your favourite shows on Fetch TV Optus.

How Much Does Fetch TV Cost?

You can choose between a monthly subscription for $10.52 per month or a prepayment plan for the entire year for $105.32, which saves you money on the monthly cost.

Can you stream Fetch TV?

Android 5.0 or later is required for phones and tablets.

Is it possible to use Fetch TV without a subscription?

A Fetch set-top box is required to access Fetch content. Fetch just won’t work without it, whether it’s included with your Internet package or purchased separately from a participating reseller.

How do I activate Fetch TV?

Go to in your mobile or desktop device web browser and follow the on-screen prompts to get started. 2. Create a username and password, then enter your account information and payment information.

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