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How to Make Money on Tumblr 2022

There are several social networks available today where you may connect with like-minded people, exchange experiences, and even market your ideas. Some of the services concentrate on text message message sending, while others gather graphic content. Finding the perfect one and connecting with others who share your interests is therefore simple.

Tumblr is one of these networks; it enables users to share brief articles, images, and other sorts of information while promoting their individual blogs and websites. So, how to make money on Tumblr for your benefit?

What Is Tumblr?

People can share any kind of content on Tumblr, a creative social networking site, including photos, music, and videos. Because the posts are brief, it is comparable to Twitter.

For people who appreciate concise writing, a blogging tool and social network have been combined.

You will receive a personal Tumblelog after registering where you can upload content. You can add pages to your Tumblelog just like any other blog.

With only one click, you can repost as well as like other users’ posts. When you post updates, your blog’s subscribers will receive an alert. Additionally, users can communicate privately with one another.

can you make money on tumblr? Tumblr is the most popular platform for millennials and young people between the ages of 18 and 29, according to Search Engine Journal. It has a sizable readership and excellent monetization possibilities.

Why Use Tumblr

Making posts and interacting with other users is simple thanks to the platform’s user-friendly layout. Because of this, the community is incredibly active, and you may leverage it to monetize your Tumblr account. The platform is helpful for setting up a business blog to increase revenue, audience reach, and brand recognition.

However, it also permits posting short posts if you don’t intend to write lengthy essays. Many businesses that engage in social media marketing use Tumblr. See what characteristics make Tumblr so popular right now.

Features of Tumbler

  • There is a ton of rich media in it.
  • Enables you to create your own blog as well as buy and completely customize your own themes.
  • Allows for the sharing of Facebook and Twitter posts.
  • Include advertisements of any kind to increase money.
  • If you put the advertising on your page yourself, they are there.
  • It welcomes all users (the ads are not intrusive and no name required for blogging).
  • As many blogs as you wish are allowed.
  • Free domain mapping to your blog using an existing domain.

People find it simple to generate money with Tumblr, and the website is notable for its simplicity. Launching a visually appealing blog and maintaining various types of material don’t require any specialized knowledge. In addition, the Quantcast statistics show that it is a free and expanding platform with 250M page views and 33M new posts.

How to Make Money on Tumblr

Here are ways how to get money from tumblr:

  • Teach Others to Use Tumblr
  • Book Reviews
  • Advertise Your Work
  • Ads
  • Affiliate Links
  • Share Your Travel Blog Content
  • Sell Ad Space
  • Create and Sell Tumblr Themes

We’ll discuss several strategies for community building and provide a response to the question, “how do i make money from tumblr?” in this article. First and foremost, it’s critical to continue working and showcasing your subject-matter knowledge in order to earn people’s trust. The greatest method to keep readers interested is to produce a number of releases each week.

To differentiate yourself from the competition, you should develop your unique brand voice. You can follow some blogs, businesspeople, or even companies for this reason in order to get knowledge from their experiences.

People upload brief texts and photographs on Tumblr’s colorful background. Don’t forget to include keywords, tags, and hashtags so that Tumblr may promote your Tumblelog and others can find it.

Let’s now see can you earn money on tumblr:

Teach Others to Use Tumblr

You’ll discover more about Tumblr over time. Then you may employ your expertise to develop a new revenue stream and begin training newcomers. You can do it through written, visual, or video information. Don’t forget to include helpful links and clearly explain every element.

Book Reviews

If advertising your own products or using affiliate marketing to monetize Tumblr is not possible, you can post product reviews instead. You can try your hand at writing reviews if you enjoy reading a lot and have a solid sense of what books to pick up. Any literary genre, such as business manuals, textbooks, documentaries, and more, can be reviewed.

Here is an illustration of a review of the trilogy The Captive Prince. The books are shown in a bright, high-quality photo at the top, followed by the title and an intriguing description. In addition, reviews can be written about movies, TV shows, music, video clips, and other media in addition to books.

Advertise Your Work

Place connections to your website, blog, YouTube channel, and other networks if you would rather fly on your own two feet than engage in Tumblr affiliate marketing.

Additionally, you can assist the store that use Bonanza or Zibbet as its base (the choice is determined by your product category). Links to your social media profiles can also be included. It is a successful method for marketing any product, including e-books and courses.

Create and share infographics (these work wonders on Tumblr) to attract visitors’ interest in your offers. You can also add images of design work samples and quotes from your blog or book.

AnnaStreetStudio, for instance, advertises bespoke handbags and purses, a variety of accessories, makeup bags, and jewellery for any occasion. Numerous seasoned photographers possess their Tumblr accounts to display their creative output.

Additionally, you have the option to open a shop on Tumblr. You should take particular actions for this goal.

  • Open a free Tumblr account.
  • Select a relevant topic.
  • Every product’s title on the dashboard can be changed.
  • Include a product description that details its merits and benefits.
  • Visitors will thus see the title, the paragraph outlining the salient characteristics of the goods, and a button.


To promote the goods of other firms, you might run advertisements on your blog. Distinguished networks include Google AdSense and Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads.

To practice the efficient method of monetization, one can submit an application for Info links or another alternative. Choose the service you choose, register for an account there, and move forward immediately.

Remember that every network has unique specifications and subtleties to the process. The rates you receive per click or impression should be your primary concern. In general, every time a user accesses your page and clicks on an ad, you will receive compensation.

Only those who are really driven will click on your adverts. In order to improve interaction and direct traffic, this is required. To achieve this, you should leave comments on other Tumblr users’ blogs to draw attention to your page. The plugins on Tumblr can also be used to boost traffic.

Affiliate Links

Does Tumblr use Tumblr affiliate marketing to generate revenue? If you use affiliate links on your Tumblr site, you can make a respectable amount of money.

There are a tonne of different affiliate opportunities available to earn money on Tumblr in the home furnishings, real estate, travel, web hosting, etc. industries.

But it’s important to pick the ones that connect with your message. To preserve your account and allow it to expand without hassle, avoid posting too many links. Your account could be banned if you misuse affiliate links.

To earn additional money, it is also feasible to publish sponsored posts. In any case, keep in mind that providing valuable and interesting material is more crucial than simply highlighting the products and services of your sponsors.

Share Your Travel Blog Content

Use any Tumblr affiliate marketing or post images and videos that serve as guides to different websites, landscapes, or tutorials if you want to increase the revenue from your blog.

You can use quotes to promote specific tourist destinations, modes of transportation, or advice that will benefit travelers overall. Post formats and content vary depending on your travel specialization.

Sell Ad Space

If you’re not going to stream posts indefinitely, you can make money by renting out space on your page to other publishers. Your Tumblr blog should be approved for this purpose first, and you’ll then need to gain popularity for it.

It implies that you must adhere to fundamental standards like high traffic, distinctive and pertinent digital content, and excellent design. The selling procedure is the same as it is on other marketplaces. The requirement to code the advertisement into your Tumblr theme is the sole distinction.

Remember that you should invest time and energy in identifying advertisers and reaching out to them directly for negotiations if you plan to sell direct ad space. Additionally, it’s critical to comprehend the value of objectivity in consider your target market and the potential profit.

Create and Sell Tumblr Themes

A lot of consumers can locate good free themes on their own, thus this method of revenue generation takes the highest level of originality. Your goal is to provide something special so that people will pay for it. If you have a creative imagination and a good sense of style, all you need to do is work on honing your technical Tumblr theme-making abilities.

You should therefore consider colors, menus for navigating, graphics and typography, social-sharing icons, and the zoning of space if you want to successfully sell them.


Like any other platform, Tumblr requires work, time, and creativity to be monetized. How to earn money from tumblr, you can utilize Tumblr AdSense, affiliate links, or any of the other monetization methods indicated above. The main benefit of Tumblr is its adaptability, which enables quick implementation of all blog ideas. Its extraordinary simplicity will enable you to become an expert quickly.

People May Ask

Q- Can you make money on Tumblr?

A- You can monetize your Tumblr blog in addition to enabling adverts to be shown to visitors by including affiliate links. You could sign up with the Amazon Associate programme, for instance, and post Amazon links on your Tumblr.

Q- What is the revenue of Tumblr?

A- The social networking and microblogging platform still makes money, with an estimated $65 million in annual income. The amount falls short of the target of $100 million set by former CEO David Karp following the company’s acquisition by Yahoo!

Q- How can I integrate AdSense with my Tumblr?

A- To create a new ad for your website, visit the AdSense Setup page once you have an AdSense account and are logged in. The AdSense for Content link should be chosen. Select whether you want a link unit that solely contains links to sponsored terms on Google, an ad unit with text or image advertising, or both.

Q- Tumblr, will it still exist in 2022?

A- And now that the site has been operating on fumes for almost ten years, it is slowly emerging from obscurity. Gen Z flocked to Tumblr during the epidemic; as of early 2022, 61% of its new users and nearly 50% of its active users are under 24.

Q- On Tumblr, is advertising allowed?

A- Tumblr has the potential to be an extremely effective medium for brand promotion given the correct niche and target market.

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