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How to Use Clubhouse App

The audio-social networking Clubhouse app for iOS and Android is described in this article’s usage instructions.

The instructions explain how to use clubhouse app, how to make a profile, follow users, and begin participating in rooms.

How to Use Clubhouse App

Clubhouse will lead you through the process for setting up a profile and getting started when you download the programme for iOS or Android.

  • Tap Welcome In to begin after downloading Clubhouse from the App Store or the Google Play Store for Android.
  • Tap Next after entering your phone number.
  • You’ll receive a verification code through text from Clubhouse. Tap Next after entering the code.
  • Your profile will start to be created by Clubhouse. To have information from your Twitter profile automatically filled up, select Import From Twitter; otherwise, select Enter My Info Manually.
  • Click Next after entering your name. People are encouraged to use their real names at Clubhouse.
  • Choosing a username. All user names start with @.
  • Press Next after adding a photo, or tap Skip to forego this step at the moment.
  • To give Clubhouse access to your contacts and help it locate your buddies, hit OK; otherwise, tap Don’t Allow. To skip this step, select Skip.
  • You will be given a list of recommended lodgings by Clubhouse. Tap Follow after selecting the rooms you want to follow.
  • If you want to get Clubhouse notifications, hit Allow; otherwise, tap Don’t Allow.
  • You will reach the Clubhouse main page once your profile setup is complete.

People are informed that you joined Clubhouse if you don’t provide Clubhouse access to your contacts but a friend uploads their contacts to Clubhouse and your information is on that list.

Follow People and Interests

Tap the magnifying glass to look for topics and rooms that interest you after finishing up your profile. Enter a search phrase or look through the suggested People to Follow. To view more choices, tap Show More People. You may also look through hot topics by scrolling down to Find Conversations About. To access more people, topics, and clubs to follow, tap on a topic.

The Clubhouse Home Page

There isn’t a conventional home page for Clubhouse. Instead, it has a primary screen that serves as an overview of what’s happening in your network and shows forthcoming and live Clubhouse rooms.

A list of forthcoming Clubhouse rooms that are open to join is shown chronologically at the top. A selection of live Clubhouse rooms inspired by the individuals or interests you follow can be found as you scroll down.

The summary box displays the name and topic of the Clubhouse room as well as the number of attendees and active speakers.

How to Start a Room

Even while Clubhouse includes rooms covering a wide range of subjects, it’s simple to build a room and lead a debate that appeals to you. Starting a room:

  • On the bottom of the home screen, click the green “Start a room” icon.
  • Choose between Open, Social, and Closed for the new room. Anyone with the URL may enter an open room. Closed ones are accessible to those you permit to join, whereas social ones are only accessible to those you follow.
  • For the room, include a topic. Although topics and space summaries are optional, they can be crucial if you’re using an Open or Social room and you want other users to be able to find the conversation fast.
  • You are on the air after selecting Let’s Go. Others may join, and you can make participants become moderators to help lead the conversations, depending on the settings for the room.

How to Join a Room

It only takes a single swipe to enter a Clubhouse area, whether you find it on the home screen or when browsing topics and interests. You are by default muted when you enter a room, but you can still hear the other speakers.

By tapping the Raise your hand symbol in the lower-right area of the Clubhouse room user interface, you can ask to participate in the conversation. It lets the moderators know you want to join the discussion and gives them the choice of either unmuting you or elevating you to the role of moderator.

The + icon, which shows a list of individuals you follow and the opportunity to share the room’s address to external websites, also allows you to add friends to the room.

Tap the icon that says “Leave silently” to leave the room. You can join the next chat, find the next topic, or exit the programme by going to the main Clubhouse screen.


Clubhouse, an invite-only audio social media platform, has recently experienced significant user growth. Earlier this year, the software made its way to Android, allowing users to host and join audio chat groups. Currently, Clubhouse has about a million active users and has hosted well-known figures from around the globe, including Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, among others.

People May Ask

Q- The function of the Clubhouse app?

A- Clubhouse encourages people to engage in various talks. As an observer, you enter each space. The speakers may choose to call you up if you “raise your hand” and indicate that you want to speak. Experts, celebrities, venture capitalists, journalists, and other people frequently host clubhouse rooms.

Q- Is using the Clubhouse app a good idea?

A- Currently, Clubhouse is arguably most suited for those who enjoy conversing but miss having an audience—such as needy celebrities—or lurkers who want to observe interesting conversations from a distance. We should all keep an eye on this new media, whether it’s useful or not (Opens in a new window).

Q- Why is Clubhouse dangerous?

A- Some users worry that Clubhouse might utilize this data to create user profiles for possible new users or for advertising. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, which mandates that people must expressly authorize to the sharing of their data, could be broken by this.

Q- Who ought to utilize Clubhouse?

A- Only 40 of Clubhouse’s top users are eligible for this programme, but it offers promise for companies looking to employ users with large followings in the future. As the platform develops and begins to offer opportunities to monetize or more overtly market your business, it’s important to keep a watch on this programme.

Q- Who is Clubhouse’s intended audience?

A- In the United States, more than half of Clubhouse’s users are between the ages of 18 and 34. 42 percent of people are between the ages of 35 and 54, and 2% are over the age of 55.

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