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WhatsApp Web Now Admit Users To Design And Send Custom Stickers

Users of WhatsApp Desktop and WhatsApp Web will indeed be able to create their own stickers. The feature is now live on WhatsApp Web and will be accessible on WhatsApp for Desktop in the near future.

WhatsApp has released a new feature for its Web platform. This tool would then allow users to create their own personalised stickers. It is no longer necessary to use a third-party programme to make personalised stickers because the feature is now available directly on the platform.

The social media behemoth also intends to deploy the Custom Sticker Maker tool for the desktop version, which will be available in the next weeks, according to the business.

WhatsApp Web now has a special Sticker Maker function that allows users to upload standard photographs and turn these into sendable stickers. Select ‘Sticker’ from the connections icon (paperclip), then choose an image to add.

That when an image has been submitted, users can simply transform this into the appropriate sticker by using a range of editing options. Among some of the editing options offered are emojis, custom text, advanced cropping capabilities, as well as the capability to layer multiple stickers one top of the one people are currently on.

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WhatsApp Stickers are used by users all over the world to express their feelings or sentiments about a topic of conversation. Although there is a collection of stickers from which a user can choose and send, creating one’s own sticker was not an option.

A user can utilize WhatsApp custom stickers to turn any picture into a sticker. On both group and individual conversations, users would be able to transmit personalized stickers.

The associated icon at the bottom of the screen will have the ability to send customized stickers. It’s crucial to remember that WhatsApp custom stickers for Android and iOS are yet to be announced.

WhatsApp is a constantly changing social networking program that enjoys surprising its users with new capabilities. While stickers packages are one of the platform’s most significant parts, users must usually involve a third apps to send their favorite stickers to pals.

But that’s about to change, because starting today, WhatsApp customers will be able to design their own stickers inside the app.

It’s a welcome improvement, given that users now have to download stickers packs separately from the App Store in order to use them during the platform. The Meta-owned app hasn’t said when the personalised sticker tool will be available on mobile platforms.

The functionality is currently only available on WhatsApp Web, although it will be available on App for Desktop within the next week. The feature allows you to precisely slice off photographs, crop or rotate them, and even undo or redo modifications.

Users must update WhatsApp Web to the most recent version to access the new functionality, according to WhatsApp. This is how People can use the tool to make their own stickers.

WhatsApp Web Now Admit Users To Design And Send Custom Stickers - 1

What Is The New WhatsApp Feature?

WhatsApp Sticker Maker is the name of the new feature. It allows users to create their own personalized stickers. Users could either utilize stickers from WhatsApp’s sticker collection or import preset and customized stickers from third-party apps up till now.

This functionality, on the other hand, allows users to create their own stickers within the app.

Who Will Get WhatsApp Sticker Maker Feature?

The WhatsApp Sticker Maker functionality has begun to roll out on desktop apps, including WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp’s Desktop-based version for Windows and Mac.

WhatsApp Sticker Maker is already accessible on the web and will be available on desktop in the coming weeks. It’s worth noting that WhatsApp users would need to update their PCs to the current version of the WhatsApp Desktop-based client.

WhatsApp Web Now Admit Users To Design And Send Custom Stickers - 2

How To Use WhatsApp Custom Stickers?

  • Use a browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Bing to access WhatsApp Web.
  • Scan the QR code on the desktop’s display with the smartphone to get into any WhatsApp account.
  • Open the chat in which a custom sticker is to be sent as soon as the WhatsApp chats have loaded.
  • Next to the emoji icon in the bottom left corner of the chat window, click ‘attach.’
  • Select the second option from the bottom, ‘stickers,’ when the ‘attach’ button opens into a menu.
  • WhatsApp would upload an image to turn it into a sticker; choose the image users want.
  • Open the image in the WhatsApp Sticker editor and make any changes that like.
  • When people are finished, click the green arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen.

WhatsApp custom stickers essentially allow users to turn any image into a sticker and distribute it to some other user. For the user to make a sticker, the sticker designer offers a transparent canvas-like interface.

There, users can manually choose portions of an image, add emojis from WhatsApp’s library, input text, doodle with a pencil, and crop the image. The WhatsApp custom sticker design interface is seen in the image below.

WhatsApp introduced stickers in 2018, and they have since become one of the platform’s greatest popular parts. In India, “how to send stickers on WhatsApp” was the most requested ‘how to’ Google in 2018. WhatsApp has sticker packs available for download, as well as the ability to create ones own.

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This is also WhatsApp’s first native sticker creator tool. To design unique stickers on Android and iOS, People will need to use third-party apps. It’s only accessible for the WhatsApp Web and Desktop apps right now.

Presently, the custom Sticker Maker tool is really only accessible on WhatsApp Web, but it is planned to be brought to the desktop versions soon. It’s unclear whether it’ll be accessible for Android or iOS, but it’s a chance.

Sending ones own stickers on WhatsApp isn’t a new function; numerous iOS and Android apps that allow customers to do so. Possessing it built-in, on the other hand, provides an unparalleled amount of comfort, and therefore hope that other systems will follow this example.

WhatsApp has been working to improve its customer experience for some time, and it has launched a number of new features in the last few months alone.

Flash Calls and Message Level Monitoring, and also the capability to hide ‘Last Seen’ from particular acquaintances and the capability to use WhatsApp on various devices without the need for a smartphone connectivity, are among the new security mechanisms.

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