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Beware! New Travel VISA Scam through WhatsApp

WhatsApp users who are getting these new travel VISA scam fraudulent messages are being told that there is a requirement of over 1,32,000 workers in the UK in 2022.

One of the most widely used messaging platforms worldwide is WhatsApp. It is utilized by people from all walks of life worldwide and has a user base of over two billion.

Due to its popularity, scammers frequently target the chat app owned by Meta in an effort to deceive users into falling for their nefarious schemes.

New Travel VISA Scam

A message purporting to be from the UK’s Visas and Immigration department is currently being received by certain WhatsApp users, promising jobs and a free visa for the UK.

What else? Additionally, the messages make free accommodations, work permits, access to medications, and plane tickets available to the targeted WhatsApp users.

Users who receive these bogus messages are told that there would be a need for more than 1,32,000 workers in the UK in 2022 and that there will be more than 1,86,000 openings for job searchers, as first discovered by Malwarebytes Labs.

In addition, the false message claims that the programme is open to applicants from all nationalities who desire to work and study and that those hired through the plan will receive travel expenses, housing, medical services, an immediate work permit, and aid with visa applications.

A clickable button in the message directs readers to a fake website that poses as the website for UK Visas and Immigration.

“We need foreigners immediately to apply for the hundreds of jobs that are presently open in the United Kingdom. This application is free, and if accepted, you’ll receive a work permit, a visa, free airfare, and free lodging in the UK, according to the fake message.

The website then requests personal information from selected WhatsApp users, including their first and last names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

No matter what information visitors enter in the form, the bogus website always displays the phrase “After examining your applications, You have been approved to work in the United Kingdom 2022,” according to Malwarebytes Labs.

It goes without saying that this is another fraud that preys on gullible WhatsApp users.

How to report such messages on WhatsApp

  • When a contact from your contact list sends you a message, WhatsApp gives the user the option to either Report or Block the sender.
  • Additionally, if a communication appears to be coming from an unknown source, you should disregard it and instead click the report option.
  • The user should ban any further communication from unknown sources and any links they send in order to avoid falling victim to any traps.


One of the simplest methods to protect yourself from this fraud and other similar scams is to simply disregard the communications you receive as part of the hack. Block the phone number in WhatsApp if you receive a message from an unknown sender promising such benefits. So that other people aren’t duped, you can also report and block the sender.

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