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How to Turn Off Age Protection on TikTok?

How to Turn Off Age Protection on TikTok- You can take a few steps to Turn Off Age Protection on TikTok if you’re one of the users who is frequently irritated by the platform’s limited mode. While many people use TikTok to share short videos and keep up with the newest trends, issues, and other things, TikTok swiftly screens out information for its audience.

For those who are unsure of what TikTok’s limited mode is exactly, it is a setting that prevents the presentation of content that may not be suitable for all audiences, particularly the younger ones.

You can turn on/Turn off Age Protection on TikTok

How to Turn Off Age Protection on TikTok?

While we advise viewers under the age of 18 to keep their limited settings on, if you accidentally turned it on and are of legal drinking age to access all types of material on TikTok,

Follow these steps to Turn Off Age Protection on TikTok

Step 1: Open TikTok App.

Step 2: Go to profile page

Step 3: Click on three lines at the top of the page 

Step 4: Then, choose “Digital wellbeing”

Step 5: Then, choose “Restricted mode.”

Step 6: A passcode entry prompt will then appear. The same passcode that was used to activate Restricted Mode will be required.

Step 7: The restricted mode need to be disabled or turn off at this point when the passcode has been approved.

You can report this problem to the TikTok official help account on Twitter if this still does not appear to function for you and your account unexpectedly reverted to limited mode.

Although you may find this to be a bug, many online parents swear by this setting to keep their kids away from inappropriate stuff.

This setup may have been developed by TikTok with the younger audience in mind. Not all material on TikTok is appropriate for teenagers and preteens, despite the fact that their use of the platform is growing. While it could be a good idea for a particular group of users, other users frequently encounter a bug that causes their accounts to transition to the limited mode.

As a result, this setting will automatically delete objectionable films from the “for you page” if they are potentially harmful, explicit, or inappropriate for children. However, many users claim that even after turning on the limited mode, they continue to see a wide variety of items in their feed.

Although TikTok has a crew that routinely monitors material and bans users and videos that violate the social media platform’s standards and guidelines, they continue to improve the security features to make the app more user-friendly and safe.

The family pairing setting was another feature TikTok recently added to improve safety for teen users. Using the family pairing function, parents may remotely block direct messaging, activate limited mode, and even impose screen time limitations on their children’s accounts.

What is restricted mode on TikTok?

It makes sense that these platforms have started to develop ways to make online environments safer for younger audiences as the average age of social media users continues to drop and more kids and teens open accounts.

The app had offered a limited mode, censoring any potentially hazardous information that would appear on one’s For You tab, to make it simple for parents to regulate what their child sees on their TikTok feed.

A customer claims that TikTok support stated that they are safeguarding individuals between the ages of 13 and 17. This suggests that this problem could persist indefinitely.

One of individuals impacted said that after supplying their DOB, TikTok updated their watching experience after around a week.

Videos appearing as age-restricted may be due to Family Pairing, which you may have enabled. If so, you may try turning off the option to see if it helps.

Since TikTok support hasn’t answered or addressed customers’ complaints about the issue on Twitter for several weeks, it appears that the problem will persist for a while longer.

If and when there are any more workarounds or potential remedies, we’ll issue an update. We’ll keep an eye on the situation.

Scammers are now attempting to take advantage of the TikTok age protection problem by instructing users who are impacted to contact certain Instagram accounts to repair the problem.

However, users should be aware of these frauds and should not reply to them or divulge any information.
In order to investigate the problem, TikTok support on Twitter is now requesting that people impacted get in touch with them through DM.

One of those impacted claimed that they had access to blocked content on the TikTok website. Consequently, you may attempt this workaround if you’re unable to access restricted material on the app.

Here is a response one of the affected users received from TikTok, as several users are complaining that they are still receiving the “age-protected” warning even after giving their age.


To Turn Off Age Protection on TikTok click profile icon. Then Click on three horizontal line. Toggle between settings and privacy. Click on Digital Wellbeing as you go down then Click Restricted Mode. Switch the Restricted Mode OFF then To turn off the restricted mode, enter your password then Successful OFF-turning of the restricted mode.

Alternately, if you set your age below 13 and still want to read content that is protected by an age restriction, adjust it to 18 or above.

Why do I have age protection on TikTok?

It may appear as a problem at first, but certain TikTok videos are now being barred from watching with a splash screen announcing that the post is age-protected. This new function attempts to shield the platform’s young users from being exposed to information judged inappropriate for their age.

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