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TikTok bans ‘milk crate challenge’ from its app

The increasingly popular “milk crate challenge,” also known as a trending video challenge that requires viewers to stack milk crates into a pyramid and ascend it without falling, has been outlawed by TikTok. Warning: The challenge may provide major medical hazards. The individual often falls.

According to CNN, TikTok made the decision to halt the challenge by deleting all search results for the challenge’s associated hashtags and issuing a statement outlining the rationale behind the move.

A representative for the video-sharing app said, “TikTok forbids anything that encourages or celebrates harmful conduct. We delete videos and refer searchers to our Community Guidelines to deter such content. We urge everyone to use cautious in all of their activity, online and off.

Users have been cautioned by medical specialists about the potential risks of taking on this specific challenge. The milk crate challenge is “extremely risky,” according to Dr. Shawn Anthony, an orthopaedic physician at Mount Sinai in New York, and has already led to orthopaedic injuries.

Anyone who takes on the task runs the danger of “spinal injuries, broken wrists, shoulder dislocations, ACL as well as meniscus tears, as well as other life-threatening illnesses,” according to Dr. Anthony.

It’s also important to keep in mind that as COVID-19 cases increase across the nation, hospital capacity is already growing in many locations. People should be aware of hospital crowding, and it’s especially important to avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency department for things that may be easily avoided, according to a number of doctors and medical experts.

Children’s Health in Dallas doctor Marcial Oquendo told NBC that there aren’t many hospital beds accessible for children and adults for situations like these that can be avoided. “We want to maintain beds for the epidemic that we’re attempting to contain.”

Similar to Baltimore’s Health Department, which posted a video of someone taking the challenge including a warning to the public: “Before taking the #milkcratechallenge, kindly check with your hospital to see whether they have a bed usable for you, with COVID-19 hospitalizations increasing around the country. ” The lesson of the tale? Better to keep up the dancing challenges for the time being.

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