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How to download Instagram reels on phone

Step by step guide on How to download Instagram reels on phone. One of the most popular and interesting types of data on Instagram is reels. Because Instagram’s algorithm loves video content as well as Reels are more likely to reach huge audiences than static Instagram posts, the platform makes uploading Reels worthwhile for marketers and creators.

You’ll notice that there isn’t a built-in option that would enable you to download Instagram Reels for use as inspiration, future reference, or on an other platform. But fear not, there are many alternatives. To learn how to download Reels from other users to your smartphone, continue reading.

Can you download Instagram Reels?

Yes, you can download Instagram Reels. It’s simple to download your own Instagram Reels to your cellphone from your account (we’ll show you how in the following section). However, you’ll have to put in a bit more effort if you want to take stuff from another person’s Instagram account. Although it isn’t technically possible to extract Reels from other users’ public accounts using Instagram’s official features, there are a couple simple methods around this.

How to download Instagram reels on phone

4 ways to download Instagram Reels

The following methods will help you download content from Instagram Reel videos to your device.

How to download your own Instagram Reels

Imagine you previously uploaded video to Instagram Reels and now you want to share it with your LinkedIn followers or utilize it for a newly formed TikTok channel. Here’s how you may download your own live Instagram Reels.

  1. Go to Instagram account
  2. Click on the Reels tab
  3. and then open the app
  4. Once you’ve located the Reel you want to save, press it to start the film in full-screen mode
  5. To display the menu, click the 3 dots in the bottom right corner
  6. Then click Save to Camera Roll
  7. Your phone will automatically save the video

How to download Instagram Reel videos on iPhone

We have noted that there isn’t a built-in method for downloading other users’ Reels on Instagram. Here are a few solutions that work around the issue.

Record your screen

One option to save a video to your iPhone while browsing your Instagram feed is to record your screen.

Go to Settings, choose Control Center, and then add Screen Recording to Added Controls to begin screen recording. When you move your finger down from the upper right corner of your main screen, the control panel that appears will appear, making it simple to use the feature:

Open the Instagram app when you’re finished, then pick the video you want to capture and start it playing. You may then visit Control Center by swiping down from the top of your screen, open the record button, and take the necessary notes. The screen recorder from Apple also captures sounds!

The crisp video will be instantly saved to your camera roll when you complete filming. From there, you may cut the movie to the appropriate length.

Use a third-party app

While you may simply capture video by recording your screen, utilising third-party apps may be your best option for swiftly capturing the footage you need to your smartphone. For iOS, InstDown and InSaver are popular choices.

How to download Instagram Reels on Android Phone

You may download Reels from Instagram to your Android device using one of two quick fixes.

Record your screen

The first thing you can do is take a screen capture video. Simply slide down from the top of your screen to access the Screen Recording button, select the Reel you want to record, and then sit back and wait for your phone to work its magic.

All that’s left to do is head over to the Photos app, hit Library, then choose Movies once you’ve protected the clip. You may locate your recording there. It may be cut down to merely contain the reel footage.

Use a third-party app

Similar to iOS, you may avoid the hassle of cutting your screen recordings each time a Reel is downloaded by utilizing a third-party program. These options have been tried:

Simply copy the URL to the Reel you want to download and put it into the programme using these tools. Then you just click a Download button to finish.


Instagram Stories may be downloaded via a few of these applications.

How to install Instagram Reels on a computer

You might wish to download a Reel straight to a desktop computer if you want to edit or color-correct a video using more powerful tools.

You can easily download or screen record Reels to your computer using a variety of third-party programs, whether you use a Mac or a PC. The following choices are offered in no particular order:

  1. Loom
  2. Camtasia
  3. OBS Studio
  4. QuickTime (built-in iOS feature)

How to save Instagram Reels to watch later

Saving a Reel for later (Instagram’s equivalent of bookmarking) may be preferable than downloading it and using up your phone’s limited storage space if you don’t intend to re-post it to another site.

You can compile all of your favourite clips into one organized, simple-to-access folder by adding Instagram Reels to your Saved collection (or inspiration for your own future content).

How to save Reels on Instagram is as follows:

Click the three dots symbol in the lower right corner of the screen after opening the Reel you wish to save.

Click Save. When you see this pop-up in the middle of your screen, you’ll know it was successful.

Go to your profile page and click the three horizontal lines (also known as the hamburger icon) in the upper right corner of the screen to access your saved collection. Then choose Saved.

You’ll see 3 tabs at the top of your display in your Saved folder. To view all the videos you have saved, go to the Reels page. View and delight!

Reels and all of your other content can be easily scheduled and managed from Hootsuite’s incredibly user-friendly interface. Schedule Reels to go live when you’re out of the office, publish when it’s most effective (even if you’re dozing off), and keep track of your reach, likes, shares, and other metrics.

People May Ask

How to Download Instagram Reels on iPhone

You should download the InSaver for Instagram app from the App Store before you can download Instagram Reels on your iPhone.

Open the Insaver app, activate it, and provide it access to your files and images. Next, select the Reels video you want to download by returning to Instagram. Then click on three dot icon then click on copy link. 

The URL you copied from Instagram will be immediately placed there when you return to InSaver.

Select “Watch It!” then go to “Options” click on “Share” Save Video to store the video in the Photos app on your smartphone.

How to Download Instagram Reels Via Screen Recording

How to Download Instagram Reels Via Screen Recording on iPhone

Ensure the Control Center has a screen recording option. Go to Settings then tap on Control Center then click on Customize Controls as well as add Screen Recording there to accomplish this.

Next, open the reel you wish to download on Instagram. To see the Control Center on your iPhone, swipe up. After that, hit Start Recording to begin Instagram’s video player. After you’ve finished recording the video, press the red bar at the top and select Stop to end the screen capture. Your Photos app will store the video. You should definitely edit the movie to remove any of the Control Center tinkering and recording start- and stop-stopping, leaving simply the Reels section.

How to Download Instagram Reels Via Screen Recording on Android phone

You’ll either utilize the third-party screen recording program you use on Android phones or the designed screen recorder, if your device has one. When you’re ready to start recording your screen, open Instagram and start watching the Instagram video you wish to save.

When finished, use the stop button to end the recording. Your phone’s gallery will house the recording of your screen.

How to Download Instagram Reels Using Kapwing

A tool for modifying and downloading videos online is called Kapwing. You won’t see a watermark on your downloads if you register for a free Kapwing account.

Find the reel on Instagram that you wish to download, hit the three dots, and select Copy Link. Open now, then select Start Editing.

Copy the URL for Instagram Reels and paste it into Kapwing. You can modify this right now if you want to. When ready, select Export Video.

After processing, select Download to save your video. For iPhone users, you must click your video, then hit the symbol in the bottom left corner after tapping the arrow in the upper right corner of the screen. then select Save Video from the menu.

Download Instagram Reels to Repurpose Content Easily

For Instagram influencers who already have a large following, Instagram Reels is a fantastic tool. However, you shouldn’t stake your brand’s reputation on a single platform. You can reuse your material across platforms and establish yourself as an authority.

Presenting a fantastic chance for influencers and companies to begin developing a profile or expanding their reach on the platform, collecting more followers and growing their community before Instagram Reels becomes crowded, Instagram Reels is now a wide-open market for users.

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