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How to join twitter community

How to join twitter community- One of the very few platforms left (at this time) that does not use TikTok-style short videos to attract users is Twitter. Twitter has been focusing on several strategies to increase local and regional communication, such as Spaces, Twitter for Experts, and that’s just the beginning. Currently, networks and NFT profile photos are two new highlights that Twitter has reported. We’ll talk about the Twitter folks group here.

What are Twitter People group?

The Twitter People group is a dedicated space where users can connect, share, and become closer to the discussions that matter to them the most. Akin people join in groups similar to Facebook gatherings or Reddit discussions. Prior to this, it was being tested with a small number of users, but now anyone can access the Twitter People group on iOS, Android, and the web.


Tweets in Networks should be accessible to everyone on Twitter, but only those in the local region can join the conversation and contribute. On Twitter, individuals create and manage networks; administrators and mediators establish the rules for a particular region.

The local area tab will appear on the base bar once you have joined a local area, thus you should update your Twitter programme to the most recent version as soon as possible.

How to join twitter community?

Twitter offers two different types of networks:

  1. Open People group, and
  2. Welcome just Networks

Open People group

Without being welcomed, you can enter an open neighbourhood. You can hit or click on the Join button on the People group with open enrollment page at the top of the Local area page, just below the Local area name. You can join the following open Twitter People groups.

Welcome just Networks

These groups of people are closed, thus you must be accepted into the region by a third party or mediator. An individual who changes into someone from the neighbourhood will receive five (5) requests to welcome more people.

Unbelievably, it’s now impossible to search across a local location on Twitter. In the unlikely event that someone from Twitter is reading this, I have faith that they will add it shortly.


This concerned the Twitter People group, then. Twitter is also looking towards a “solicitation to join” option for networks, allowing groups to more carefully monitor who joins a small area. In close proximity to this new option, Twitter is also looking to test a positioned series of events that will display the most popular tweets from a certain location, ways for mods to feature content locally, and means for QnAs to be held with mods or specific people. Stay tuned for more technical articles.

Why can’t i join Twitter communities?

Twitter has given the Community moderators their approval. You need a public account in order to join a community. Although Twitter stated they are “currently working on expanding accessibility to accounts that are protected,” protected accounts are still unable to join a community.

How do I find groups to join on Twitter?

On the Twitter for iOS and Android apps, you could notice a prompt to Discover new Lists in your Home timeline. Simply hit Follow if we recommend a List to you that piques your interest. You may also select Show more from the prompt to view our Lists discovery page.

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