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How to get Up Grade in Pokemon GO (November 2022)

How to get Up Grade in Pokemon GO- Pokemon GO will launch its subsequent Spotlight Hour event from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm local time on November 15, 2022. Porygon, the virtual Pokemon, will be this week’s featured being.

Players may be interested in learning how to develop their Porygon when they catch it during the Spotlight Hour. Trainers will require an item known as an Up-Grade in order to develop Porygon into Porygon2, much as in the mainline series. By utilizing a Sinnoh Stone to transform Porygon2 into Porygon-Z, the evolutionary line may be finished.

It won’t hurt to prioritise getting an Up-Grade for the time being before worrying about how to get a Sinnoh Stone.

Players will need a little luck to find an Up-Grade while travelling because it is an evolutionary item that originated in the Johto area.

In Pokemon GO, there are two main ways to get up-grades.

Up-Grades may be acquired in Pokemon GO, like other evolution items from the Johto region, by opening presents from other trainers or spinning picture discs at Pokestops.

In spite of the low likelihood of an Up-Grade showing up, dedicated trainers may ensure the arrival of a Johto evolution item by completing a seven-day spin streak. It could not expressly be an Up-Grade. Although there are 5 evolution items from Johto, a guaranteed product from the area has a 20% chance of being an Up-Grade.

A Pokemon GO trainer might wish to open some gifts from other players if they aren’t having much success with spinning Pokestops. Even though the chances of discovering a Johto evolution item in a gift are extremely slim, they do exist.

Trainers may significantly increase their chances of earning an Up-Grade and several other things by combining Pokestop spins with daily gift opens. Metal Coats, Sun Stones, King’s Rocks, as well as Dragon Scales are a few of these goods.

Trainers won’t have much time to start a Pokestop streak before tomorrow’s Spotlight Hour. They can always catch their Porygon during the future Pokemon GO event, though, and get an Up-Grade afterwards. It’s a good idea to pay attention to any adjustments made to Field Research jobs as well, as they might occasionally provide evolution goods.

According to information compiled by the Pokemon GO user community The Silph Road, Field Research can currently only find the King’s Rock. However, depending on Niantic’s content ambitions, this may very well alter in the next months and possibly in 2023.

To maintain their chances of getting an Up-Grade somewhat high, Pokemon GO trainers will need to concentrate on opening presents and visiting/spinning Pokestops for the time being.

It’s also crucial to remember that in order to develop Porygon into Porygon2 in Pokemon GO, players will also require 25 candies in addition to having an Up-Grade in their inventory.

Fortunately, there should be plenty of opportunity to get the required candies during the forthcoming Spotlight Hour. Before catching Porygon, trainers should make sure to use as many Pinap Berries as they can. They ought to have enough candy to eventually allow Porygon to both develop into Porygon-2 and into Porygon-Z. (when you obtain a Sinnoh Stone).

How do you raise your grade in Pokemon Go?

You must start walking the streets in Pokémon Go in order to receive the Up-Grade. This is because the Up-Grade can only presently be obtained by random drops from a Pokéstop, much as with the other new evolutionary goods like the Dragon Scale, Metal Coat, King’s Rock, and Sun Stone.

What is a Pokemon Go upgrade?

When combined with Pokemon Candy, The Upgrade is one of the new Evolution Items that may be used to evolve select Gen 1 Pokemon into brand-new Gen 2 evolutions. The Pokemon that can currently utilise this item is Porygon, which can evolve into Porygon2 with an Upgrade and 50 Porygon Candy.

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