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GTA Online Cops & Crooks 2022 DLC: Release Date, News, Leaks & More

Is it possible that gamers in GTA Online will be allowed to work as police officers given the latest data leaks? What is known about the DLC for "Cops & Crooks."

GTA Online Cops & Crooks 2022 DLC- Every character you played in the Grand Theft Auto series faced opposition from the cops. You never genuinely supported the cops, whether you’re playing the original Grand Theft Auto plot or GTA Online right now. However, gamers have long been interested in experiencing what it would be like to play as cops in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Soon, playing as a police officer in GTA Online could be available. There is a greater chance of new DLC, including the long-missing Cops and Crooks DLC for GTA Online, as the holiday season draws near. Here, we discuss the potential release date for the DLC for GTA Online.

GTA Online Cops & Crooks DLC Release Date?

There is a tonne of DLC available for Grand Theft Auto Online. Since the game’s original release, a lot has changed, but one of the major things gamers are anticipating is the arrival of the Cops and Crooks DLC, which will let players to take on the role of a cop for the first time in GTA Online.

The server would be divided into two or three factions by the Cops and Crooks DLC. Cop players would pursue players who were acting as thieves who were accomplishing heists. Essentially, it’s police and thieves with a GTA twist.

The Cops and Crooks DLC was planned to arrive three years ago, but Rockstar Games appears to have shelved it, thus there is now no official release date. The reason for the DLC’s cancellation is unknown.

GTA Online Cops & Crooks DLC Leaks

The information we have accumulated for the Cops and Crooks DLC throughout time looks scant. But because of data miners, we now know something new about the Cops and Crooks DLC.

WildBrick is a well-known GTA Online data miner that uses Twitter. They published it on PC, and the police and crooks gang territory files from 2012 are still there. According to the data, the map has sections filled in with different colours to depict the Cops, The Vagos, and The Lost MC.

Before the Cops and Crooks DLC, GTA Online was meant to be a game about governing regions. However, it’s intriguing that this information is just now being discovered. Could the Cops and Crooks DLC be on the horizon? Without formal confirmation from Rockstar Games, it is uncertain, but it is absolutely something to be aware of. As new information becomes available, we will update this page accordingly.

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