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How to Change Sprint Controls in GTA Online?

Players can now customize and change sprint controls in GTA Online, allowing them to sprint effortlessly by holding down a button instead of repeatedly tapping it.

Rockstar Games has announced an exciting new feature coming to GTA Online with the highly anticipated GTA San Andreas Mercenaries update. One of the long-awaited additions is the ability for players to customize their sprint controls. In this article, we will explore how sprint works in GTA Online currently and guide you on changing your sprint controls once the update goes live.

How Does Sprint Work in GTA Online Currently?

Currently, in GTA Online, players have to repeatedly tap the sprint button on their controller to maintain a sprint. While this has been the traditional method, it can become tiring and uncomfortable for players who frequently engage in high-speed pursuits. However, with the forthcoming update, Rockstar Games is addressing this issue by introducing a “hold to sprint” control option.

The Benefits of Customizable Sprint Controls:

The addition of customizable sprint controls is not only a quality-of-life improvement but also a significant accessibility feature. By allowing players to hold down a button instead of repeatedly tapping, it eliminates discomfort and makes sprinting more accessible for players with various physical abilities. This update demonstrates Rockstar Games’ commitment to enhancing the gameplay experience for all players.

How to Change Sprint Controls in GTA Online:

Once the GTA San Andreas Mercenaries update is live, you’ll be able to customize your sprint controls by following these steps:

  1. Pause the game and open the pause menu.
  2. Navigate to the “Settings” option and select it.
  3. Look for the “Controls” section within the settings menu.
  4. Locate the “Sprint Mode” option and choose “Hold To Sprint” to activate the new control scheme.
  5. Save your changes and exit the settings menu.


Q: When will the GTA San Andreas Mercenaries update be released?

A: The GTA San Andreas Mercenaries update is set to be released on June 13th, 2023.

Q: What is the significance of the customizable sprint controls feature?

A: The customizable sprint controls feature allows players to switch from the traditional method of repeatedly tapping the sprint button to simply holding it down. This offers a more comfortable and accessible way to sprint in GTA Online.

Q: Why is the customizable sprint controls feature important?

A: The customizable sprint controls feature improves the overall gameplay experience by reducing discomfort caused by repetitive tapping. Additionally, it enhances accessibility for players with physical limitations who may have struggled with the previous sprinting mechanics.

Q: How can I change my sprint controls in GTA Online?

A: Once the GTA San Andreas Mercenaries update is live, you can change your sprint controls by accessing the pause menu, selecting “Settings,” navigating to the “Controls” section, and choosing the “Hold To Sprint” option under the “Sprint Mode” setting.

Q: Are there any other notable features coming in the GTA San Andreas Mercenaries update?

A: Yes, in addition to customizable sprint controls, the update will bring various fixes and quality-of-life changes, including nerfs to the Orbital Cannon. Rockstar Games has addressed several player-requested features in this update.

Q: Will the steps to change sprint controls remain the same after the update?

A: It’s possible that the steps to change sprint controls may vary slightly once the GTA San Andreas Mercenaries update is live. It is recommended to refer to the in-game menu and any accompanying instructions provided by Rockstar Games for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


The inclusion of customizable sprint controls in the upcoming GTA San Andreas Mercenaries update is a highly anticipated feature for GTA Online players. This addition not only enhances the gameplay experience by providing more comfortable sprinting mechanics but also promotes inclusivity and accessibility for a wider range of players. Stay tuned for the release of the update and enjoy the newfound flexibility in customizing your sprint controls in GTA Online.

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