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How Long is God of War Ragnarok?

Are you looking for how long is God of War Ragnarok? There are many beautiful and deadly regions to explore. Here, we’ll detail the number of hours it took each member of the IGN staff to complete the game and their top priorities for using that time.

How Long is God of War Ragnarok?

  • God of War Ragnarok was finished in 26.5 hours by our fastest player.
  • 60 hours had passed before the credits began for our “slowest” gamer.

Read on for additional information on how each player played, how long it took to get the credits, and how much additional time it required to thoroughly explore every region. Make sure to post your times to How Long To Beat once you’ve completed the game so you can compare them to other players’ times.

Reviewer and senior editorial producer Simon Cardy

I finished the tale of God of War Ragnarok in around 28 hours. However, I finished quite a number of the longer side quests along the way, so if you were to mainline it straight through, I’d say you’d be in your early 20s. It’s important to understand that every objective is still open to be completed after the credits have rolled since Ragnarok doesn’t have a point of no return.

I’ve worked another 20 hours since then to earn that golden award. That includes defeating all of the extremely challenging optional monsters and collecting every single raven, artefact, and piece of knowledge. Some of these items were fairly difficult to locate, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding them now that instructions will be accessible at launch. However, because I haven’t achieved 100% in every realm yet, I frequently return to Ragnarok to complete a few side quests.

Producer of gameplay, Ronny Barrier

God of War Ragnarok took me roughly 34 hours to complete. For the first half, I mostly played naturally, only taking detours and other routes when they appeared genuinely intriguing. Despite Atreus frequently encouraging me to calm down and do some side stuff, I mainlined the plot rather strongly as it came to come to a close. It would have easily taken me 50 hours if I hadn’t had to finish my playthrough for work, and I still don’t know whether I would be finished by then. The game’s pace is controlled by Atreus and Mimir, who are effective at reminding you that there is a lot to do than advance the main plot.

Although the main plot of God of War Ragnarok is excellent, some of the side material features some of the finest stories and fights the planet has to offer, so take your time. It will make the journey more interesting.

Lead for Community, Jada Griffin

So, with a 95% completion rate on the Give me God of War difficulty, I rolled credits at the 60-hour point. Yes, I had to give a couple optional fights more attempts than I’d care to confess, especially early on when I was constrained by lower-level equipment. Restarts during battles also take up a significant portion of my time in order to capture the ideal no-hit encounter. Sometimes I merely blocked or dodged to study and analyse adversary tactics, and other times I practised parrying and evading very strong assaults to provide advice to those going through the adventure.

Josh Du, Senior Producer for Social Media

I completed the game in roughly 42 hours and played for a total of 44 hours on Give Me Balance mode before reaching the story’s climactic scene.

I always make sure to acquire everything before the game’s conclusion whenever there are collectibles and weapons/armor that may be unlocked. In the case of GoWR, that required going back through all the realms with freshly obtained skills in order to check off every item on the list of collectibles. While some of it was still enjoyable and exciting, some weren’t as much (if you’re a completionist, we strongly advise completing Alfheim before completing that arc). There are now all the post-story items to gather. I am really excited!

Editor-in-Chief Senior Mitchell Saltzman

My gameplay of God of War Ragnarok’s “Give Me No Mercy” mode took roughly 38 hours in total by the time the credits rolled. The exploration of all nine kingdoms and roughly 20 side missions are included. When I reached the last quarter of the game, I made the decision to save the remaining sidequests for the post-game, which fortunately for me appears to be pretty stacked. My playstyle during the first three-quarters of the game was to finish every sidequest that I fairly could manage at my level. I still have 14 missions in my notebook that I haven’t finished, and I’ve got a few difficulties that I’m just not prepared for yet.

Dale Driver, UK’s Lead Video

In little over 26 hours, I sped through God of War Ragnarok’s main quest while making a valiant, though somewhat unsuccessful, effort to stay away from any side objectives. God of War Ragnarok makes it very easy to become sidetracked, but after seeing a few Metroidvania-style, “you can’t do this until you have this” parts, I decided to concentrate just on the plot and clean up everything else once the voyage was through.

I’m happy I did since playing through the end-game stuff, story missions, and nine worlds nearly felt like playing a brand-new God of War game! There is a lot to see and do, and not everything is tied to missions. With all the resources at my disposal, I put in another 21 hours searching for that valuable platinum, which I eventually found at hour 47.

How long is God of War Ragnarok later?

Plot. Due to Fimbulwinter, one of the signs of Ragnarök unleashed upon the Nine Realms with the death of Baldur, the game will begin about three years after the events of God of War, but specific specifics remain unclear.

Will God of War Ragnarok be open world?

God of War Ragnarok is not, in any conventional sense, an open-world game, to make things as straightforward as possible. It is not an open-world game in the vein of sandbox series like GTA, Far Cry, or the Horizon series, to put it another way.

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