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Stray: How to unlock the control room

Stray: How to unlock the control room- As you work your way toward discovering the Outside, Stray provides 12 chapters of action-packed Cat adventure. The orange tabby cat and B-12’s journey toward Outside comes to a finish in Control Room.

Once the subway is running and you board the train, you will arrive at the control room. B-12 discovers the final piece of his core memory over here. However, there are a few tasks to complete before going outside. Here is our guide on entering Control Room in Stray and what to do there.

How to switch on the computers in Stray

When you’re inside, go to the terminal that’s next to the poster showing the layout of the control room. When you interact with it, you’ll learn that after bringing the other systems online, you’ll be able to open the city.

B12 will ask you to switch on the rows of computers in the room’s center before proceeding. Don’t just stroll over them all, hoping for the best; you’ll have to weave on and off of the keyboards underneath the displays to get them all to turn on.

Stray: How to unlock the control room

The roof control station, which has three locks, will thereafter be turned on by B12 at that point. 

  1. You’ll need to smash the cable boxes next to three terminals while B12 hacks them.
  2. The first terminal is located in the corner, to the left of the roof control station. 
  3. You can cut the cables coming from the block to the hack screen’s right by using the left mouse button.
  4. The following screen and wire box are on the other side of the room if you turn left while facing the hack screen. 
  5. A panel needs to be knocked. 
  6. Difficult to reach the wires from.
  7. To the right of the roof control station is the last terminal.

When B12 hacks the terminals, he suffers a lot of damage, therefore you’ll have to bring him to the roof control station. After that, a cinematic with the conclusion will be shown, so take in the scenery.

How to Get into the Control Room in Stray  (Walkthrough)

How to enter the Control Room for those that are unable to do so:

  1. Take the stairs from the subway to go to the Control Room as you and B-12 do.
  2. A gate with the name Control Room will be visible. However, you and B-12 must break into the Room.
  3. You’ll see a Robotic Box with a Following protocol built in. To turn on the Box, interact with it.
  4. Let it follow just below Control Panel, to the left of the gate.
  5. To turn the box off, interact with it once again.
  6. Examine the lock on the gate to the right as the Control Panel is sealed.
  7. The Panel will become unlocked as well as unsealed as you interact with the lock.
  8. To open the gate, climb the robotic box as well as scratch the wires.

Procedures in the Control Room

All of B-12’s fundamental memories become accessible the moment you and B-12 get past the security to reach the Control Room. A cinematic that tells more about the Plague and what happened to mankind will be triggered as a result.

  1. Enter the room and check the main computer at the far end.
  2. B-12 will ask you to switch on the computers while he breaks into them to get encryption keys and passwords.
  3. You can cross across the three rows of computers to turn them all on.
  4. As you walk over the computers, they will become blue. However, be aware that passing them again will turn them off.
  5. It will start a new B-12 cutscene once all the computers are turned on.
  6. As he breaks into the devices, B-12 will instruct you to destroy anything around. We need to obliterate three large computers.
  7. A large computer is located to the right of the computer tower. You may remove its panel to inspect the wiring.
  8. After then, play with the device to scratch its wires. B-12 can handle the hacking while you focus on destroying the machines.
  9. Go to the pc at the end of the room to destroy the next big computer.
  10. The substantial computer is covered by a lengthy panel.
  11. To destroy the device, you must push down the panel as well as interact with it.
  12. From the Control Panel, turn right to locate the final sizable computer.
  13. The wire is on top of it. In order to engage, leap up and get atop the large computer.
  14. You’ll see that B-12 suffers a little from the hacking.
  15. But when he has completely shut down, select him and set him down on the blue panel of the unlocked Roof control station.
  16. You will start a sad cut scene when you place him on the panel.

Furthermore, it just requires a few stairs to climb rather than many.

Everything about entering and using the Control Room in Stray has been addressed.

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