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How to Make Money Playing Video Games at Home

Although it is possible, making money playing video games is difficult. Here are some choices, advice on how to decide if they’re appropriate for you, and how to make money playing video games at home?

It is undoubtedly possible how to make money playing games in the modern world. But in reality, doing so requires a lot of effort.

The job part destroys the fun of playing video games, hence many people who choose this path quit after a few years (or months). People end up loathing what they once enjoyed instead of making it their career. Additionally, the crowded market makes it dangerous. There are hundreds of additional attempts that ended in failure for every success tale.

We wouldn’t advise making gaming your main source of income unless you’re young, single, and ready to put in several years even if it might all be for nothing. But it’s undoubtedly conceivable!

Here are a few possible methods for you to start make money playing video games.

How to Make Money Playing Video Games at Home

There are numerous chances to establish yourself in the gaming industry or how to make money gaming and gain money in the process. You can identify your niche in video games and make money for following an interest, depending on your interests and time commitments.

  • Sell Accounts or Digital Items
  • Get paid to Live Stream
  • Win Gaming Tournaments and Acquire Sponsorships
  • Try your Hand at Games Journalism
  • Get Paid to Test Games
  • Host a Gaming Podcast or YouTube Channel
  • Create Video Game Guides and Tutorials
  • Become a Video Game Developer
  • Become a QA tester
  • Become a Twitch Streamer

Sell Accounts and Digital Items

Some games allow you to “flip” your account or in-game stuff to other players if you’ve logged enough time into them.

You can, for instance, sell some Digital items you’ve acquired through gaming to other users who want to collect them.

Despite the fact that you won’t make a lot of money from this, you might be able to make enough to pay for your next game.

Accounts might potentially be available for sale. There are more inventive methods to handle this; you might use platforms like Fiverr to market “game services” to potential customers.

Perhaps a lonely person will pay for the opportunity to have a buddy to hang out with for an hour.

Even though this method of gaming revenue involves less commitment than the majority of ones previously described, it is still not ideal.

The time it takes to gain uncommon stuff or extra accounts makes it scarcely worthwhile to pursue unless you already have extras lying around.

Similar to playtesting, grinding a game solely to get new cards or advance a level is monotonous.

Additionally, there is no assurance that anyone will want to purchase what you are offering.

Get paid to Live Stream

Anyone can broadcast their games in real time to a global audience. Aim to get a sizable audience that you can pay for with advertisements or a devoted following (to monetize with donations and subscriptions).

Twitch is the most popular streaming site, however YouTube is also a choice.

Building a live broadcast audience takes time. For several months, you might not surpass 10 concurrent viewers, and for years, you might not reach 100 viewers at once.

The truth is that the majority of streamers never get there, and in order to make a living from video game streaming, you’ll need thousands of loyal viewers.

The streaming market is overcrowded. When there are so many other popular streams available, why should someone watch you?

The difficult aspect is that. Make a name for oneself by having a unique sense of humor or personality, playing at a high level, or participating in niche gaming.

Thankfully, there is a low admission threshold for streaming. All you require is a respectable computer, some entertaining video games, a charming personality, and streaming software.

Ensure that your internet upload speed is sufficient to support both the stream and the game you are playing.

Win Gaming Tournaments and Acquire Sponsorships

Fighting games and other PvP titles frequently feature tournaments. Of course, prize pools grow in size as a game gains in popularity.

Through prizes and sponsorships, if you are talented enough to join an esports group, you could be able to make a living wage.

The majority of gamers who play competitively use live broadcasts to earn extra money.

Not everyone is able to succeed. Even if you are a professional player, you could lose a tournament early and walk away empty-handed.

Even if you do win any money, it might not be enough to pay for your lodging and travel. Never expect to live off your winnings if you aren’t consistently at the top.

The esports sector is also still very new. Even if you get a job on a prestigious team, your “compensation” can be less than the minimum pay.

Con artists and crooks who prey on gullible gamers abound in the sector. There have been a few reports of gamers not receiving their promised payments.

Find a PvP game that is well-liked, has a thriving tournament scene, and attracts a lot of esports organisations.

Practice often and keep practicing. As you improve, form connections with other eminent gamers to promote yourself publicly.

Start out modestly by participating in neighborhood tournaments for games like CS:GO or Super Smash Bros.

Realistically, you’ll probably succeed more (and make more money) if you pursue a career as a non-competitive streamer.

That way, even if you’re not the best, people will still like watching you.

Try your Hand at Games Journalism

Aspire to be a writer? Start creating news, reviews, and interviews about a specific game, genre, or industry by joining an existing site or starting your own.

You can get paid as a freelancer on a per-article basis while writing for an established website.

If you’re launching your own website, you can make money from it by selling ads, Patreon memberships, or something similar.

Games journalism is competitive, as is the majority of journalism. Many people aspire to make a living by writing about video games.

If you write for an established website, you’ll probably have to do it for next to nothing while building a portfolio and showcasing your abilities.

It will take years to develop an audience for your own website so that you can make enough money to support yourself.

Journalism is often demanding. To gain scoops before others, you’ll need to constantly scour a variety of sites for news articles.

To be done properly, reviews and interviews require a lot of time. Additionally, daily writing can be a major mental energy drain.

Look for job openings in medium-sized gaming platforms. For the time being, disregard popular gaming websites like IGN as well as startups with no audience.

Have some writing samples on hand, please. Send in your application, along with writing samples, and cross your fingers.

Think about writing for smaller websites as a volunteer first if you don’t have any prior work to show.

We advise waiting until you have several years of experience writing for a reputable website before starting your own games journalism website.

Daily writing is challenging enough. A website on top of it, managing it? That requires an entirely new level of work and is prone to burnout.

Get Paid to Test Games

Before they are launched, video games go through a number of stages of development.

Developers require independent playtesters to evaluate their games as they approach completion. Your responsibility as a playtesters is to review whatever the developer asks you to, including identifying and noting any bugs or other problems.

Being a tester today isn’t that difficult, although the work can be tedious. Playing in a way that breaks games on purpose gets tedious quickly, especially if you have to keep looking in the same spots after every update.

Pay is not very good (on par with, or slightly better than, minimum wage).

Additionally, the majority of game testing positions are for mobile games, which aren’t as exciting as full-fledged console and PC releases, unless you can land an internal position at a significant game production business.

Host a Gaming Podcast or YouTube Channel

Many things to say? Consider producing a gaming-related daily, weekly, or monthly show. It may be a roundtable debate based on opinions, a series of interviews with prominent athletes, strategies for a particular game, or anything else that sounds fascinating.

Ads, sponsorships, and other types of YouTube monetization can be used to generate revenue from podcasts and YouTube videos.

Particularly, Patreon subscriptions can help fund this format.

Before you start to make any money, you’ll need to grow a sizable audience. For viewers to tune in, your programme must be compelling.

The show won’t be successful if it’s dull, superficial, has poor production quality, or is inconsistent.

This resembles a cross between live streams (number 1) and guides (number 3).

You require the expertise and perception of a guide creator along with the perseverance and charisma of a streamer.

Positively, podcast content doesn’t need to be as in-depth as a guide, nor does your personality need to be as distinctive as a streamer.

For instance, you could create a channel just for gaming news from a particular genre.

Create Video Game Guides and Tutorials

Reading guidelines is a popular pastime among new players, especially for multiplayer player-versus-player (PvP) games.

There is a market for making money by giving these folks important information that they wish to learn.

Game guides can be published in a variety of ways, including as written guides on a website, as videos on YouTube, or as eBooks.

While the eBook approach makes money through sales, the first two are frequently monetized with advertisements and/or donations.

Anybody can create a manual. You need to write guides for well-known games in order to make any money from it, but the more well-known the game, the more competition there will be.

You’ll need to provide more information in your guides than the competition can, which will require putting in a lot of work and positioning yourself as an authority.

You’ll also need to have a good writing foundation. Guides must be thorough and voluminous, yet interesting and easy to read.

Whether you’re writing for the web or selling eBooks, formatting abilities are essential.

Find a well-liked game, ascertain the issues that players are encountering, get knowledgeable about these issues, and then instruct others on how to solve them.

Aim for gold guides, levelling guides, and raid guides in massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs).

Consult build and mechanics guides for PvP games like Overwatch or Valorant. You’ll likely have the most success in single-player games with specialized tutorials on subjects like achieving a certain Achievement or Trophy.

Become a Video Game Developer

A career as a video game developer may be the best choice for you if you prefer to work behind the scenes and want to be both an accomplished player and a game designer.

To develop a new game and join the video game industry while making money, you can work with game design firms.

The average annual compensation for game developers working for a video game company ranges from $60,000 to $70,00.

Since each organization will probably have a different set of requirements, you can search job boards to see what qualifications are required for a game developer.

Become a QA tester

Before a game can be launched, it must first pass a test as it is being produced.

This include playing the game, offering comments on its quality and functionality, and reporting any bugs or other problems you find.

You can assist in improving a new or upgraded game by working with it as a quality assurance game tester.

An average annual salary for a quality assurance tester for video games is $50,000, but this figure might increase with expertise.

Become a Twitch streamer

One of the most well-known gaming websites in the world is Twitch, where many players may make money by live-streaming their gameplay. Additionally, it is one of the more reliable money-making gaming apps.

Therefore, learning how to monetize Twitch will be beneficial. Through advertising, subscriptions, and other revenue streams, Twitch empowers users.

It can be profitable to use your gaming passion to generate income and build a fan base on Twitch. So learning how to monetize your Twitch channel is a fantastic place to start when trying to grasp the platform.

Also read: How to start a successful podcast and build an audience

How to Make Real Money by More Option

You can start considering ways to further enhance your earnings after you start to get the swing of earning money through gaming.

Here are some essential pointers to help you increase your gaming income:

  • Work with gaming companies
  • Participating in online tournaments
  • Look at other professional gamers
  • Investing in the right gaming equipment

Work with gaming companies

By collaborating with gaming companies to develop sponsored deals, like as giveaways and cash rewards for followers, you may expand your audience, increase engagement, and consequently, your earnings.

Participating in online tournaments

It’s worth thinking about because gaming websites and the major league gaming circuit both present excellent potential to earn a sizable income. You can improve your skills and feel more secure engaging by watching videos and lessons.

Look at other professional gamers

You can get additional ideas and inspiration to boost your earnings and set yourself apart from competitors the more you observe others in the business doing the same things as you and how they make money.

Investing in the right gaming equipment

Consider investing in things like headsets, keyboards, and gaming laptops because the correct tools can greatly improve your gaming abilities.


Games allow us to escape reality, which makes them enjoyable. That element of escapism vanishes when gaming becomes your profession, and probably also the fun. Are you a gamer? So need to know how to make money from playing video games.

Before considering it as a potential career, consider it carefully. You might later regret trying to make money from games in this manner.

The opportunities covered here are the most effective ways to now make money related to gaming if you still wish to push forward.

There are more video game-related jobs, although they don’t require as much actual game playing as the ones mentioned above. So, these are methods how to make money playing games?

Of course, you could always create your own game and make money through sales, in-app purchases, or advertisements. However, games demand or gaming money a completely other set of talents and take a long time to develop.

People May Ask

Q- How to Make Money Playing Games?

A- There are methods how to make money playing games :

  • Attempt Mistplay! Mistplay is a fantastic Android software that is a great way to earn money while playing games on your phone.
  • A game tester, a gamehag, a video game coach, etc.
  • Develop into a professional gamer.
  • Creating a YouTube channel.
  • Twitch streaming.
  • YouTube.

Q- Do online games pay real money?

A- You are rarely directly paid in video games. But taking part in video game competitions, farming out characters after levelling them up, or starting a Twitch show can all earn you real money. Superstar gamer Tyler Blevins, often known as Ninja, has made roughly $10 million from playing online video games in one extreme scenario.

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