Yurukill: The Calumniation Games Gameplay

The first puzzle in Yurukill: The Calumniation Games is called The Fire House. Help Sengoku and Rina navigate every challenge by using this guide.

The first of the island’s sneaky attractions in Yurukill: The Calumniation Games is the Fire House. It establishes the tone for the game’s puzzle difficulties and adds to the suspense surrounding Yurukill Land. There are various problems in it, and you must solve them all if you want to move on.

The first of the island’s sneaky attractions in Yurukill: The Calumniation Games is the Fire House. It establishes the tone for the game’s puzzle difficulties and adds to the suspense surrounding Yurukill Land. There are various problems in it, and you must solve them all if you want to move on.


How To Find The Crayons And Picture Diary

A robot is blocking the first door, and for it to open, you need a picture journal and some crayons. The main area doesn’t offer much to look at, so start by entering the door on your right.

Cosmetics Puzzle

A pair of cosmetics cases are located to the right of the counter in the right apartment. Keep searching because you can’t do anything with them just yet. Look through the magazine on the bed to see whether there is a note from the room’s occupant. She is attempting to distribute her cosmetics equally.

Once you’ve located the note, head back to the cosmetics cases to begin the first task. There are eleven similar lotion bottles, each with a number on the cap indicating how much lotion is inside.

The objective is to get both cosmetic cases to have the same amount of lotion overall because lotion cannot be transferred from one bottle to another.

There are eleven bottles totaling sixty units of lotion, so you need thirty of each. To solve the puzzle, simply transfer the ten-unit and five-unit bottles from the right case to the left case. The left case holds a total of fifteen units of lotion.

To move each bottle, you must continue to depress the interact button while you move the mouse. They will automatically close once the proper amount of lotion has been placed in each case, and Sengoku will notice that something adjacent has become unlocked.

To find the crayons, look in the previously locked cosmetics box to the left (atop the cabinet). Then, deliver them to the robot.

DVD Puzzle

The left-hand flat has a bookshelf with DVDs on it. You can find five empty DVD cases on the bottom shelf.

The drawer below features a color-coordinated strip that matches the DVD cases and is locked. Reposition the DVD cases so that their colors blend with the drawer’s stripe. Swapping the first and fourth DVDs, then the fourth and fifth DVDs, is the simplest way to accomplish this.

When the DVD covers are placed correctly, the drawer will release, exposing the photo diary.

Bring the two things to the robot after you have them both.

The Red Crayon

The robot will notice that the red crayon is missing when you hand over the crayons and photo diary. The missing crayon is most likely in the kitchen to your left, so explore all the chat options to find out where it is. Find the red crayon underneath the rug by looking at it, then give it to the robot.

How To Find The Pen

The robot in the second room suggests juice for the delivery guy and is seeking for a pen to sign a delivery sheet. Start by looking at the TV that is to the robot’s left.

The TV is showing text that provides hints for the puzzle that is on the table in the foreground. The instructions tell you how to arrange the mandarins so that the four grandchildren of the tenant are all happy.

Find the eleven mandarins by looking at the table. The following division will enable you to take the pen:

Up“I hate having the least!”2
Left“If I have less than Up I’ll be sad!”3
Right“I want the most!”5
Down“I’m happy with half of what Up gets!”1

Sengoku and Rina will find out that the pen is empty of ink after solving the challenge. Before delivering the item to the robot, you must locate an ink refill.

How To Find The Ink Refill

Look at the refrigerator in the flat over there. A note from Binko directing you to “remain as a Prisoner or take the poison and perish” can be found inside one of the two bottles.

One bottle is poisonous, the other is non-lethal. Sengoku is required to select and consume a bottle.

You can learn a lot from Rina’s conversation over which bottle to drink if you listen carefully. The bottle with a single circle on the label is the one that is correct. The circles stand for the letter O, Sengoku reveals later. While “poison” has two Os, “prisoner” only has one.

The ink refill and two locks will unlock once you’ve drank from the right bottle. A newspaper reporting Sengoku’s alleged crime can be found when you open the freezer at the bottom of the refrigerator. Accept Rina’s invitation to look around the room to the right in order to move forward.

Open the refrigerator to find the first of several hints in the following room. After Rina and Sengoku have finished speaking, the freezer will open, exposing a charred photo journal.

Examine the drawer to the right after that. The key can be found within the kokeshi dolls on the right side of the room even though it is locked.

Maji-Kill Time

Your first Maji-Kill scenario will appear after you get back to the robot. To continue, you must provide accurate answers to Rina’s inquiries. The appropriate responses are, in order:

  • It shouldn’t be like that!
  • I’m not entirely sure about my morals…
  • I’d also like to see some proof!
  • Let’s put this discussion to rest.

How To Get Past The Third Robot

The third robot asks you to type a code on its pad rather than giving it anything. Take the tiny box from the bookshelf against the left wall in the left room first. To get the first character of the passcode, throw the box into the fire by the door.

To pass the flames obstructing your path in the right-hand room, you must unlock the fire extinguisher. The case bears the following code:

Triangle (up)SquareCircleCircleSquareTriangle (Down)

We can deduce that the circle represents one and the square represents two, leaving only the triangle. The last number is an inverted triangle, and since six is symbolised by a triangle, an upside-down six (nine) is the right answer. Therefore, 621129 is the fire extinguisher code.

After putting out the fire, the wall will show a grid with the following numbers:


The Fire House rooms you’ve been to are represented by the apartment numbers here. You now possess all the knowledge required to solve the robot’s puzzle.

The Robot’s Passcode

You’ll be required to select a document that has anything to do with the burned grid paper you discovered in the left chamber when Sengoku and Rina get back to the robot.

Pick the death report that was contained in the box alongside it. The number of fatalities brought on by the fire in each flat, as shown by their locations on the wall grid, is the passcode.

The apartment newsletter, which Rina will show you, contains information about the occupants of rooms 103, 201, and 302. The bottom row and a portion of the center row will be automatically filled in by Sengoku.

None of those apartments saw a fatality, and some gave birth soon after. You can input a zero on the top-center panel as 302 was vacant.

“Add up the verticals, horizontals, and diagonals,” reads the bizarre piece of paper with the magic circle. This implies that the sum of the values in each row of the grid must be the same. We know the number is six since Sengoku fills in the bottom row (because 3+4-1=6). So, the following is the proper passcode:


After entering the passcode, the Fire House’s riddle is finished, and you can move on to Yurukill Judgment.

Yurukill Judgment

You must successfully complete three shoot-em-up stages in each chapter’s Yurukill Judgment portion while responding to inquiries regarding the relevant case. You may discover all the solutions and combat techniques for Sengoku’s judgement here if you’re having problems with any of them.

Binko’s Questions

Binko will begin the Yurukill Judgment by going over the case’s facts with a series of questions. You will have more lives during the combat scenes the more questions you properly answer by going into the appropriate lane. The responses to Binko’s queries are as follows:

  • Delivery Person.
  • Explosives.
  • Nine. \sTwenty-one.
  • keeping a photo journal.

Stage One

Along with his primary weapon, Sengoku’s fighter has rotating laser pods that fire straight ahead. This implies that you can kill dense groups of enemies or deal significant damage to huge enemy in front of you. You can also fly next to an adversary so that your damage-dealing pods can harm them without endangering your own main craft.

Keep an eye on your own ship rather than the adversaries in all of the shoot-em-up stages. You’ll be able to see approaching projectiles if you do that. If you keep firing, you’ll eventually strike something.

The first stage is quite simple, with manageable formations of adversaries in manageable little groups. The circular ship pose the greatest threat since they fire powerful lasers down either side and discharge missiles right in front of them.

Keeping a constant line of fire in front of these foes is the best way to defeat them. Any missiles that are launched will be readily destroyed by you, and you will be shielded from laser fire.

As far as you can, disregard the pods the boss launches when it first appears. When they are destroyed, they explode, posing a threat and blocking your bullets. By staying clear of them, you may concentrate your fire on the boss, which should quickly take it out.

The boss will start to move vertically on the map after deploying a Mind Wall. You have two options while it’s at the bottom of the screen: either avoid contact to minimize risk, or fly close to it to minimize risk by using your pods to deliver damage.

In the latter case, be careful because the boss has a broad wingspan and it is simple to crash when your adversary advances to the left and right.

Prejudice Synapse

The boss will begin to move vertically on the map following the deployment of a Mind Wall. You have two options while it’s at the bottom of the screen: either avoid contact to avoid damage, or fly close to it to deal damage with your pods. If you decide to do the latter, be cautious of the boss’s large wingspan because it is simple to crash when your adversary moves left and right.

Stage Two

Long, centipede-like ships that fire to the left and right are introduced in Stage 2. Try to destroy them when they are at the upper half of the screen because Sengoku’s ship might struggle to deal with them as he can’t fire horizontally. In Score Attack mode, other characters will find this sequence significantly simpler.

Keep an eye on which of Rina’s firearms are shooting when she returns for the second boss battle. If you stay immediately in front of her cockpit, you can easily evade the orange lasers fired by the wing-mounted turrets. Thread the needle between the laser bursts because here is where you need to be to cause the greatest harm.

You’ll need to pull off to either side when you see Rina’s craft charging since the purple weaponry mounted on the nose fire in a tight burst right ahead.

Stay in the middle of the screen and keep firing when the Mind Wall emerges. Rina will shoot projectiles at you, but she won’t have fired too many volleys by the time you break through.

You’ll have to cope with Rina shooting all of her weapons simultaneously after the Mind Wall is gone. To rapidly end the conflict, stick to your previous plan or just fire your Outburst if it’s charged.

Stage Three

Sengoku’s Yurukill Judgment’s last zone features powerful, tough foes. Pay attention to avoiding harm to keep your power-ups for the boss battle. You’ll encounter Rina’s ultimate mech Azamonstrosity during this rather short stage. The Judginator is approaching quickly.

Azamonstrosity starts the battle by firing wide bursts alternately from its left and right arm cannons. You can simply weave between the bullets and maintain pressure on the boss if you stay at the bottom of the screen and let them spread apart.

Two Brain Barriers, one on each of the mech’s fists, appear during the second round of the boss battle. Before going on to the other, concentrate on destroying the first. Azamonstrosity shifts into a charge attack preparation when it does so. Before continuing to harm the brain barriers, move to the left or right to avoid the strike.

Move to the top of the screen on the far left or right side of the screen if Azamonstrosity crosses its arms in front of it. You won’t be able to evade the double-handed strike it is planning if you are anywhere below the boss’ location because it affects the entire bottom half.

You’ll have to deal with frequent explosions and a chaotic flurry of projectiles once the Brain Barriers are breached. During this phase, Azamonstrosity is impervious to damage from attacks, yet you can harm its left and right shoulders. While not harmful to the boss, doing so can raise your score in Score Attack mode. Using your Outburst now would be a wonderful idea if it is charged.

In its final attack, Azamonstrosity unleashes a barrage of several, slowly moving fireballs. Holding down the fire button will allow you to finish the boss as rapidly as possible while moving cautiously to avoid taking damage.

Mind Maze

You must successfully complete the Mind Maze puzzle challenge before you may vanquish Rina. Correctly finish the sentences to get to the centre of the maze; each incorrect response will cost you three lives. The solutions are:

  • Shunju Sengoku not the guilty party.
  • The perpetrator’s identity is unknown.
  • Sengoku Shunju asks Rina Azami, the Executioner, to spare him.
  • The liberation from Rina Azami’s yearning for retribution will bring her comfort.
  • Sengoku Shunju must perish for Rina Azami’s sake.
  • He’ll use the Yurukill Ring to accomplish this.


Fly through Azamonstrosity projectiles on purpose after finishing the Mind Maze to charge your Outburst. Since you won’t be damaged during this section, fill the metre to the top and use your outburst bomb to finish the chapter.

People May Ask

Q- How many stages are there in games?

A- There are 3 stages in the game.

Q- How to find things in game?

A- Through different puzzles.

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