Tech Tips app – Nifastips Battery Charging Animation [indic Keyboard] app provides tips & tricks for setting DP without cropping using Whatscrop app, using the bobble indic keyboard, and a Battery Charging Animation trick. app tips & tricks: app offers a variety of tech tips & tricks, including the latest tech news, mobile and software tips. The app also provides information on research fields with articles, videos, and media content. Explore their gallery and media for more insights.

Discover tips like Battery Charging Animation, bubble indic keyboard, picture password app, duplicates cleaner app, draw screen gesture app, caller name announcer app, full battery & theft alarm app, and more on the website. Stay informed by visiting the site and explore additional tips in the linked article. App General Information:

  • Type: Information
  • Year: 2022
  • Mode: Online
  • Status: Active
  • Official Website: Whatscrop App – Set Full DP Without Cropping:

Use the Whatscrop app from Galaxy App Studio to set a full DP without cropping the image. WhatsApp typically trims long photos for DPs, but this app automatically adjusts the picture size, allowing you to use the entire image as your profile picture without any cropping. It’s a user-friendly solution for showcasing your full picture on WhatsApp. Notch App:

Tired of the same old status bar and notch backgrounds? The Notch App offers a variety of cool backgrounds for free. It works best on recent phones with screen ratios like 18:9, 19:9, and is compatible with notch or Amoled displays on phones such as Galaxy S10E, Galaxy F46, Galaxy S10 Plus, LG G7, Oneplus 6 and 6T, Note 9, Galaxy S9, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, P20 Pro, etc. The app is most compatible with Android version 8.0 and above.

Nifastips Battery Charging Animation Trick:

Explore our tricks to change your Android device’s battery charging animation. Customize the screen with live animation and choose from various attractive charging animations. You can even add music tunes with sound settings like On/Off. This trick is exclusively available for Android devices. Xcall – Global Free Calls:

Xcall is the app that lets you make free calls and texts using wifi. Enjoy free local and international calls, and experience crystal-clear communication with its high-quality dedicated VoIP number.

Indic Keyboard App –

Create a personalized cartoon bobblehead with your selfie using this app. The Bobble Indic Keyboard app lets you share stickers and gifts featuring your bobblehead, adding a fun touch to your chats and amazing your close ones.

If you want to download App then checkout How To Download App On Android – Features, Pros-Cons, F.A.Q

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