8 Essential Books Every Real Estate Investor Should Have On Their Shelf

Every real estate investor should have these 8 essential books on their shelf. Real estate investment is one of the most widespread and profitable methods of building wealth and receiving passive earnings. On the other hand, it is a demanding task that requires sufficient knowledge, skills, and experience.

Fortunately, there’s a solution: reading real estate investor books. The following article will present eight must-read books for a successful real estate investor. Once you read these books, you will know what mistakes to avoid and how to realize goals concerning real estate investments.

Essential Books For Every Real Estate Investor

1. The ABCs of Real Estate Investing by Ken McElroy

Many problems are associated with real estate markets, including high interest rates, lack of workforce, and fierce competition. 30% or more of real estate investors report decreasing demand for owner-occupied housing units.

If there were one of the best books on real estate investing, then this would be it. This book teaches you how to assess property, manage efficiently, handle tenants, and form an experienced team to support you.

2. Real Estate Investing Gone Bad by Phil Pustejovsky

A survey by PwC predicts an average growth of 4.2% in the global real estate market in 2023. However, it has many challenges, including social uprising and regulatory uncertainty. Many investors would lose money, time, and reputation without relevant knowledge and skills.

The author — Phil Pustejovsky, narrates 21 real stories about his mistakes and those of his students and clients in real estate. He exposes reasons for these problems and gives valuable guidance about avoiding and resolving such troubles.

3. The Real Estate Game by William Poorvu

There are many uncertainties inherent in real estate markets. However, many investors that get into this field end up making costly blunders. This book should be read by those who want to become real estate masters with knowledge of smart and lucrative investments in real estate.

A successful real estate investor and developer provides their insights into this book, including the whole process of real estate investing. For instance, this book will teach you how to utilize financial analysis to negotiate and leave an agreement at the appropriate time or moment.

4. What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow…And 36 Other Key Measures by Frank Gallinelli

Real estate investment is just a numbers game. Therefore, using the most credible formulas and ratios to analyze and compare properties is vital.

For those who need to learn by the numbers for successful ROI, this book is for you! Frank Gallinelli is an expert in real estate education and investing who will teach you about the 37 formulas and ratios for measuring and valuing any property.

5. Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies by Peter Conti and Peter Harris

According to a recent study published by JPMorgan Chase, there is much uncertainty in the industry. Many first-time investors face losses that include money and reputation due to the need for more understanding and skills.

This book focuses on individuals who want to learn commercial real estate investment basics. The expert insights in this book will teach you everything about different forms of commercial properties, their features, contrasts, and advantages.

6. Building Wealth One House at a Time by John Schaub

The real estate market may be tricky due to high interest rates, low inventory, and intense competition. Based on emerging trends in real estate, real estate is cautiously optimistic but uncertain as it endeavors toward its purpose in the global outlook 2023 report.

A good book that can assist you is “Building Wealth One House at a Time” authored by John Schaub. The man is a legendary real estate investor and teacher who started investing in real estate more than 40 years ago. He demonstrates, for instance, what you can do to enhance your income through higher rents, trimming operating costs, or making top dollar when selling homes.

7. The Book on Tax Strategies for the Savvy Real Estate Investor by Amanda Han

Real estate investment, though profitable, pays high taxes. A report from Stessa indicates that the average effective tax rate on real estate investors amounts to 23.6%, higher than the federal average.

Due to inexperience, many novice investors pay more taxes than they should and even lose their money, time, and reputation. This book provides valuable information about the tax rules, strategies, and how to minimize taxes while maximizing return on investment in real estate investments.

8. The Real Estate Wholesaling Bible by Than Merrill

Many real estate investors find locating and buying affordable or cheaper properties challenging. The market is dynamic, characterized by low home sales transactions and moderate property prices. A real estate CRM system can significantly simplify the process of finding and securing cost-effective investment opportunities.

Check out The Real Estate Wholesaling Bible by Than Merrill if you wish to earn in the industry but do not intend to hold properties for sale. This book will teach you how to make quick money in real estate. For instance, you will discover how to locate motivated sellers, offer deals, and sell your contracts to other investors at a profit.


Real estate investing is very lucrative; however, a person must possess knowledge, skills, and experience. Through reading the books mentioned in the article, you will be mentored by some of the most brilliant brains in this sector and will develop self-confidence and skills that will enable you to become a competent investor.

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