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Is TubeMate Safe To Use? Is It Legal To Download YouTube Videos?

Is TubeMate safe to use, and is it legal to download YouTube videos using it? Many of us enjoy downloading videos and mp3s for offline use, especially from platforms like YouTube, which offers a vast library of content. While there are numerous apps available for these tasks, TubeMate stands out as a popular YouTube video downloader for Android.

However, it’s important to note that TubeMate is not found on the Google Play Store, leading to concerns about its safety, legality, and potential harm. In this article, we’ll address these concerns and provide essential information about TubeMate before you decide to use it.

TubeMate, developed by Devian Studio, is a multimedia app allowing users to download videos not only from YouTube but also from other platforms such as Facebook, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. Despite its absence from the Google Play Store, TubeMate remains widely favored for its functionality and user-friendly features. Let’s delve into why this app is cherished by many Android users.

Why is TubeMate so popular?

Well, with a whopping 750 million downloads surpassing YouTube Go in October 2018, it’s clear why.

TubeMate is a YouTube Downloader exclusively for Android, allowing users to download videos directly from the YouTube app. The app lets you pause and resume downloads, tracks your download progress, and even works with Vimeo and Dailymotion.

One cool feature is the MP3 media converter, which enables the download of high-definition videos, including some that can’t be downloaded directly from YouTube.

However, there’s a catch. TubeMate’s ability to download online videos goes against the terms of service of many platforms, including Google. As a result, TubeMate isn’t available on the official Google Play Store. To get it, Android users must download the APK from the app’s official website or another trusted third-party site.

This raises the important questions: Is TubeMate safe to use, and is it legal?

Is TubeMate safe to use? Absolutely.

Despite not being on Google Play due to terms of use violations, there are no privacy threats reported. Just make sure to download TubeMate from a trusted source.

TubeMate is 100% safe, doesn’t install malware or make unwanted changes to your device. No need to worry about its safety; it’s a secure app.

Downloading the APK version of TubeMate is straightforward, and the app itself emphasizes safe, private use without commercial purposes. In simple terms, TubeMate is safe, doesn’t mess with your phone, and is hassle-free to use.

Is TubeMate safe to install on Android? Absolutely.

While the Google Play Store automatically checks for security, TubeMate isn’t there. However, it’s still safe to install. Download it from trusted sites like APKMirror, Malavida, or UptoDown for added assurance.

These sites have security teams that review apps to ensure user safety. There’s no reported malware or security issues with TubeMate as of now.

Similar to Vidmate or Snaptube, TubeMate isn’t in the Google Play Store due to copyright reasons, but it’s completely safe to download from secure sites.

In a nutshell, downloading TubeMate from Uptodown or APKMirror is both safe and legal. Just remember, what you do with the downloaded videos is your responsibility.

Is TubeMate harmful or does it have any virus?

Nope, not at all. TubeMate is clean, free from viruses, and poses no harm. No reports of malware or privacy threats have surfaced, and its installation doesn’t sneak in unwanted apps.

However, since TubeMate’s APK is offered by third-party websites, stick to trusted sources mentioned on TubeMate’s own website to avoid potential issues or pop-up messages.

Is TubeMate legal?

Absolutely. TubeMate is legal, but the downloaded videos are meant for personal use only. Distributing or using them commercially violates the terms of service and could lead to service termination. Make sure to use TubeMate in accordance with your country’s laws.

Is TubeMate YouTube Downloader safe for downloading videos?

Yes, it is. From personal experience, TubeMate has been used without issues for years. The app isn’t on the Play Store because downloading YouTube videos goes against Google’s policy. Just sideload it from TubeMate’s site, and you’re good to go.

But that doesn’t mean these apps are harmful or can’t be downloaded.

Yes, TubeMate YouTube Downloader is safe for downloading YouTube videos, but remember to use it for personal use only—no commercial purposes.

Why did TubeMate get banned from the Play Store?

TubeMate allowed direct YouTube video downloads without watching, bypassing ads and watch time. Google didn’t like users downloading videos, leading to TubeMate’s removal. However, with YouTube now allowing offline downloads, it’s less of an issue.

How to download & install TubeMate on Android?

Since it’s not on the Play Store, you can safely download the TubeMate APK from trusted sources like uptodown, APKMirror, or AndroidFreeware. Just visit, choose a source, and hit “Download.” Install the APK after downloading.


TubeMate is safe to install on Android, but privacy concerns are valid. Stick to trusted sites listed earlier for downloading APK files without worries. Ensure you download from the right sources to avoid potential harm.

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