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American Truck Simulator Texas DLC is heading to space

The Texas DLC for American Truck Simulator will feature multiple cities that are major actors in the space travel business, and trucks are essential to its continued operation.

American Truck Simulator Texas DLC is heading to space- Most people would understand when you say “Houston, we have a problem” that you are referring to the notorious Apollo 13 mission. As Texas DLC for American Truck Simulator approaches, creator SCS Software has seized the chance to highlight the importance of the Lone Star State to the space sector by including a number of space-related locations and activities to undertake in the constantly expanding trucking game.

The Texas DLC for American Truck Simulator will include Houston’s well-known space center, the state’s largest metropolis, the developers reveal in the game’s most recent update article on Steam. The visitor center for the launch site, which showcases rockets used on significant NASA flights, is visible from the highway.

The SpaceX Starbase near Boca Chica, at the very southern tip of Texas, is represented in American Truck Simulator by “Starbay,” which you may also deliver construction supplies and employee supplies to. The developers point out that you can also see the bird reservation, which is the cause of numerous launch delays at the adjacent spaceport.

The article provides a number of screenshots that illustrate the brand-new structures and advertising that will be present in the Texas DLC when it is released. Although SCS Software hasn’t yet provided a release date for this state add-on, we’ll be prepared and on the road in our brand-new Western Star 57X when it does.

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