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Google will soon let Android users able to switch audio between cast devices

Users may soon be able to switch audio from their phones to cast devices on Android 13 devices thanks to a future release of the Google Cast SDK.

Android users able to switch audio- Google has been enhancing and introducing new features to Android’s notification tray over the past few years. The tech giant expanded the notification panel’s media playback controls with Android 11.

Soon after, a new function that made it simple for users to switch the audio to any device they wanted to play their media on was added to the notification panel’s media playback controller. However, consumers have only had the ability to choose between the speaker and any Bluetooth devices that are attached for years.

However, a blog post by Mishaal Rehman on Esper claims that things on Android 13-powered smartphones may soon change as a result of the most recent Google Cast SDK release. This suggests that customers may soon be able to move from Bluetooth earphones to a smart device that supports Google Cast.

For instance, you might be able to switch the audio from your phone to another device, such your TV, with just one click and without unlocking your phone while you are listening on it.

In case you were unaware, Google Cast was already supported by Android TVs, smart speakers, and smart displays. With Android 11, Google had implemented the feature, but for some reason, Android developers have reportedly turned it off by altering a flag in Google Play Services.

When activated, the feature gives each cast device a new radio button. By pressing the button, you can route the audio from your phone and add the cast device to the currently playing media session. However, it appears that the feature is still in testing and is at best buggy.

Additionally, app developers who want to add support for local-to-remote, remote-to-remote, as well as remote-to-local media transfers will need to update their applications and add support for the updated Google Cast SDK. While the characteristic is currently only available to a small number of developers, Google may make it available to the public in the near future.

Which device users to switch audio from phone to cast devices?

Android 13 devices

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