Power of Quiz Marketing in Online Strategies

Discover the power of quiz marketing in online strategies. Engage users, gather valuable insights, and boost your brand effectively.

Quiz marketing is a cool way for companies to connect with people online. It’s like a fun game that helps them learn about products or brands. Businesses use quizzes to talk to their customers, make more people know about them, learn important stuff, and get more sales or leads.

What is Quiz Marketing?

Quiz marketing is a helpful tool for doing research. It lets you ask questions to learn about things like products or marketing. These questions are made to be interesting and get useful feedback. Making a good quiz takes teamwork from different experts. For example, you might need people who know about marketing, society, and computers. They all work together to make questions that fit the project.

Types of Quiz Marketing

There are different types of quizzes used in marketing, each suitable for various purposes. Here are the main ones:

Direct Emails

  • Send quiz questions directly to your audience via email.
  • Gather data by asking specific questions.
  • Pros: Easy to use.
  • Cons: Results might not be very detailed.


  • Use surveys to collect lots of data.
  • Types:
    • Closed Questions: Limited answer choices.
    • Open Questions: Respondents can write their own answers.
  • Pros: Reliable results from a large sample.
  • Cons: It takes time and can be expensive.

Focus Groups

  • Small groups (10-15 people) discussing topics led by a moderator.
  • Get opinions on a brand, product, or service.
  • Pros: Encourages group discussion and interaction.
  • Cons: It can be complex to organize and may have biased results.

Mystery Shopping

  • Hire people to act as customers and provide feedback.
  • Find weak points in customer service and sales processes.
  • Pros: Offers specific and detailed insights.
  • Cons: Best for large, fast-moving businesses, not small ones.

These quiz types help you gather useful information and generate leads, enhancing your marketing efforts.

How to Use Quiz Marketing in Online Strategies

Using Quiz Marketing is a hidden but effective method.


These are very effective in generating leads, engaging audiences, and achieving various other marketing goals.

But just convincing you to use quiz advertising is not enough. I’ll help you show how to create an effective quiz, distribute it, and respond to it using marketing automation.

Finally, we will discuss some brands that have successfully incorporated quizzes into their marketing strategies. In this way, you will get important information to improve your efforts.

First of all, make your own quiz

There are more things about quizzes than what you are thinking. Believe it or not, six or five out of ten people read only the headline. This shows how important it is to make a strong first impact, right from the start with the title. Come on, let’s first discuss the title.

Choosing Quiz Titles and Types

Choosing the correct title and type of quiz is the first step in making a quiz. Once you look at the title, decide what type of quiz you want to make.

Check Out These Popular Quiz Titles:

Try this title trick: Adding the word “actually” can turn a simple question into a challenge. “How many famous places do you visit?” to “How many famous places do you actually visit?” Compare it with another and see the difference. Everyone likes a challenge, right?

Celebrity Personality” Title: This is your usual personality quiz, but with a new twist – celebrities! This change adds more excitement. People are more likely to pay attention to this because, believe me, everybody likes the impact of a damadji.

“Which (Blank) Matches Your Personality?” Title: This is a classic. We all want to see how much a Marvel superhero matches our personality, right? This is the only thing that we want to know.

Selecting a Quiz Type:

The quiz titles above may give you some ideas, but here are some more options to consider:

Personality Quiz: People like to hear nice things about themselves , and that is why personality quizzes are so effective. These people consider these people as personalities based on their reactions, which praises them. If you are a brand selling a product, you can use a personality quiz to come up with personalised product ideas based on people’s answers.

Knowledge Test: This test is an attempt to test people’s knowledge on a particular subject. You can ask your audience how much they know about your brand, its products, or current trending activities.

Making Quiz Questions

Now that you have got the basic idea of ​​what type of quiz you want to make and have also chosen its title, let us make the quiz. Now add questions to your quiz.

While making quiz questions keep these tips in mind:

  1. Infuse Personality: Add your personality to the quiz. Write as if you were addressing your audience. This will make them feel comfortable and they will be more excited to participate.
  2. Use Images: Only text questions are fine, but there is no harm in using images as well. The quiz seems more interesting and fun than pictures, like a trivia game.
  3. Keep It Short: People have short time span, so keep the quiz short. Set a target of 6 to 10 questions, which can be completed in two to three minutes.

Lead Capture Design: Do’s and Don’ts

Now that your quiz questions are ready, it’s time to create a lead capture form. Its goal is to collect contact information so that your email list can grow. Here are some helpful tips:

Do: Incentivize Your Lead Capture Form

  • Give your audience some way to give them their contact information.
    – Offer incentives like a free eBook, giveaway entry, or updates to your brand.

Don’t: Ask For Information You Won’t Use

  • Only ask for information that you would actually use, such as name and email address.
  • Do not ask for unnecessary details that could confuse your audience.

Do: Be Honest About Your Marketing Strategy

  • Tell your audience that you will contact them after giving them their information.
  • Be clear about your intentions, for example: “We will contact you soon with updates and offers!”

Making Shareable Results

This is the moment your audience is waiting for impatiently. You have to ensure that your results are something they will like and want to share with others. Creating share-worthy results should be your main objective.

Here are some tips to help you create share-worthy results:

Truth and Positiveness

  • Positive emotions inspire sharing, so make your results encouraging and encouraging.
  • Keep the truth in your results. Don’t misrepresent your audience.

Use share-worthy images

  • Use pictures just like questions in your examinations.
  • Choose interesting and attractive pictures that people will share on social media.

Create a Call-To-Action

  • Don’t let the interaction end with the result.
    – Include a call-to-action, like a link to your website or a recommendation for personalized products.

Secondly Publicizing your quiz

Now it is time to publicize your quiz on social media. Your main platforms will probably be Facebook and Twitter, but for an added boost you can also consider paid advertising on Facebook.

Share your quiz on Facebook and Twitter

When sharing your quiz, remember:

Use an attractive picture that highlights your quiz.

Create an attractive headline for your quiz.

Share both the picture and headline with a small link so that the results can be tracked.

Don’t be afraid to use a paid ad on Facebook

Using a paid ad on Facebook can be a great way to promote your quiz. Here is a simple description you can start with:

Choosing Your Target Audience

  • Choose your target audience based on location, tribe, behavior, and connection.
  • You can limit the location to country, state/province, city, and ZIP code.
    -Make your audience parameters compatible with your brand goals and target market.

Create a Custom Audience

  • Create a custom audience by uploading ideas from past customers or contacts.
    – Facebook will generate an audience of people based on the ideas you have presented, which will help your brand reach people who are already familiar with it.

Thirdly, Marketing Automation Analysis

Now it is time to implement marketing automation on the leads collected by you. This part can seem scary, but with the right improvements, it can be easier than you think.

Step 1: Thank your audience

  • Whenever someone opts in, send them a small email thanking them for taking the quiz.
  • It reminds them of their interaction with your brand and establishes the dialogue of age.

Step 2: Encourage them to take the quiz again

  • After a few days, remind your audience about their quiz results and suggest they take the quiz again and get different results.
  • It keeps them engaged and perhaps even inspires them to share their new findings with others.

Step 3: Build Trust

  • About a week later, present testimonials or case studies to build trust with your leads.
  • Delivering a hands-on experience with your brand makes them feel more comfortable and familiar with you.

Step 4: Convert leads to customers

  • After two weeks, now is the time to convert those leads to paying customers.
  • Encourage them to buy by offering incentives like webinars, coupons, or giveaways.

Most of the work is being done through these automatic commands, now all you have to do is close the business and convert those leads into loyal customers.

And Finally, Examples of Quiz Use in the Industry

Let’s see how different brands in different industries have incorporated quizzes into their marketing strategies. These examples may inspire you to consider quizzes in your marketing efforts.

Software: Cloud Sherpas
Cloud Sherpas, a cloud advisory company, used the quiz to evaluate individual qualifications. His quiz, which was promoted on Facebook, brought 3-4 high-quality leads daily.

Retail: Z Gallerie
Z Gallerie, a retailer of furnishings and accessories, has asked the quiz “What is your Z Gallerie Style Personality?” made. This personal quiz provides recommendations of scientific products, generating huge number of leads daily.

Marketing: The Foundation
The Foundation, a business development focussed organization, has asked the quiz “Do You Have An Entrepreneurial Mind?” which was used. This quiz, combined with a Facebook advertising campaign, significantly reduced their per lead cost and generated over 16,000 leads and serious revenue.

These examples show the effectiveness and impact of using quizzes in different industries, which show their potential in increasing their collection, generating leads and increasing awareness.


Have you ever thought that using quiz marketing strategy could be so effective? We have just talked about a lot, but hope you have learned a lot from this.

So, for a recap, we understood Quiz marketing, types of quiz marketing, whole quiz making process, so now you must have known how to make your own quiz. Publishing your quiz will certainly be a test, but as you generate those leads you’ll know how to follow them through to conversion.

So don’t let the quizzes go under your radar for any longer; Use them in your marketing strategy and see how far your brand can grow.

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