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Smartphone too hot to handle? How to keep iPhone, Android phone from overheating in summer weather

Smartphone too hot to handle? How to keep iPhone, Android phone from overheating in summer weather. People don’t just get hot and bothered in extreme heat. They can impact both our Android and iPhone devices.

Due to the Northeast’s near-record-high temperatures on Sunday, excessive heat warnings were issued for millions of Americans residing there.

On Sunday, the peak temperature in both Boston and Philadelphia, which both hit 99 degrees, shattered records for day heat.

Utilizing an iPhone or Android outside can put strain on the gadget, prompting it to shut off if it becomes too hot.

How to cool your phone

Follow these instructions to cool down an overheated phone so it can function once more:

Shut off your phone

Not the most practical option, particularly if you need your phone right then. Giving your phone a power break, though, might aid in cooling it.

Get it out of the sun

Move your phone into the shade if it is in the sun. Take it outside if it’s in your car since a hot automobile’s temperature can rise fast.

Remove the casing

Your phone’s case coming off could be helpful.

Avoid activities that increase the heat

Your phone will warm up more rapidly if you stream videos, play games with plenty of graphics, or use GPS-dependent navigation apps, among other things.

Take a Break from charging

While it tries to cool, unplug your phone or take it off of a wireless charging station.

How do I know if my smartphone is heating up?

When your iPhone or Galaxy phone starts to grow too hot, it will start to display warning signs.

When the device exceeds heat thresholds, Samsung warns that “access to some features/functions may briefly freeze as a means to protect the device.”

Apple announced various changes to the iPhone, including slower charging, darker screens, and the removal of the flashlight and picture flash.

Your phone will notify you when it becomes too hot and that it must cool down before you can use it again. You may still call for help during that period on both Galaxy and iPhone devices.

What causes your phone to warm up?

The Galaxy range of smartphones from Samsung as well as the iPhone are designed to function at temperatures ranging from 32 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using your iPhone in extreme heat “may permanently degrade battery life,” according to Apple.

It should come as no surprise that hot weather has a big impact on how heated your phone becomes. Your phone heats up more quickly in hotter environments, such as those found in your pocket, automobile, or locations in direct sunlight.

Your smartphone may become a little warm when being charged, whether wirelessly or with a cable.

Your phone will heat up if you use apps or games that tax its processing power or graphics, as well as if you utilize GPS or high-definition video.

How do I make my phone heat less?

The majority of the time, whether an iPhone overheats or an Android smartphone, lowering the screen’s brightness and instantly disabling GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi—even switching to aeroplane mode—will assist minimise the device’s energy requirements. Don’t ever place an overheated phone in the freezer or refrigerator.

Are phone coolers worth it?

Despite this, it truly functions for me. Although my “test,” which I freely acknowledge was not scientific and in no way keeps the phone at a very low temperature, did make a difference, The rear pad of the phone clearly cools down after a few seconds of activation, and when removed, it leaves a cool mark.

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