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Best VPN For iPhone

We were particularly eager to learn which is best VPN for iPhones because of this. We’ll go over what we discovered and how to make sure that stay protected while using the Internet and best VPN for iPhone.

Comparing the Best VPN for iPhone

FeaturesNordVPNSurfsharkPrivate Internet Access VPNExpressVPNIPVanishProtonVPNCyberGhost
Ratings9.7/10 Best overall9.5/10 Best for Netflix9.4/10 Best value9.1/10 Best user experience9.3/10 Best encryption8.8/10 Best for multiple Apple products8.9/10 Best for Torrenting
Minimum Monthly Costs$3.99$2.49$2.19$6.67$3.99$0$2.29
Contract Length1 to 24 months1 to 24 months1 to 24 months1 to 12 months1 to 12 months1 to 24 months1 to 36 months
IP AdressesDedicated, staticDedicated, staticDedicated, dynamicDynamicDynamicSharedStatic, shared
Five Eyes, Nine, Eyes and 14 Eyes memberNoNoYesNoYesNoNo

Best VPN For iPhone

NordVPN – Best Overall

The popular VPN choice NordVPN is also available for the iPhone and is the best VPN for iPhone. It provides an excellent mix of double-VPN and AES-256 encryption, which means that our data was encrypted over several servers.

Additionally, NordVPN gave us a separate IP address so that we wouldn’t have to share one with other users who might be doing bad things.

In the end, NordVPN succeeded in doing exactly what VPN iOS are designed to do: protect our online privacy.

  • Strong Encryption

Our online traffic was encrypted across many servers thanks to NordVPN’s use of multi-hop encryption. This was really helpful, especially if our work involved conducting sensitive research or engaging in a private online activity, as VPNs typically only encrypt our traffic through one server.

  • Minimal Logging

Although NordVPN recorded our email and payment details, it did not record the dates or times we used its VPN, how long we used it for, the servers we used, the websites we visited, or any files we downloaded. Hallelujah!

  • Located in Panama

Since NordVPN is based in Panama, they are not a member of any global surveillance coalitions. As a result, it is even more enticing to us in terms of privacy, and we can rest easier knowing that they will never be compelled to disclose our information.

high-quality customer servicekill switch in iOS doesn’t shut off all apps
Torrenting is acceptedNo split tunneling
strict logging standardsIP address statics
robust encryptioninadequate client service

Surfshark – Best for Netflix

Since NordVPN is based in Panama, they are not a member of any global surveillance coalitions. As a result, it is even more enticing to us in terms of privacy, and we can rest easier knowing that they will never be compelled to disclose our information.

Our IP addresses were concealed and our internet traffic was encrypted as soon as the Surfshark iOS app was downloaded onto our iPhones. The iOS app has a 4.4-star rating, which suggests that other Surfshark users share our opinion.

  • Netflix and Chill

Do you think it’s strange that we watch whole movies on our iPhones? You must find a way to pass the time throughout your commute! Since Netflix restricts numerous VPN IP addresses, we were pleasantly surprised when we entered Netflix while connected to Surfshark.

We used Surfshark on Prime Video, Hulu, and other prominent streaming providers after we ran out of content on Netflix. Surfshark is fantastic for amusement in addition to general security.

  • AES-256

AES-256 bit encryption is secure if the United States military certifies it to be so. Currently, it’s the industry standard and how Surfshark conceals our web activity and private IP addresses from view. Congratulations to Surfshark for doing their research!

  • Low Prices

We only signed up for Surfshark on a month-to-month basis, but we would have done so for a full year if we had needed a longer subscription. The cost of the annual subscription is $47.88, or $3.99 per month if we average the price. Even better, we could have committed for two years and paid just $2.49 a month, which would have totaled $59.76 in total. Basically, it pays to commit with Surfshark.

Netflix, Prime Video, and other streaming servicesSometimes difficult to connect
Five Eyes non-memberNo phone support is available
Split tunnelingsomewhat expensive monthly plan
TorrentingOnly students are eligible for the ongoing 15% discount.
Best VPN for iPhone (2)

Private Internet Access VPN – Best Value

The cost of Private Internet Access in comparison to the level of privacy and online security it offers stands out the most. The subscriptions offered by PIA offer both essential and optional features, with prices starting at just $2.19 per month.

A kill switch, split tunneling (which iOS does not support), strong encryption, and VPN protocols are some of its key features. Additionally, it features a plethora of helpful options, including port forwarding, IPv6 leak blocking, and VPN sleep.

  • Network Customizations

The majority of iOS VPNs do not offer as many network tweaking options as PIA. You can select between the OpenVPN and WireGuard VPN protocols, alter the data encryption level, specify which local ports to utilize, modify your DNS settings, and a ton more. We’ve been using iPhones for a while and were eager to access as many VPN modifications as Android users often do; PIA provided us with exactly that.

  • User-Friendly

It stands to reason that not everyone wants to fiddle with network settings. Some people only want a straightforward VPN that can unblock websites that are geo-restricted or conceal their online activity. If so, you’ll value the simple navigation of PIA’s app.

In only two easy actions, the programme can connect you to the VPN: Launch the application first, then tap the sizable power symbol. Even though PIA isn’t the ideal VPN, iPhone users should consider it as one of their top choices.

24/7 live chat supportOn iOS, split tunneling is absent
Minimal loggingFor the best costs, a long-term (three-year) subscription is necessary.
Seven-day free trial on iOSThe iOS app has previously experienced persistent connection troubles.
Consistently good app ratingsoriginating in the US

ExpressVPN – Best User Experience

ExpressVPN was the leading contender for VPNs for iPhones because of its little logging, fast speeds, and split tunneling. Additionally, we were pleased with its app reviews and Netflix accessibility.

  • Rotating IP addresses

The IP address we used to access ExpressVPN changed each time we connected. This makes it considerably more difficult for hackers or other surveillance agencies to find us.

  • Headquartered in British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands serve as the headquarters of ExpressVPN. That’s a significant benefit because that implies it’s not under the jurisdiction of the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or 14 Eyes and cannot be compelled to provide the government access to logged data.

Just so you know, the British Virgin Islands are officially a territory of the UK, but as they have their own government, they are exempt from the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes agreements.

  • Split Tunneling

We could still leave ExpressVPN connected if we needed to switch between the public and private networks because it lets us to use both connections at once. This allowed us to surf freely and safely without having to pay attention to what was on or off at any one time, which was quite helpful.

Netflix accessmore expensive than rivals
Stellar app ratingsonly allows five devices to be connected at once
Outside of Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes territoriesThere is no customer service phone number
Over 2,000 servers in 148 locationsOn a Mac, slow

IPVanish – Best Encryption

We were able to connect up to ten devices simultaneously with IPVanish, and it completely satisfied our torrenting requirements. We had quick Internet access wherever we chose because servers were widely available. Even though IPVanish price was a little higher than typical, in our opinion, it was still worth it.

  • Impressive Customer Service

A comprehensive online FAQ section, email assistance, live chat help available around-the-clock, and even a phone number are all available from IPVanish. We can tell a VPN takes customer support seriously when they provide a phone number. They responded quickly when we emailed them to inquire about their IP addresses.

  • Highly Rated in App Store

Since we frequently utilize public Wi-Fi when out and about in New York City or stopping to work at our favourite coffee shop, the IPVanish iOS app’s ease of use is crucial. We’re not the only ones who like the app; it has a 4.5-star rating from over 45,000 reviews in the app store.

  • Global Coverage

With servers spread over more than 75 locations, IPVanish has more than 40,000 IP addresses. Knowing that our Internet will continue to be quick and secure no matter where we are makes us happy all the time.

Split tunnelingHas shared customer logs in the past
Can connect 10 devices at onceU.S. based
Fast downloading speedNetflix doesn’t always work
Ability to torrentSlow on Windows

ProtonVPN – Best for Torrenting

Whether we were trying to watch Netflix or simply ensure that our browsing was secure, ProtonVPN serviced us well. We always found ourselves with a fast connection and didn’t have to worry about too much of our data being collected because they have 560 servers spread over more than 40 countries and are situated in Switzerland.

  • Kill Switch

Among the features of ProtonVPN is a kill switch. This would have been useful in the event that the VPN had briefly disconnected while we were torrenting large files. The kill switch would automatically stop all of our web traffic, protecting us from our behavior being seen by our Internet Service Provider and perhaps getting us into trouble.

  • Minimal Logging

Our web browsing activity was not recorded by ProtonVPN, which only kept records of things like our email addresses and payment details. Furthermore, ProtonVPN provided transparency reports so that we could see exactly what they were monitoring.

  • Torrenting Permitted

With either a Basic or Plus membership from ProtonVPN, torrenting is permitted. When we chose the Plus tier, we were able to stream content quite quickly on Windows, which made binge-watching our favourite shows a wonderful experience. Additionally, their servers are made exclusively for downloading P2P files.

No data loggingconfusing price ranges
Torrenting permittedCustomer support is scarce
Based in Switzerlandshared IP addresses with other users
Kill switchsluggish on Macs
Best VPN for iPhone (1)

 CyberGhost – Best Customer Support

CyberGhost is a fantastic, reasonably priced solution that provided us with useful services like Netflix access and first-rate customer service. We were never without a quick, secure connection thanks to their 5,500 servers spread across 90 nations, and since their headquarters are in Romania, we never had to worry about our information being given to the government.

  • Affordability

We had the option of selecting a $12.99 monthly recurring subscription. A year of service would have cost us only $51.48, or around $4.29 per month.

The monthly fee decreases with the length of the membership. Additionally, there are two-year and three-year options, the latter of which includes three months of free service. The cost of the two-year plan is $78 ($3,25/month), while the cost of the three-year plan is $89.31 ($2,29/month).

  • Strong Customer Service

Despite not having a phone number, CyberGhost’s live chat was very attentive when we contacted them to inquire about torrenting. The majority of the information we required was quickly discovered by searching their database of commonly asked questions.

  • Netflix Access

For us, Netflix is a way of life, so we appreciate it when we have unlimited access to browse and stream. One problem was that we couldn’t access some UK content without spending more money. We did, however, also use Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, ESPN, and Crunchyroll, so all in all, we were satisfied with the available streaming options.

Great Customer supportNo split tunneling
AffordabilitySlow on Windows
Non-member to Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 EyesStatic IP addresses
Servers across the globeLogging policy


Apple is well known for investing significantly more time and energy into protecting user data than Google and Android, but when you start browsing the web, those built-in security measures are completely useless. This is where an iPhone VPN comes in.

The finest VPNs protect your data and aid in increasing the anonymity of your online activity, but a VPN for iPhones is more than just a privacy tool. If you enjoy streaming during your commute, you’ll have access to special stuff on foreign Netflix libraries. It can also let you get around any content limitations placed on public transportation Wi-Fi.

People May Ask

Q- Does my iPhone need a VPN?

A- Yes, while using public Wi-Fi networks on your iPhone, a VPN is required. A VPN works the same way on a mobile device as it does on a desktop or laptop: it establishes a secret, encrypted tunnel between our iPhones and open Wi-Fi networks. Compared to connecting to a public network directly, this enables us to access the Internet discreetly and securely.

Q- On my iPhone, how do I install a VPN?

A- You only need to visit the app store, conduct a search for the VPN you’ve chosen, then download the software to your iPhone to acquire a VPN. After downloading and launching the app, you will be prompted to to choose a payment schedule. To accommodate everyone’s needs and finances, the majority of VPNs offer at least a few options in terms of pricing and contract length. Simply sign in using your username and password on the iOS app after selecting a subscription, providing your payment information, and clicking the “buy” button.

Q- Can someone monitor me if I use a VPN?

A- If we are connected to a VPN, we are typically not traced. Our web traffic is hidden by VPNs, and many of them also change our genuine IP address for a fake one. Some people even go above and above to rotate the new IP address. Some businesses, on the other hand, would preserve information like the types of devices we used when connecting to the VPN as well as our genuine IP addresses. Because information like that might be used to monitor us, it’s crucial to carefully review a VPN’s privacy policy.

Q- Does a VPN cost money?

A- Most likely, you will need to pay for a VPN. Although a few businesses provide free solutions with limited capabilities, it’s not extremely widespread. The good news is that most businesses will provide a free trial or money-back guarantee period during which you can request a return if you’re unhappy with your purchase.

Q- Is using a VPN safe for my data?

A- Your information is protected with a VPN in general, while some are more reliable than others, depending on the VPN. We frequently favor businesses with headquarters in non-member nations of the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes international monitoring alliances. If a If a corporation is subject to the jurisdiction of these partnerships, the government may demand that they turn over user data. We give preference to VPNs with the strictest logging regulations and carefully review privacy policies to ensure sure nothing is buried in the small print.

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