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How To Delete Apple Pay History?

Step by step guide about How To Delete Apple Pay History? Apple Pay is used by Apple users to send or receive payments. The platform records all transaction history. However, you cannot remove your Apple Pay history.

By deleting bank cards, you can still get rid of the full history. The Apple Pay transactions can also be disabled so that they are not recorded in the transaction history.

How To Delete Apple Pay History?

Here is steps to delete Apple Pay History-

Step 1: Open Apple Pay Wallet.

Step 2: Tap on Bank card

Step 3: Select the Which one you want to delete Apple Pay History

Step 3: Tap on Three Dots located at upper right corner

Step 4: Tap on transaction for transaction history

Step 5: Click on Apple Pay Activity for checking statement from your card issuer.

Step 6: Look device acc. number and last four digits of the cards that were issued to the merchant.

Step 7: Modify the billing address.

Step 7: Remove the card which you want to remove from wallet.

When you remove the card all history will be removed.

What is the reason behind Apple Pay Transaction History missing

When we pay with Apple pay for online or offline our history get saved. But some of Apple Users complaint about their missing transaction history From Apple Pay App. Here is Reason Behind missing Transaction History.

1. Behind missing Transaction History is Removal of card from Apple Pay after payment. So your Transaction history get deleted after removal of bank card.

2. If your transaction history on Apple pay setting is off.

Can you Hide Apple Pay Transaction?

Yes, You can hide your Apple Pay Transaction. Here is a steps to hide Apple Pay Transaction

Step 1: Open your Apple Pay wallet

Step 2: Click on bank card which you want to hide Apple pay transaction.

Step 3: Tap on More option (Three Dots).

Step 4: Tap on transaction to check history.

Step 5: Tap on turn off Transaction History.

Why can’t I delete Apple Pay history?

No, you can’t delete your Apple Pay History because of safety concern. Still You want to delete it then delete your current Account and all these history related to that bank card.

What to do with Apple Pay transaction if my iPhone is stolen or lost?

If you switched on Find my iPhone App, then you can secure your iPhone.

Remove Your Bank card From Mac or Pc

Step 1: Log in to Apple ID account.

Step 2: On Devices section, tap on lost iPhone.

Step 3: Now you can see list of bank cards,

Step 4: Tap on Remove all.

Remove your cards on another iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

Step 1: Open Settings

Step 2: Then click on [your name],

Step 3: Click on the lost iPhone,

Step 4: Then Click on Remove All Cards.

Contact issuers of your bank cards.

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