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How to Fix Gold Camo Not Unlocking in MW2

Are you looking for how to Fix Gold Camo Not Unlocking in MW2. Here is step by step guide on it. Players of MW2 are unable to put gold camo on their weapons due to a number of flaws.

It takes a lot of work to get a rifle to gold camo, thus being unable to equip it will be annoying.

Every console’s MW2 gamers are seeing different issues while trying to use their gold camo on the battlefield!

Fortunately, there are instant patches for all known gold camo bugs!

Why Can’t You Equip or Unlock Gold Camo in MW2?

In MW2, a bug prevents users from obtaining or using the gold camouflage.

Players are unable to hover over their mastery camos on PC due to a bug. Even after finishing all of the base camo tasks on the console, the gold camo does not open.

Although there are remedies for the problems gamers are having, Infinity Ward has not yet addressed them.

How to Equip Gold Camo on PC MW2

On a PC, you must perform the following in order to equip gold camo:

  1. Choose a basic camo that has previously been unlocked.
  2. WASD or the arrow keys can be used to navigate to the gold camouflage.
  3. To equip the gold camouflage, press the space bar while you are hovering over it.

To choose your gold camo, you may also put in a controller.

How to Fix Gold Camo Not Unlocking in MW2

You must confirm that you have successfully completed all of the base weapon camo challenges in order to unlock the gold camo.

The fifth challenge, which asks you to “Get 3 kills without dying 10 times,” becomes available once you finish the first four.

Once you’ve finished the four basic camo challenges, hover your cursor over the gold camo to see this challenge!

Players may be interested in learning how to acquire mastery camos in MW2 because the new mechanism for doing so differs significantly from that in prior Call of Duty games.

Additionally, there is a recently found quick technique in MW2 to level up your weapon and unlock camos!

How do you get Gold guns in MW2?

Gold camo in MW2 may be unlocked by:

  1. Unlock and finish the Base Camo Challenges for each weapon.
  2. As you level up a weapon, Base Camo Challenges become accessible.
  3. The Gold Camo Challenge will show up after they are all finished.
  4. To unlock the gold skin for that weapon, complete the Gold Camo Challenge.

How do you get Gold camo in mw3?

Complete all 100 camouflage tasks for a weapon to unlock it.

How to get Gold in MW2 2022?

In Modern Warfare 2, players must accomplish a series of basic camo challenges for each weapon in order to earn the Gold camo.

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