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Galaxy S22 Could Get The Samsung AMD Upgrade We’ve Been Waiting For


According to the newest claims from TheElec, certain S22 versions will contain the Samsung AMD upgrade that Android users have been expecting. There’s still a lot of people who do not even understand about Samsung’s next Galaxy S22 smartphone. What we do understand, on the other hand, appears to be expanding by the day.

According to the source, the Exynos 2200 SoC (system-on-a-chip) would be used in 20 of the industry’s 64 smartphones and tablets versions scheduled to be released in 2022. If such rumors are true, Samsung may be in a better position to achieve results akin to those seen in the iPhone 13 evaluations.

What The Samsung AMD Upgrade Means For Smartphones

For years, Samsung has used its own semiconductors in several of its phones. Despite possessing its own chipsets, Samsung began to depend significantly on Qualcomm.

For a long time, Samsung’s Exynos processors have been very comparable to Qualcomm’s. Meanwhile, in one crucial aspect, the technology giant’s chips have lagged behind: general graphics performance.

Samsung’s Exynos chips have used Mali GPUs in latest years. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoCs have depended just on Adreno GPU, which is substantially quicker. Adreno gives a smoother experience in many crucial areas, such as computer vision, due to its substantially higher rates. Many people participated seeing what Samsung’s relationship with Samsung AMD would bring to the table whenever it was introduced.

What the AMD upgrade by Samsung implies for smartphones Samsung AMD is among the most well-known computer animation corporations in the industry. Its graphics processing units (GPUs) can be used in millions of devices throughout the world.

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If the two companies were sufficient to convey the same amount of computing power to cellphones as PC GPUs, they could provide raytracing. Of course, transferring all of that processing capacity to a smaller processor isn’t simple, which is why so many people are watching Samsung & Samsung AMD seeing how this update goes.

Samsung stated about a year ago that it would collaborate with chip behemoth AMD. Both firms will collaborate to bring RDNA-based Radeon GPUs to cellphones as part of the deal.

This is a “multi-year strategic agreement” to create mobile GPU chipsets, according to the first release. After almost a year, it appears that the businesses are currently building RDNA-based Radeon GPU hardware. Both businesses appear to have benchmarked an initial form of their RDNA GPU, as per a new report. Let’s take a look at the alleged benchmark’s specifics and what they signify for Samsung AMD and even Qualcomm.

Samsung Will Still Use Qualcomm In Most Of Its 2022 Phones

While TheElec’s latest analysis is exciting, it’s also essential to keep your expectations in check. Samsung has agreements in place with businesses such as Qualcomm. As a result, it appears that the company’s CPUs will remain to be used in the majority of its handsets.

According to the rumor, Samsung will release 64 smartphone and tablets versions next year. In 31 of the 64 models, Qualcomm chipsets will be used. Exynos chips from Samsung will be available in 20 models, whereas MediaTek chips will be available in 14. Finally, 3 of the new devices will be powered by UNISOC.

Galaxy S22 Could Get The Samsung AMD Upgrade We’ve Been Waiting For

Even though the new Exynos 2200 offers the Samsung AMD improvement we’ve been waiting for, it’ll be a long time when it becomes the organization’s main processor.

Will The S22 Be Powered By An AMD Processor?

Samsung almost announced by the title that the Galaxy S22 will be the first phone to use AMD’s new GPU, and it looks like it’ll be a beast. A leaked evaluation of an Exynos CPU with an AMD GPU suggested significant improvements over today’s alternatives, even outperforming certain recent Apple phones.

Is Samsung In A Joint Venture With AMD?

People already know that Samsung is dealing with AMD on an Exynos CPU with RDNA 2 GPUs; people just don’t understand how large the entire slice of silicon will be or what phones it will go into. Despite that the Exynos 2100 is included in the Samsung Galaxy S21, the Exynos 2200 could be expected in the Samsung Galaxy S22.

Is Exynos A Product Of AMD?

The Exynos Graphics is code-named “Voyager EVT1” and uses an accessible AMD adapter to operate Vulkan 1.2.174. That might be intriguing, considering drivers are frequently responsible for Android phones’ short support cycles.

What CPU Can Compete With The A14 Bionic Chip?

Some critical data about the SoC have been released online prior to the official reveal. The Exynos x AMD SoC outperformed Apple’s A14 Bionic chip, along with a recent report. Let’s take a glance at the GPU performance test results for the Samsung Exynos Chip.

What’s The Difference Between Exynos And Snapdragon From Samsung?

Exynos chips are generally Octa-core chips, so even though Snapdragon chips are Quad-Core chips. Although Exynos CPUs get more chips, Snapdragon chips can be upgraded to reach substantially faster process efficiency. The Exynos is more suitable for daily use as well as provides faster application loading speed.


If leaked evaluations are to be accepted, Samsung and AMD appear to be working on a good solution for the upcoming Exynos modern smartphone. Samsung is also said to be evaluating a couple of other Exynos setups, and we could see the results as soon as the Galaxy S22 for Samsung AMD.

Samsung AMD really is in the PC market as a competitor to Intel’s Processor and Nvidia’s graphics behemoth. In the previous five years, the corporation has undergone a tremendous transformation, and it is now the driving force behind both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5.

Several stories and rumors surfaced last year claiming that Samsung is preparing a gaming smartphone. Samsung was also rumored to be developing its own GPU, although nothing official has been announced as of yet. There was no mention of a Samsung gaming cellphone or a graphics processor. This multi-year agreement with AMD will encompass AMD’s Radeon-based ultra-low-power, high-efficiency mobile GPUs. Samsung will essentially rent AMD’s GPU technology to use in its mobile devices.

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