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Learn Basics of Power BI Desktop. How it works?

Microsoft Power BI is a data analysis system that enables solutions for gathering, analysing, displaying, and sharing information to non – tech corporate users.

For customers who are experienced with Excel, Power BI’s interface is pretty straightforward, as well as its strong connectivity with other Windows computers make it an extremely adaptable identity tool with minimal initial training.

Small and medium scale business proprietors can use a free app of Power BI; a commercial version known as Power BI Plus is accessible for a monthly membership cost.

Users may install Power BI Desktop, a Windows 10 programme, as well as dedicated phone applications for Pc, Android, and iOS devices.

Power BI’s Most Typical Applications

Microsoft Power BI is being used to uncover insights from a company’s data. Power BI can assist link different data sources, convert and purify the information into a digital model, and visualise the data using charts and graphs. All this information may be distributed with some other Power BI users in the company.

Businesses may utilise the information models built by Power BI in a range of methods, include creating stories with charts and data visualisations and investigating “what if” possibilities within the data.

Power BI insights may also provide real-time answers to inquiries and assist with planning to ensure teams reach corporate objectives.

The Most Common Power BI Apps

Microsoft Power BI is being used to extract information from the company’s information. Power BI can help you connect several sources of data, transform & filter data into a virtual representation, and display information with graphs and charts. All of this data might be shared with these other Power BI customers in the firm.

Businesses may use Power BI’s data models in a variety of ways, including producing stories using charts and data visual representations and researching “what if” scenarios within the data.

Power BI analytics may also help teams meet company goals by providing real-time responses to questions and assisting with preparation.

Power BI’s Main Features

Since its creation, Microsoft has introduced a variety of data analytics techniques to Power BI, and it remains to do so. The following are some of the most essential features:

Artificial Intelligence

Users may use Power BI to leverage facial recognition and text analytics, develop predictive models with automatic machine learning technologies, and interface with Azure Computer Vision.

Power BI

Hybrid Deployment Support

Designed connectors enable Power Bi applications to interact with such a range of data source including Microsoft, Salesforce, as well as other suppliers.

Quick Insights

This tool generates random information groups and market research to them quickly.

Enable For The Typical Data Model

With Power BI’s compliance for the typical data format, you may utilise a standardised and expandable number of information formats (entities, attributes and relationships).

Cortana Integration

This function, which really is extremely popular on smart phones, enables users to apply Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant, to voice search queries and get answers.


This option enables programmers to alter the design of the system’s default visualisation and opportunity to reveal, as well as import new ones.

APIs for Integration

This component includes example code and app efficiency connectors (APIs) for integrating the Power into other applications.

Data Preparation As a Service

Industry experts can ingest, convert, connect, and enhance large data into the Power BI web application using Advanced Queries. Data that has been imported may be used in numerous Power BI products, analyses, and dashboards.

Modelling View

Users may partition complicated data models into different diagrams by topic area, multi select objects and specify common attributes, inspect and adjust properties in the properties pane, and configure display folders for easier consumption of complex data models using the modelling view.

Changes to Power BI Desktop

Power BI was previously known as Project Crescent, and that was released in July 2011 as part of the SQL Server Denali package.

It was changed its name Power BI & released as Power BI for Office 365 in September 2013. Microsoft introduced functionality throughout time, especially enterprise-level data plan & safety choices, depending on Excel characteristics such as Power Search, Power Pivot, and Power View. In July 2015, Power BI was introduced as a separate solution.

Learn Basics of Power BI Desktop. How it works? - 1

On a regular basis, Microsoft updates the Power BI programme with advanced features and enhancements. Users may acquire the upgrades by downloading the newest edition from the Power BI website, or by downloading Microsoft Power Bi from Microsoft Store for Windows 10.

Components of Power BI

Power BI is a set of programmes that may be utilised on a computer, as a cloud-based service, or on a smart phone. Power BI Desktop is for on-premises use, Power BI Services is for cloud use, and cellphone Power BI is for use on smart phones.

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Power BI’s many parts are designed to allow users to produce and exchange business insights in a manner that is suitable for their function.

Many Parts in Power BI Assist the User in Creating and Sharing Data Reports

Power QueryData mashup and transformation equipment
Power PivotMemory tabular data modeling equipment
Power ViewData visualization equipment
Power Map3D geospatial data visualization equipment
Power Q&AA natural language question and answering engine

The Work Flow in Power BI

Linking to information sources in Power BI Desktop and creating a report is a standard Power BI operation. The report is subsequently published to the Power Bi desktop & shared, allowing corporate users in the Power Bi desktop as well as on smart phones to access and engage with it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Power BI

Advantages of Power BIDisadvantages of Power BI’s
Reasonably priced and accessibleMany icons of options obstruct the view of the dashboard or report.
Custom visualisations are available in a wide variety of formats.If there are several linkages between tables, Power BI may not be able to manage them adequately.
You have the option of uploading and seeing your data in Excel.Power BI doesn’t provide a lot of choices for customising your visuals to meet your needs.
Data may be imported from a variety of sources.Sometimes your formulae in Power BI work, and sometimes they don’t.
Every month, Microsoft releases new versions of Power BI.If you want to import and use even more data, you’ll need to upgrade from the free edition to the premium version of Power BI.
Power BI reports and functionalities may be embedded or included in web-based or other programmes.It’s difficult to grasp and master.
Power BI can authenticate both on-premises and off-premises data sources.NA 
The work with is kept in a central area.NA 
Visualizations that are appealing, intuitive, and engagingNA


Power BI is a data analytics tool,” according to Microsoft, “that enables display data and share findings throughout organisation, or integrate in app or website.” The solution consists of multiple services and goods, and the worth and diversity come from combining the separate pieces and exploiting how they interact.

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