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Urgent Android alert: Millions targeted by nasty new threat

Urgent Android alert- Beware, Android users. A dangerous new kind of spyware that can seriously damage any phone has been discovered. Here are some warning signs and tips for avoiding being the next victim.

Urgent Android alert:

MaliBot, a dangerous new sort of malware that can breach a phone’s security and obtain alarming levels of access, is being cautioned about by security experts to Android users.

The issue, which was found by F5 Labs researchers, spreads via SMS text messages and is completely capable of attacking passwords, bank information, and access to cryptocurrencies from Android smartphones. But that’s just the beginning of it.

Malicious software is also able to capture whatever is on an Android display, read text messages, and bypass two-factor authentication (2FA). The latter is a major worry because 2FA is designed to offer an additional layer of protection that safeguards accounts and should prevent hackers from obtaining access even if they know your login and password.

Urgent Android alert

When 2FA is enabled, a special security code that serves as an alternate login will be texted to you. The new MailBot infection makes it feasible for cybercriminals to access this one-time pin number without your knowledge, posing a major hazard. It is practically impossible for them to do so.

There is one simple thing you does with your Android mobile right now to protect yourself from this attack.

Like previous threats, the MailBot malware is disseminated through unsolicited messages, in this case SMS texts. MailBot has attempted to send messages that direct users to phoney websites where they are urged to click on a link.

Just be cautious of any texts you receive from unfamiliar individuals asking you to click on links or visit unfamiliar websites to help maintain yourself secure from this serious malware menace.

Two malicious sites have been found propagating the malware, as per a report by ZDNet, one of which is a phoney website for a well-known bitcoin tracking tool with over a million installs on the Google Play Store.

Once a phone has been hacked, MailBot can utilize the phone to send messages to more numbers, further dispersing the malware.

As of now, experts have discovered that MailBot mostly targets customers of banks in Spain and Italy. But they issue a warning, saying that “as time passes, we can expect a wider spectrum of targets to be introduced to the app.”

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Other harmful software has recently been disseminated via texts besides MailBot.

The FluBot malware, which really is capable of stealing credit card information, returned to the UK earlier this year.

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