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How to Connect Xbox Controller to PC

It’s almost as simple how to connect Xbox controller to PC as it is to your console. How? Read on.

Despite having “Xbox” in its name, you are not required to pair the Xbox Wireless Gamepad with a console.

The controller pairs with Windows 10 as well, enabling wireless use with any PC game that is compatible. To begin using your Xbox gamepad with your PC, follow these steps.

Figure Out Which Xbox Controller You Own

To begin with, the Xbox Wireless Gamepad—now widely available—which came with the Xbox Series S/X is almost exactly like the controller for the Xbox One.

The processes for attaching them to your PC are the same, and they both support Bluetooth and Xbox wireless communication. Both gamepad generations can be used with these instructions.

The gamepads that came with the Xbox One S and later consoles have Xbox wireless connection and Bluetooth, in contrast to the original Xbox One controllers’ lack of wireless connectivity.

Both controllers can be used wirelessly with your PC, but the method is different and you’ll need a wireless dongle for the gamepads that aren’t Bluetooth.

The good news is that Bluetooth controllers have been manufactured for so long that there’s a strong possibility yours already has Bluetooth if you purchased it within the last four years.

Examine the plastic that surrounds the Guide button to see if your Xbox controller is Bluetooth-enabled or not. You have a Bluetooth gamepad if it is made of the same smooth plastic as the controller’s face and has no seams.

A non-Bluetooth gamepad has a seam between the Guide button and the controller’s face and is made of the same plastic as the bumper buttons.

It is an Xbox Series controller with Bluetooth if it features a small, rectangular Capture button between the Menu and View buttons and a USB-C port on the top rather than a micro USB port.

How to Connect Xbox Controller to PC With a Wired Connection

It’s really easy, but a physical wire is required to connect the controller to your PC. This is the procedure.

  • Depending on the controller version, insert one end of your USB-to-micro USB or USB-to-USB-C cable into the controller.
  • the other end into your computer
  • I’m done now! Under Windows 10, it will automatically configure itself and function with almost every PC game.

How to Connect Xbox Controller to PC With Bluetooth

Nearly identical to pairing it with your Xbox One or Xbox Series is linking the Xbox controller with your PC through Bluetooth.

The controller is turned on by pressing and holding the Guide button for three seconds, followed by three more seconds of holding the Pairing button.

The pairing mode is indicated by this. Hold the Pairing button on the system down if you’re pairing the controller with a console.

You must navigate through certain settings if you’re connecting the controller to a Windows 10 computer. If your PC lacks Bluetooth, you additionally require a Bluetooth USB dongle. Here is the entire procedure in detail:

  • To turn on the controller, hold down the Guide button.
  • When the Guide button starts to flash, hold the Pairing button for three seconds.
  • In the system tray, right-click the Bluetooth icon.
  • Go to “Add a Bluetooth Device” and click.
  • Select Bluetooth by clicking on “Add Bluetooth or other Device.”
  • Go to “Xbox Wireless Controller” and click. Wait until the Bluetooth menu indicates that the controller is connected and the Guide button is a solid white color.

You may now play the great majority of current games with controller support using your PC and the Xbox Wireless Gamepad.

Similar to Sony’s DualShock 4 and Dual Sense controllers, the gamepad’s headphone jack is not usable. Although you can use a wired gaming headset with a controller and the game system that goes with it, when it’s linked to a PC through Bluetooth, audio isn’t routed through the port.

How to Connect Xbox Controller to PC (1)

How to Connect Xbox Controller to PC With a USB Adapter

The Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 is required if you have an older Xbox One controller or simply wish to use your newer one with Microsoft’s exclusive wireless connection rather than Bluetooth (and receive headset connectivity).

It is a USB dongle made to connect to your Xbox gamepad without the use of Bluetooth or pairing procedures. Simply insert the dongle in and link your controller with it by pushing the pairing button on each device, exactly as you would when pairing your Xbox.

Compared to Bluetooth, this $25 adaptor offers certain advantages. To begin with, while Microsoft advises using just one controller at a time with Bluetooth, you may use up to eight gamepads simultaneously with the adapter. If you utilize the adapter, the headset jack is also activated and has options in the Xbox app for Windows 10.


Have you ever wondered how to connect an Xbox One controller to your computer? For some game genres, a keyboard and mouse is preferable, but some games function better with a controller.

Given that Microsoft manages both platforms, connecting an Xbox controller to a Windows PC is simple. Here’s How to Connect Xbox Controller to PC to play games; as the Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X controllers are essentially identical, this method also applies to both.

People May Ask

Q- Why is my Xbox controller not working with my computer?

A- Restart your controller to fix the problem: By pushing and holding the Xbox button for 6 seconds, you can turn off the controller. To turn the Xbox back on, press the button once more. Utilize an Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows or a USB cord to connect your controller to your computer.

Q- Why doesn’t my PC recognise my controller?

A- Due to an excess of plugged-in devices, Windows may occasionally fail to identify your gamepad. Check to see whether the problem still exists after disconnecting other plug-and-play devices. Additionally, if a USB hub is being used, be sure to unplug your gamepad from it and connect it straight to your PC.

Q- My Xbox controller won’t connect through USB; why?

A- Try pairing your controller with a USB cable if it won’t work with the buttons. Simply attach the other end of the cable to your controller and plug it into a USB port on your gaming console. Next, press and hold the Xbox button on your controller for a few seconds. Restart your console if this doesn’t resolve the issue.

Q- I’m not sure how to pair an Xbox One controller?

  • To turn it on, firmly press the Xbox button on your controller. To turn on the Xbox controller, locate the Xbox emblem button in the center and press and hold it.
  • Locate and click the sync button on your Xbox gaming system.
  • To sync, press the Xbox controller’s sync button.

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