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WhatsApp will soon let you keep disappearing messages even after they are gone

A feature that would let users keep disappearing messages long after they have really vanished is being developed by WhatsApp.

The fading messages will be viewable under chat details, under a new area named “Kept messages,” and everyone in the discussion will be able to read this, according to a WABetaInfo article.

In a particular group conversation, fading messages can be allowed; they cannot be “starred,” but they can be “saved.”

According to the source, WhatsApp is preparing to include the functionality along with some background information on it in the upcoming update to the WhatsApp Desktop beta. The movie’s release date is not yet known with certainty.

Additionally, WhatsApp will let group administrators control the functionality. As a result, there may be a privacy setting to deactivate the ability to save a message that disappears.

Another group chat feature WhatsApp is working on is the ability for users to secretly quit a group without informing anybody else but the moderators. But under “Past participants,” any member will be able to view the same thing.

Disappearing messages, which let users send messages but stop them from being preserved in the chat, are essentially a privacy tool. It’s possible that this will cause conflict. However, the feature under discussion may defeat that objective by enabling anybody to preserve a message that was meant to disappear.

WhatsApp last week unveiled a feature that enables users to have up to 32 people in a group conversation. Additionally, the company is releasing a variety of new features, such as WhatsApp groups, the ability to trade files up to 2GB in size, and more.

To start a voice call, users first open a chat window and click the call button in the upper right corner of the screen. Select the Plus icon at the top, then click the Call tab at the bottom. To begin a group voice call, select Start Group Call.

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