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How to Know if Someone Deleted You On Whatsapp

Learn the Signs: Identifying If You've Been Deleted on WhatsApp

The pain of losing a friend is something that everyone experiences at some time in their lives; the fact that it happened on Whatsapp doesn’t make it any less painful. You can notice whether if someone deleted you on Whatsapp, believe it or not, and all of these indications might provide you with a definite means to know.

How to Know if Someone Deleted Your WhatsApp Number

Firstly, Attempt to Send a Message

You can know whether someone has deleted you on WhatsApp by sending them a message. When you send someone a message, WhatsApp will provide you indicators that will tell you whether or not they erased you.

  1. Locate and open the WhatsApp application.
  2. Select CHATS at the top, where your tabs are situated. All active discussions, including group discussions, will be included below.
  3. Locate and pick the discussion that you believe was deleted by someone.
  4. Send a message, whatever or even an attachment will suffice. But here’s the catch: if you send a message in the discussion that isn’t delivered, there will simply be a single little tick to the right of the message.

Before you dispute it, keep in mind that it’s conceivable that the message was just not sent. Use a safe and secure net connection rather than your cellphone data to double-check.

All successful messages delivered to others in chats will have two checkmarks to the right of the message instead of one.

Secondly, Checking their Profile Picture

You may find out whether someone has erased or removed you on WhatsApp by looking at their profile image. If you don’t see their profile picture, it’s quite probable that you were erased from WhatsApp. Here’s how to find out:

  1. Find and open the WhatsApp application.
  2. Select CHATS at the top, where your tabs are situated. All active discussions, including group discussions, will be included below.
  3. Locate and pick the discussion that you believe was deleted by someone.
  4. Look for their profile photo in the upper left corner of the screen. If you don’t, and it has been changed with a grey figurehead, you were most likely erased from Whatsapp.

However, it is conceivable, although improbable, that WhatsApp is experiencing a brief outage. Restart the Whatsapp application and repeat Steps 1 through 3. It’s also conceivable, though uncommon, that they changed their profile image. Using their profile photo to see whether they deleted you isn’t the greatest approach to find out because people change their profile pictures all the time.

Thirdly, Verifying Their Contact Info

Whatsapp allows you to create status updates. If you’ve been removed by someone on Whatsapp, you won’t be able to check their status. The same may be stated if you’re not in their contacts, which is another indication that you’ve been erased on Whatsapp. If you were in that person’s contacts and now you can’t view their status, you were most likely erased from Whatsapp.

  • Find and open the WhatsApp application.
  • Select CHATS at the top, where your tabs are situated. All active discussions, including group discussions, will be included below.
  • Locate and pick the discussion that you believe was deleted by someone.
  • Click on the person’s name in the top left corner of the screen. You’ll access their contact information. If there is no extra information that was previously present, you have most likely been erased from Whatsapp.

Verify Their Last Seen Information

You won’t be able to access someone’s Last Seen information if they removed and banned you on WhatsApp. The last seen information lets you to see when someone was last seen and whatsapp, and if the person you suspect deleted you always had this on, and it suddenly isn’t there, it’s possible they erased your number and banned you. Using this strategy in conjunction with the others is a smart way to find out whether someone erased you on WhatsApp.

Inquiring with a Friend of a Friend

If you are aware of a recent disagreement, do not apply this method. Being combative with the removed person’s friends can only lead to difficulties. If they want to erase you from WhatsApp, they’ll delete you from WhatsApp. It’s better to obey their wishes than to argue with them.

It’s conceivable, though, that the other person just deleted Whatsapp and hasn’t revealed it to you yet or hasn’t had the time. Simply phoning them or contacting a common acquaintance can help clear the air and prevent a conflict.

Steps to Know if someone deleted you on WhatsApp on Android

  1. Start WhatsApp Messenger on your mobile device. WhatsApp’s icon is a green speaking bubble with a white telephone within.
  2. Select the chats tab. If WhatsApp opens in a new tab, hit chats on the top navigation panel to view a listing of all your current personal and group discussions.
    If WhatsApp initiates a discussion, return to chats by tapping the back button in the upper-left corner of your screen.
  3. Scroll down and click on one of the conversations. Find your communication with the person you believe has blocked you and touch on it to open it in full screen.
  4. Send your contact a chat message. Type a message or choose a file to send to a contact in the chat discussion.
  5. Check the box next to your message. Your communications will not be distributed to your contact if they have blocked you. Instead of two tick marks, you will only see one grey tick mark underneath your message in the chat.
    Seeing only one check mark does not necessarily indicate that you are blocked. Because to poor mobile service, your messages may not be delivered. If you are unsure, you can verify the tick mark again later to determine if your message was delivered with such a delay, or send a fresh message. If you are banned, your contact will never get your communications, even if they subsequently unblock you.
  6. Take a look at your contact’s profile photo. If you’ve been blocked, a grey icon will appear next to your contact’s name at the top of the discussion instead of their profile photo.
    Any WhatsApp user can opt not to use a profile image or remove one they already have. If you’re blocked, you’ll always see the figurehead emblem, but it doesn’t necessarily imply you’re blocked when you see the figurehead rather than a photo.
  7. Verify your contact’s last seen information. You can’t view your contact’s last seen information below their name at the beginning of the discussion if you’re blocked. There will be no more information about their online timings next to their photo or below their name. Any WhatsApp user may disable their last seen and/or online information by going to Settings. You will never view your contact’s last seen information if you are blocked, but this does not always imply that you are blocked.
  8. When you see your pal, ask them whether they’ve blocked you. The only definite way to find out whether a contact has blocked you is to ask them. Otherwise, you won’t be able to tell whether you’ve been blocked.

Can I text someone if they have deleted my number?

Yes, you can SMS someone who has removed you. You may send them a message if you have their mobile number saved in your list of contacts. They will not get the txt if they do not have your phone number saved in their list of contacts.

Why would he delete my number?

He could have removed your number because he bought a new phone and wanted to start cleaning. It’s also conceivable that he erased your number since you and him had a falling out. If you have recently communicated with him, you should inquire as to the cause.

What happens when you delete someones number?

If you delete someone’s phone number, they will receive notification that their contact has been deleted. They will also be able to view the date and time of deletion.

Is it possible to erase someone from WhatsApp without them knowing?

Yes, it is possible to erase someone from WhatsApp without their knowledge. You must first erase the person’s contact from your phone’s address book before removing them from your WhatsApp contacts list.

Can someone still see my WhatsApp status even when I erased his or her phone number?

Someone may only view your WhatsApp status if they have your phone number preserved in their contact list. If you erase the person’s phone number, they will no longer be able to read your WhatsApp status unless they have stored it somewhere else or you have given them a new phone number.

How do you permanently delete someone’s number?

You may permanently erase someone’s phone number from your phone by going into the contact and removing the number.


WhatsApp is one of the few apps that lets you choose who may contact you and see the information you share. It is also one of the few applications that allows you to choose who may contact you or see the details you provide. WhatsApp now divides its privacy settings into three categories: Everyone, My Contacts, and No One. By customizing this feature, you may restrict access to your Last Seen, Profile Picture, as well as Status on the messaging platform.

People May Ask

Inquiring with the person you believe deleted your whatsApp phone number

Another simple technique to find out whether someone has erased your WhatsApp number is to just ask them. When someone deletes your number, it is generally from their phone’s contacts programme, which translates into WhatsApp. To find out whether they’ve erased you, just send them a message on Whatsapp asking if they’ve deleted you.

What Will I See If Someone Deletes Me on WhatsApp?

When you deactivate a WhatsApp contact from your conversation list, their phone number replaces their name. The same restrictions apply to WhatsApp groups where you and the deleted contact are both members. If you delete a discussion with a deleted contact, you won’t be able to reach them again unless you remember their phone number. If someone deletes you from their WhatsApp, you will no longer be able to view their status updates or profile picture, depending on their preferences.

Can You See Their Status If Someone Deletes You on WhatsApp?

Your status updates will be accessible to them only if you have their phone number saved in your device’s address book and they have your mobile number saved as well. You may choose to share your status updates with all of your contacts or just a subset of them.
If you are unable to see the status updates, your phone number may have been deleted unless they have set their visibility to “My Contacts” in their options. Deleted numbers from an user’s contact list block you from seeing their personal details, like their profile photo, status message, and last saw time. As a result, you will be unable to claim that you were removed from their contact list owing to a configuration error.

Am I Blocked Or Deleted on WhatsApp?

Even if you erase their cellphone from your contacts list, they may still send you messages on WhatsApp as well as check your profile, status, and the last seen. Meanwhile, whether they are blocked, users will no longer be able to communicate you or read anything related to your account.
Once you are blocked, you are unable to:
View the last seen – This is a message that is refreshed each time the user logs into WhatsApp, and it also shows the date and time the person last used the service to assist you in locating the individual. If you’re not seeing one, it’s possible that you’ve been banned — although it is also possible that the person just removed the function from their account.
Your message will not be delivered – WhatsApp maintains track of your communications with others by using checkmark icons. If there is a single check mark sign next to your message, it has been sent; if there are two checkmark symbols next to it, it has been received.
If you message someone who has blocked you, the second checkmark will no longer appear in your message list. With a high likelihood of being banned, your communication will not reach the intended recipient. The message will be sent, but it will not reach the intended recipient since you have been banned.
The WhatsApp call will not be accepted – When you attempt to call someone who has banned you, their phone will not be answered. The smartphone will continue to ring on your end, but the user who has blocked you will receive no notification that you have attempted to reach them.
You cannot add the individual to a WhatsApp group – You will be unable to add a person who has blocked you to a WhatsApp group. If you get this message, you will very definitely receive an error message saying that you are not authorized to add them in your group.
When you are erased, based on the person’s preferences, you are unable to:
You will no longer be able to see someone’s status updates if they erase your phone number.
When anyone deletes your number, they may opt not to show you their most recent action. You will not be able to see someone’s Last Seen information unless you’ve been removed as well as blocked by them on WhatsApp.
The lack of their profile photo confirms that you have been deleted from WhatsApp. If you don’t see their profile photo, you were most likely erased from their WhatsApp. Furthermore, it’s possible, although quite unlikely, that they’ve updated their profile photograph.

Can You Tell If Someone Deleted Your WhatsApp Message?

WhatsApp includes a function that allows you to erase previously sent messages. You can remove solely on your end or erase everything. When you “delete for everyone,” the message’s receiver will notice that you deleted the message you sent. Unfortunately, you only have a limited time to remove for everyone, and there is no assurance that the receiver will not have viewed the message by the time you delete it. If someone deletes your WhatsApp discussion on their end, you will not be able to know that it was deleted.
One of the few methods to determine whether the person you’re speaking with has erased the prior discussion is to ask them what it was about. You should not highlight the message and respond to it since the other person will see it. It will inform the person about the topic of the talk. If you inquire about the earlier question and no one responds, you know they removed the previous conversation.

How can you determine if someone has removed your WhatsApp number?

You can’t know if someone has removed your WhatsApp number. Because WhatsApp does not provide a delete option for contacts, there is no way to know unless the individual informs you.

How can you know if your phone number has been removed?

The simplest approach to find out whether someone has deleted your phone number is to contact them and see if the call goes to voicemail. If you have a “Unknown” contact on your phone, it signifies they have barred your number from calling them.

What happens when you erase someone’s WhatsApp number?

If you remove a contact’s phone number from your WhatsApp contact, you will no longer be able to read their messages. You will also be unable to send them messages, but they’ll be capable of sending you messages.

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