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Google Maps Adding New Shopping Tools For The Holiday Season

Introductions About New Shipping Features On Google Maps

Google Maps has a few new characteristics that allow you to stay calm this Holiday season by avoiding lines, navigating malls, and sometimes even getting your holiday dinner groceries delivered.

To begin with, Google is combining its crowdedness statistics for public transportation and particular establishments into a larger tool called “Area Busyness.” Instead of a single store, this will display how many people are congregating in a particular neighborhood. According to Google, users may utilize this data in any way users like if user want to avoid crowds or find the trendiest spots in the area.

Google Maps is also extending its Directories tab worldwide, so you’ll be able to locate more about what’s happening inside a lot more airports, markets, and transit stations all over the world. This contains information about the different sorts of retailers in a certain structure, as well as their locations and operating hours, as well as transportation services, airport terminals, parking spaces, and other amenities.

Google Maps is now extending its grocery store delivery offering to over 2,000 Kroger, Fry’s, Ralphs, and Mariano’s locations throughout 30 states for those preparing their holiday meal. You’ll be able to set up your online purchase, watch its progress, provide your estimated arrival time, and notify the shop — all without ever visiting Google Maps. As per Google, individuals who are using the Google Maps grocery delivery system normally wait less than 5 min to get their supplies.

Google Maps Is Adding New Shopping Tools For The Holiday Season

If users prefer a night out on the town, Google Maps also has you prepared, with increased information in the evaluations for U.S. food establishments. Cafes and restaurants will start displaying pricing, making it easier to choose a spot that meets your expectations. Other visitors will be able to share information such as the accessibility of outdoor seating, delivery services, and curbside pick-ups.

Google Maps for Android and iOS now includes a global database tab as well as grocery pickup facilities. During the next few weeks, we’ll be bringing out enhanced customer reviews & Area Busyness, anyway in time for the holidays.

The Following Are Four New Google Maps Features

Area Busyness

Users can now know how crowded a place is before people arrive which will benefit those who want to beat the crowds.

The new tool, dubbed Area Busyness, combines real-time busyness patterns from nearby companies.

Use Google Maps and click on such an area to see how occupied it is at various times of the day to receive Area Busyness information.

Google Maps will display how crowded the location is right now, as well as how crowded it is expected to be during the day.

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According to information from the previous year, Kay Jewelers, Bath and Body Works, and Barnes & Noble were the busiest shops for holiday gift purchasing.

From Nov to Dec 2020, Google Maps queries for these locations surged by 100 percent.

Tuesday evenings are the least busy at shopping centers, with Sat afternoons being the most famous.

Select “Directory”

On Android and iOS, Google Maps is extending the Directory click to include all airports, shops, and transport hubs worldwide.

The Directory click displays which products are available within a structure and assists users in finding airport lounges, car rentals, parking lots, and other amenities.

If you’re in a huge shopping center, the Directory page will give a list of establishments and tell users whether they’re available, how many stars they have, and which level they’re on.

Shopping For Groceries

People can purchase goods for delivery through Google Maps, which was tested previously this year.

Google Maps Groceries has now expanded to almost 2,000 retail locations in over 30 states across the United States.

Users may order supplies from Kroger, Fry’s, Ralphs, & Marianos using the function.

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After order placement, Google Maps will monitor its progress and enable members to share their estimated arrival time with the retailer.

Users using this function, according to Google, usually wait just under 5 min for their order to be ready for delivery.

Restaurants: Additional Information

Whenever users search for local restaurants on Google Maps, additional data is now displayed, all of which is supported by the data contributed by previous clients.

Customers may now provide information about the restaurant’s economic levels and whether it offers facilities like outdoor tables, deliveries, and curbside delivery, and also when leaving comments.

The data generated in feedback will be displayed on the main page for the service.

Google Maps Is Adding New Shopping Tools For The Holiday Season

What Is The Procedure For Adding A Location To Google Maps 2020?

Here are the methods for adding a lost location to the map.

Step 1: On one‟s Device or computer, run the Google Map application.

Step 2: Next, tap Account Circle, then Help & Feedback, and Finally, Add a Lost Location.

Step 3: Make a choice and then continue the on-screen directions.

What Is The Time Frame For Adding A Location To Google Maps?

Google may take up to three days to assess content and determine whether it is appropriate for Google navigation and Google search, although it is more likely that your listing will be updated in less than an hour. Don’t be concerned if it hasn’t been updated.

What Is The Best Way To Add Several Locations To Google Maps?

  • Multiple destinations can be added.
  • Open Google Maps on your pc.
  • To get started, go to Directions.
  • Include a starting point and a finish line.
  • Click Add on the left, underneath the destinations you’ve entered.
  • Choose another destination to add a stop.
  • Repeat steps 4 and 5 to keep adding stops.
  • To get directions, click on a route.


Shopping for the holidays may be difficult, but Google hopes to alleviate some of that anxiety with a batch of new services. Amanda Leicht Moore, Google Maps’ director of design, announced a number of improvements in a blog article on Tuesday. On Black Friday & Cyber Monday, this new Google Maps upgrade will be quite beneficial. Google Maps can assist you whether you intend on dashing around the shop and purchasing gifts, having a good meal, or joining people with family and friends.

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