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Why Facebook Disable Your Facebook ad account: Recover it

We’ve noticed a rise in Facebook ad accounts as well as the whole Business Managers being disabled without warning in recent months. The entrepreneur has previously addressed disabled advertisements, and although earlier suggestions have had different levels of success, techniques have arisen that regularly restore accounts.

What Does Disabling My Facebook Ad Account Mean?

Your advertising will be frozen, and your project will be put on pause until you get it or terminate it.
Your advertisements will not result in any sales.
Your account will be disabled.

Facebook ad account disabled

The ad profile will shut out anybody that should have access to the business manager.

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Why Facebook ad account Disable-


Because Facebook wants to prevent spamming consumers, you can’t spend a lot of money on your advertisements all at once, especially if you’re just starting out.

We recommend increasing your daily expenditure by no more than 5% to 15% until you’ve met your advertising objectives.

The first five methods will help you avoid being banned from Facebook’s ad tool, followed by five more steps for getting your accounts reactivated, often in as little as 24hrs.

Not keeping a tight circle: 

You may lose your advertising account by connection if any user on your ads account has their personalized advertiser’s account blocked.

Paying late:

Your account may be tagged as unreliable if you don’t pay pending payments on time.

Ensure you have a credit card on file or credit accessible on your account at all times.

Inconsistent landing pages:

Any pages that your adverts drive viewers to should be related to the information in the ad.

It should also include information about the firm, such as a logo, contact information, resources, the company name, as well as a disclaimer.

Using the same payment options for several advertising accounts:

Facebook detects past offenders using payment options.

If you’ve already been banned, don’t use the same payment option for your new ad account.

Failure to keep Facebook ad data secret:

Make that it stays with you and isn’t used for anything else, such as selling your connections to other businesses.

According to Facebook’s standards, the following ads are prohibited

  • Assure your ads meet the standards.
  • Facebook’s Community Guidelines. They are founded on the principles of authenticity, privacy, security, and dignity.
  • Terms of Service on Facebook. This is about the ad material you’re posting.

Later, ads were flagged

If your ad has been running for a long and you’re not sure why it was abruptly disapproved, consider the following possibilities:
Your ad appears too frequently or has been running for too long. It’s conceivable that your ad has been marked by Facebook users because they’ve seen it too many times or because it contains stuff they don’t want to view.

Negative responses from users. Users may report your ad if they find it unpleasant, distressing, or suspicious.

A Facebook advertising representative inspected your account and discovered a previously unnoticed infraction. Even if your advertising have already been authorized, make sure you follow Facebook’s ad regulations to the letter!

Using various IP addresses to log in:

It may be linked to online fraud on Facebook. If you log into your Ads on a separate device frequently, Facebook may find this “suspicious.”

You should only use 1 device at a time. Use your smartphone if you really need to log in elsewhere.

Make sure your ads follow Facebook’s advertising guidelines

Violations of Facebook’s policies are the most prevalent cause for accounts being terminated. You won’t find endless pages of legalese in the policies. Even though they are simple to understand, they might be confusing, so proceed cautiously.

Make sure your landing pages are legal

Compliance does not end with your advertisements. It also includes the pages after the click. Add links to required legal statements and disclaimers on your landing pages, in addition to obeying the advertising regulations. A privacy policy, terms & conditions, earnings disclaimers, as well as language stating that your site is not linked with Facebook are all common components of this material. Consult an attorney to verify that you are adequately protected.

Frequently run engagement advertisements

This suggestion comes from BELT creator Curt Maly, who was previously barred from accessing Facebook. Since then, he’s become a Facebook advertisements expert who focuses on keeping ad accounts safe. Maly alerts you when your account has an unnoticed quality score. Facebook will deactivate it if the score drops too low. Advertising that provides value and engages your target audience has a favorable track record, which helps in minimizing the bad responses that more aggressive ads may generate.

Attempts to play the system should be avoided

Most disabled accounts are the result of robots. They’re not going to appreciate your brilliant plan to skirt the regulations on a technicality. To prevent the most standard policy violations, follow these instructions:

Make your objectives and what you’re giving very clear

Use no link bait or deceptive copy or pictures.
Tell stories and give instances instead of making statements (even if they’re accurate).

Clean your account

Remove accounting services that no longer be required access and use a secure payment system for each account to divide resources. Rejected advertising should be removed from your account as soon as possible, as they decrease your account’s quality score.

Follow these five steps to get it back

Recognize that it’s probably not about you

Remember that the majority of Facebook’s functions are automated. This expedites the publication of your advertising, but it might lead to inconsistencies, such as authorized ads that are subsequently blocked. Take nothing personally!

Excessively grateful

Accounts are frequently closed due to dissatisfaction directed at customer support representatives. Consider how often the support staff is yelled at. Who do you believe they’ll go above and beyond to assist? Yes, the apologetic and grateful ones.

Despite your distress, avoid the impulse to vent on Facebook. Before you file an appeal for your deactivated account, submit a letter detailing your grievances and then remove it. Avoid any displays of rage on Facebook, such as all-caps yelling or condescending tones. Instead, express your gratitude for the representative’s efforts to assist you restore your account.

Admit full responsibility

If Facebook does not explain why you were deactivated, conduct research to determine any policies you may have broken and accept responsibility. Make no excuses or assign blame, even if you feel it is Facebook’s responsibility. “I believe there was an error,” but avoid saying, “But, it’s truly your fault!”

Don’t accept the “final” answer

For a misunderstanding violation, I’ve seen an ad campaign take six months and upwards of 20 appeals to be reactivated. If the information in the profile is important, contact them once or twice per week until you reach a live person who can support you. Recognize that most chat workers may not have direct authority to act on your issue, but always inquire if there are any other options. You’ll sometimes discover a new route to follow.

Don’t make things worse

Try creating a new account with another payment method while you try to restore your old one. Don’t try to go around the system by creating a new account if the option isn’t accessible. Facebook has gotten more efficient in recent years, and it will detect behaviors such as establishing an identity under a false user profile.

The decision to restore a deactivated Facebook ad account or Business Manager is ultimately up to Facebook. While no one can guarantee you’ll get your account back, completing these steps will help you avoid having it closed and retrieve it as quickly as possible. Remember to obtain legal advice as necessary.

Follow these steps to recover your Facebook ad account-

Request a review-

  • In Facebook Manager you will show the alert “Ad account disabled”
  • Click on see details at the bottom right corner. This will lead to the “Ad Account Policy page” where you can get your Ad account status.
  • Then press “Request Review”. Here verify your Identity by giving your details. It will take time approx. 3 working days.

You may also request a review by completing one of the following forms:

  • Fill out the form if you believe your account was banned due to a breach of Facebook’s ad policies and/or guidelines. Give lots of information and be genuine!
facebook ad account disabled
  • Fill out the form below if you believe your account was deactivated by accident.
facebook ad account

You can check the Facebook Help Center on a frequent basis after completing either form. At any moment, a Facebook employee may be assigned to your deactivated account for evaluation.

Contact the Facebook Business Help Center

If you’ve waited so long enough with a review but your ad profile is still limited and you haven’t received a response from Facebook, consider contacting the Facebook Business Help Center.

  • Scroll down to the “Find answer or contact support”
  • Clicking Get Started to begin a live conversation with a Facebook representative.
  • You’ll be sent to a website where you can view the cases you’ve filed so far. You can use this page to resolve any difficulties with your account or to establish a new one.
  • Select the restricted business manager.
  • Select the problem you’re having by clicking on it. My ad account got blocked.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the next page and click Start Chat.
  • You may talk with a Facebook representative right here. Always remember to be kind and polite. If your account was banned as a result of your activities, apologize and promise not to repeat them.
  • Confirm your ad account every working day to see whether it’s still banned.

You can confirm on the matter every two working days by going to the Facebook Business Help Center. In your interaction with the Facebook employee, you may even request an update.

One of three scenarios is conceivable at this moment-

  • Facebook took a look at your account and approved it! If you made a mistake, listen to their advice and don’t do the same mistake again! Make sure you agree to their advertising guidelines.
  • They are taking an extremely lengthy time to respond. Because reviews must be completed manually, this occurs frequently.
  • You got an email from Facebook stating that your account had been denied. As you may presumably deduce from the email, you are no longer permitted to utilize your ad account.

What if Facebook rejects my appeals and reviews, or if I never hear back from them?

I’m sorry, but your only option is to start over with a new Business Manager and Ad Account. Here are some guidelines for this procedure.

Ensure that you are not the cause of your ad account suspension. It’s quite likely to happen again if you don’t obey Facebook’s advertising policies.

Do Not use the same business manager to create an ad account. If the account is banned a second time, Facebook may consider it a strike and remove your business manager entirely. This implies you’ll lose all of your valuables, including:

  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram Page

In such circumstances, Facebook staff have even recommended us to do the same.

DO Transfer all of your assets to your new Ad account.

Don’t use the same credit card that one used by Facebook banned ad account use another payment method.

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