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How to Record WhatsApp Call : 4 best ways

People frequently inquire about how to record WhatsApp call or can WhatsApp call be recorded? Some cellphones include a WhatsApp call recording feature that we are often unaware of.

Not only for texting, but also for audio and video chatting, WhatsApp Messenger is among the most popular apps. The service is evolving into a one-stop shop for all requirements.

Whether you choose to send a message, phone, or video chat with your friends, WhatsApp allows you to do so. It does not, therefore, permit the recording of audio or video calls.

But don’t panic; there seem to be a variety of solutions and third-party applications available.

In this post, we’ll show everyone how to record WhatsApp audio and video calls on your Android and iOS devices in the most efficient method possible. So, without any further ado, let’s just get this started.

How to Record WhatsApp Call?

You shouldn’t have to install a third-party app if your smartphone has a call recording feature or WhatsApp recorder. To allow it, all that is necessary is knowledge of the procedure.

The OnePlus Phone app, for example, has a Call recording option. This may have been found in the app’s Settings > Call Recording section.

If you would not want to personally record every call, you could set auto-recording here. Don’t worry, the people on the other side of the line is untouched.

If you would not want to record all of your calls, go to the “Auto Recording Range” section and select “Specify recording page.”

How to Record WhatsApp Call 1

Then you have the option of choosing occur exclusively or selecting “Unknown calls.”

Samsung users can also utilize the company’s native Phone software to record calls. Simply open it on your Samsung Galaxy phone, hit the three-dotted button to access the Settings area, and then tap “Record calls.” Turn on “Auto record calls” now.

You’ll also discover all of your recordings in this section. The call recording abilities that come with the OnePlus phone are also available here. You can arrange manual recording, but because you never know when you’ll get crucial or spam calls, auto-recording is always the best option.

How to Record WhatsApp Voice Calls on Android?

On Android, recording WhatsApp audio calls seems to be quite simple. Call Recorder: Cube ACR is an application that allows you to record phone calls or a WhatsApp call recording App.

It’s indeed significant to remember, however, that the app does not work with all phones. As a result, We recommended that you first check their help website to see if your phone is supported with the app.

You may verify whether your smartphone accepts this app by clicking on this link. If your smartphone is on the list, you can record WhatsApp voice calls on your Android phone by following these steps:

  • Search for the Cube Call application in the Google Play Store.
  • It’s available as a free download on your Android phone.
  • Change to WhatsApp after using the Cube Call audio call recorder app.
  • When users connect a WhatsApp voice call, a Cube Call widget will appear.
  • If this is not the case, go to the Cube Screen recording settings and select Force VoIP call as just a voice call.
  • Call a number again to see whether panel appears.
  • If you’re already receiving an issue, it’s possible that perhaps the app isn’t compatible with your phone.

How to Record WhatsApp Voice Calls on iPhone?

It’s difficult to record a WhatsApp audio call on an iPhone. There is no specific app that allows you to easily record WhatsApp voice calls.

How to Record WhatsApp Call 2

There is, nevertheless, a solution that necessitates the use of a Mac and an iPhone. Here’s how to go about it:

  • With the lightning cable, connect your iPhone to your Mac.
  • On your iPhone, go to settings and select ‘Trust this computer.’
  • On your Mac, launch the QuickTime software.
  • Select the New Audio Recording option from the File drop-down menu.
  • Select iPhone as an option and press the QuickTime record button.
  • Conduct a WhatsApp call to your phone from your iPhone at this point.
  • When you’ve registered, click the add user icon.
  • Now dial the name of the person with whom you wish to record the audio and start talking.
  • Merely end the call and stop recording in QuickTime after you’re finished.
  • Your WhatsApp voice call will indeed be recorded if the file is saved to your Mac.

How to Record WhatsApp Video Calls on Android?

Though recording WhatsApp video calls on your Android smartphone is not an official functionality, there will always be a workaround. You may long as the appropriate the screen recorder software on your Android smartphone to capture a WhatsApp video call.

Even though there are numerous apps on the Google Play Store that allow you to record WhatsApp video calls. The AZ screen recorder app is one such application.

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You can use the application to record WhatsApp video calls with audio. Here’s how to record video call on WhatsApp:

  • Search for the AZ Screen Recorder application in the Google Play Store.
  • On your smartphone, download and install the app. When you open the app, a pop-up widget will appear in your notification panel.
  • It’s vital to remember that you have to turn on ‘Enable audio recording’ first before you may record the call.
  • Now launch the WhatsApp app and dial the number of the person you want to record the call with.

Tap the record button in the AZ Screen Recorder widget once the call begins. Simply stop recording when you’re done, and your WhatsApp video call will be saved in the app.

How to Record WhatsApp Video Calls on iPhone?

Apple has introduced the built-in screen recorder capability with iOS 11, which is, to be honest, rather useful. This feature additionally allows the user to easily conduct WhatsApp video calls on your iPhone.

Then it also indicates that recording WhatsApp video calls just on iPhone doesn’t involve any third-party apps. Here’s how to make use of this feature:

  • Launch the Command Center by going to Settings and then Control Center.
  • Simply add a Screen Recording option towards the number of available options by tapping ‘Create custom Controls.’
  • To begin recording, visit the Control Center on your iPhone and tap the Screen recording option.
  • Now, open the WhatsApp app and dial the number of the person you would really like to record the call for.
  • To record the audio, make absolutely sure the microphone is turned on and the call volume is set to the highest setting.
  • Stop the recording that once call is finished and save all the file to your device.
How to Record WhatsApp Call 3

Alternate method

If you’re having trouble recording calls with third-party apps, simply record a standard phone or WhatsApp call on a secondary smartphone or another device or WhatsApp video call recorder. Of course, you’ll need to keep the main phone on speaker for this.

What should you keep in mind before using a third-party app?

While hiring a third party may provide some relief, users should exercise caution. Verify the developer’s identity, reviews, privacy policy, and other data before downloading any software.

Install the app whenever you’re pleased, and make absolutely sure you only grant access to the content (authorizations) that are supposed to execute the app.

How to Block Spam Calls from Unknown Numbers on WhatsApp

People May Ask 3

Q- What does it look like to make a WhatsApp call?

A- Telephone conversation

Q- Who is responsible for the cost of a WhatsApp call?

A- It’s vital to remember that while making a standard voice call, the caller is fully responsible for the expense. In most nations, the recipient does not pay to accept the call. This is not the case with WhatsApp audio calls, as the recipient of the call incurs data expenses as well.

Q- What happens if you receive a WhatsApp call?

A- If someone tries to call you on WhatsApp while you’re currently on a voice or video conversation, you’ll get a notification, and you can opt to answer or decline the call depending on the call type. This will not interfere with your current call.

Q- Is it possible to make a free WhatsApp call?

A- You may use WhatsApp to call your contacts for free, even if they are in another country, utilising voice calling. Instead than using your cell plan’s minutes, voice calling leverages your phone’s internet connection. Charges for data usage may apply.

Q- What is the cost of a WhatsApp call?

A- However, network strength has a significant impact on the quality of WhatsApp calls. According to a Quora discussion, a typical WhatsApp call utilizes anything from 0.15 MB to 0.47 MB per minute.

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