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How To Recover Deleted Photos From WhatsApp?

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  • How To Recover Deleted Photos From WhatsApp?
  • Recover WhatsApp Images saved automatically on phones
  • Recover Deleted WhatsApp Photos from Your Phone's Storage (Android)
  • Retrieve Missing WhatsApp Pictures on iPhone with iCloud Backup

Are you frantically surfing or sifting through the Internet in order how to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp account? Otherwise, are you fed up with not being satisfied with any of the recovery or retrieval methods? Relax, since you’ve arrived to the perfect location.

Yes, crucial images are frequently lost due to events such as system crashes, inadvertent deletion, and mobile switching.

You may get them back using easy tactics or hacks, and all you have to do is read today’s post to learn how to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp. The important point is that they are, in the end, free to use!

How To Recover Deleted Photos From WhatsApp?

Recover WhatsApp Images saved automatically on phones

When the auto-download feature for media assets such as images and videos is turned on, they are sometimes saved in the default WhatsApp storage folder called Gallery.

On an Android smartphone, you can check through Google Photographs and Gallery, whereas on an iPhone, you can access WhatsApp photos using the Photos app.

To find the missing one or the one you’re looking for, open the Gallery app on your Android and look through the WhatsApp folder.

You should look into the Photos app on iOS. Unfortunately, if you erased them from a WhatsApp conversation session, you won’t be able to find them using this method.

Restore Deleted Photos from a WhatsApp Backup

If the first approach does not work for you, here is another option if you regularly backup all of your WhatsApp data. Because Android and iOS devices have Google Drive and iCloud backup, recover deleted photos from WhatsApp isn’t a big concern.

  • Using your WhatsApp app, go to the “Three-dotted” icon and select “Settings.”
  • Now go to “Chats > Chat Backup,” which will lead you to the backup process’s screen, which will include the previous backup date.
How-to-Recover-Deleted-Photos-on-whtasapp (1)
  • To continue, press the “Back Up Now” key.
  • After you’ve completed the backup, remove WhatsApp from your phone and reinstall it from the Google Play or Apple App Store.
  • Finally, complete the WhatsApp setup, validate your phone number, and, if requested, restore from a backup file. Your WhatsApp messages will then be restored to your account.

So, that’s how you may restore deleted images from WhatsApp using a backup file; but, there’s a catch. You’re out of luck if you do the backup after the photo has been deleted.

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Recover Deleted WhatsApp Photos from Your Phone’s Storage (Android)

Android users can only recover data from their phone’s storage. In iPhone, you can only access a few cloud folders, but you can access the local folder structure.

Yes, by default, all photographs and WhatsApp videos can be aligned or put into different folders on your device’s file explorer.

With this strategy, you can find photos even if the images are deleted from the conversation. When you connect your device to a computer, this recovery procedure will be much easier to use.

  • Open the file manager app on your device and look for the WhatsApp folder in the list.
  • Separate folders for documents, profile images, status, database, and other items can be found in the WhatsApp folder.
  • Select Media from the drop-down menu, then WhatsApp Images.
  • Photos, as well as separate folders for submitted and received images, can be found there.
  • If you deleted the photo using the WhatsApp app’s “delete media from phone” option, you won’t be able to recover the files using this method.

Restore Lost WhatsApp Images on iPhone from iTunes Backup

While the procedures listed above do not guarantee a 100 percent photo recovery success rate, you can attempt data recovery software like Dr. Fone – Data Recovery (iOS).

You may recover images swiftly with an easy-to-use interface, and here is one such method on how to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp from an iTunes backup for free with Dr. Fone.

  • On your computer, download and install the Dr. Fone – Data Recovery (iOS) software, then run it.
  • Tap the “Recover from iTunes Backup Files” option from the left panel’s tools, select a file from the available iTunes backups, and then tap the “Start Scan” option.
  • The scan will now be finished, and the data from the iTunes backup file will be shown on the screen.
  • The images checklist can then be ticked based on your requirements to filter the photos based on Apps.
  • Simply select the items, preview them, and use the “Recover to Computer” option to save them to your computer.

Retrieve Missing WhatsApp Pictures on iPhone with iCloud Backup

If you’re wondering if you can recover deleted photos from WhatsApp from an iCloud backup, the answer is yes. Also, here’s how to recover deleted WhatsApp photos for free using iCloud Backup and Dr. Fone – Data Recovery (iOS).

Click the “Recover from iCloud Backup Files” option after the Dr. Fone – Data Recovery (iOS) programme has launched.

  • To sign in to your iCloud account, enter your Apple ID and password.
  • You may restore WhatsApp deleted images by downloading the iCloud Backup.
  • Dr. Fone – Data Recovery (iOS) simplifies your recovery process by allowing you to choose which data types to display for effective screening. To continue, use the “Next” button.
  • After the scanning is finished, you’ll be able to see all of the WhatsApp photographs you’ve received or sent via attachments, camera roll, and so on.
  • To recover them, simply select the ones you want, preview them, and then press the “Recover” button.


So there you have it! That was the extent of our talk about how to restore deleted WhatsApp images for free. Finally, I hope you were able to recover your lost images. Isn’t that so? It’s a bad feeling to lose your data. As a result, we always urge that you back up your data on a regular basis to ensure that you are always safe. So, what do you have to lose? Put the above-mentioned tips to use and reclaim your priceless photographs, which will last a lifetime!

People May Ask 1

Q- What happens to images that are permanently deleted?

A- When you remove a file on a Windows computer by right-clicking it and selecting “Delete” from the menu, it goes to the Recycle Bin, Trash, or something similar, depending on your operating system.

Q- How can I get my two-year-old WhatsApp images back?

A- Go to the internal memory of your phone, then to WhatsApp, then Media, and finally to WhatsApp photos. This folder will contain all of the photographs that you have received via WhatsApp. You can also see a folder called sent, which contains all of the photographs you’ve sent.

Q- Is there a way to backup images on WhatsApp?

A- As of today, WhatsApp for Android allows you to generate a private Google Drive backup of your conversation history, voice messages, images, and videos. And once you’ve done that, all you have to do is restore everything on a new device with a few touches.

Q- How can I get old WhatsApp media to download?

  • Return to the WhatsApp discussion.
  • You’ll see the blurred thumbnail with a download button there once more.
  • You’ll be able to retrieve your photos and videos by tapping it.

Q- Are WhatsApp texts permanently deleted?

A- When you remove a message from WhatsApp, it is no longer visible. It isn’t gone for good, though. Your messages are backed up to the cloud (Google Drive or iCloud). They are also saved to your device.

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