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Snapchat Finally Comes to Microsoft Store for PC Users: How It Works

The web app is built on the web version of Snapchat and requires Microsoft Edge to function.

Snapchat Finally Comes to Microsoft Store for PC Users: How It Works- After all these years, Snapchat is now available on an unexpected platform. The Microsoft Store, which preserves the apps that work on Windows PCs, makes the platform currently accessible on PCs. The fact that Snapchat is now available on larger screens is noteworthy because it is well-known for its smartphone application.

It’s interesting to note that the Snapchat app available on the Microsoft Store is a Progressive Web App, meaning a web browser is required to use it. You can view the Snapchat PWA using the Microsoft Edge browser on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC because it is compatible with those operating systems.

On the Microsoft Store, you may look for Snapchat and find out more about the app. According to the Store page, Snapchat was introduced on November 8 and at this time only supports English. Because it is a PWA, which enables developers to create apps for the web version, the app is only 1.4 MB in size. According to the information in the Microsoft Store app, Snapchat can access your internet connection.

The user experience is comparable to other web programs we have seen on Instagram and even WhatsApp. Users appear to have the choice to chat, make calls (including video calls), and take pictures via the camera. According to the app store description, as long as you are logged into your Microsoft account, you can install the PWA version on up to 10 Windows devices.

In markets like India, where it didn’t see much interest a few years ago, Snapchat has also sharpened its emphasis. There is currently a paid version of the platform called Snapchat+ that is accessible in several nations, including India. Snapchat Plus is a premium version of the app that offers more advantages to users.

The monthly cost of the Snapchat+ subscription service in India is Rs 49. Snapchat’s service, for which users must pay a monthly subscription fee and gain access to some premium features that are not available to regular users of the app, is geared toward so-called power users.

Is Snapchat available on Microsoft Store?

The picture-sharing and instant messaging software Snapchat has resisted arriving to Windows, but it has officially made its debut on the Microsoft Store as a Progressive Web App.

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