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How To Hide Instagram Posts Without Deleting Them- A Quick Review

Here we are going to know How To Hide Instagram Posts Without Deleting Them? Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular social media networks.

Ever since launch, the app has gained a lot of traction. India topped the list of nations with the most Instagram users in October 2021. The photo-sharing app’s latest additions have made it more user-friendly.

Instagram, as Users all know, enables users to make short videos, go live, and make video calls in addition to publishing photographs.

In addition, Instagram has numerous built-in functions that are really useful. Anyone can, for example, delete sent messages, conceal stories from certain people, or share stories with those they care about.

Let’s have a look at how hide Instagram Posts without deleting them?

How To Hide Instagram Posts Without Deleting Them?

How To Hide Instagram Posts Without Deleting Them- A Quick Review

If users don’t want to reveal any of their posts to their followers, this technique will come in handy. Users don’t have to remove any post; instead, anyone may just hide it within their Instagram account.

The ‘archive post’ is a term for hiding any post. Here’s how to hide or archive every Instagram post within the app, step by step.

  • Go to personal profile in ones Instagram account on the smartphone.
  • Select any post that want to keep hidden from their followers now.  
  • In the upper right corner of the post, click the three dots.
  • The ‘archive’ option should now be visible.
  • Finally, select this option to remove the post from their account.

How To Unarchive Instagram Posts?

How To Hide Instagram Posts Without Deleting Them- A Quick Review

One can also use Instagram’s unarchive option to recover all hidden posts. This means that the post will be displayed on ones Instagram account once more. This article will show users how to unarchive all Instagram posts.

  • To begin, use the Instagram mobile app on ones smartphone and navigate to their profile.
  • Now tap on the three lines in the upper right corner.
  • Select ‘archive’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Users will be able to see the post that previously hidden.
  • Users will then need to open their post and select the three-dot option.
  • Select shown on profile’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, tap that option to return to ones Instagram account and retrieve that post.
  • If users wish to permanently delete a post, go to the bottom of the ‘shown on profile’ option and select the ‘delete’ option.

In addition, Instagram allows us to hide the number of likes. Most followers will not see the likes of any post and when users do this.

To use this feature, open any post and select the three-dot option from the drop-down menu. To conceal ones post’s likes, select the ‘Hide like count’ option.

Users can also disable comments on any post. No one will be able to make negative comments on their postings as a result of this.

People May Ask

Can You Limit Who Sees Your Instagram Posts?

Instagram allows users to choose who sees their stories (a 24-hour reel of photographs) and prevents people from sharing them further.

To keep their tale hidden from certain people: Select “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Story” from the drop-down menu. Select “Hide Story From” from the drop-down menu. It’ll bring up a list of current Twitter followers.

Can You Hide A Post From Someone On Instagram?

Instagram Has Launched A Mute Feature That Allows Anyone To Hide Posts Without Having To Unfollow People. One can opt to “Mute Posts” or “Mute Posts and Story,” which will prohibit that account’s tales from displaying at the top of the Instagram app.

Can You Block Someone From Seeing A Post?

  • Users may find the person by typing their name into the search bar or pressing on their name on a post or remark they’ve published.
  • Under the user’s name, tap the “Friends” button.  
  • Select “Edit Friend Lists” from the drop-down menu.  
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list and select “Restricted” to mark each row as checked.

What Happens When I Restrict Someone On Instagram?

Instagram’s Restrict feature, which was introduced as an anti-bullying feature, allows users more control over what comments that and other followers see on their posts by restricting what restricted profiles can post on their profile. When users limit someone, their messages and remarks are removed from their profile.

Does Restricting Someone On Instagram Hide Your Posts?

When users limit someone, they will indeed be able to view and comment on any posts/stories, but they will be hidden from their profile. When they limit contact or a follower, they are simply trying to prevent having to deal with annoying interactions that might otherwise occur if they blocked someone.

How Do I Temporarily Hide Posts On Instagram?

Rather than deleting embarrassing postings that people no longer want others to see while allowing other posts to stay publicly visible, anyone can simply conceal such posts by selecting the Archive option from the photo post’s menu.

How Do I Post Without Anyone Seeing?

Make ones account private without followers if people want to post without anyone seeing it. If ones account is private with followers, the same chance of someone viewing any message before it’s archived exists, except that those people could only be their manually approved followers.


While there is currently no method to conceal personal posts from specific followers, there are options one can alter to hide any story from certain followers, help limit the posts people see, and manage whether their posts are visible to only friends or the general public.

One can make their account private, mute specific followers, or block a user’s profile. When simply mute followers, the amount of posts that appear in their feed is reduced.

When they make their account private, users must request to follow someone in order to access current postings.

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