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Roku Customers Report Streaming Issues After the 10.5 Update

Following the Roku OS 10.5 upgrade, a lot of Roku customers are reporting problems with their Roku TVs. Impacted Roku TV remuneration that many of their streaming platforms, such as HBO Max, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, Crucial +, as well as others, have stopped functioning, whereas others, such as Netflix, have more connectivity issues, as per findings published on Roku’s possess to participate in discussions as well as other locations like Reddit.

Roku Customers Report

Based on the recent Roku OS 10.5 update, some Roku customers are experiencing issues with streaming platforms.

Users have been complaining about different problems with Roku devices on discussion boards such as the Roku forum website and Reddit since getting the latest firmware update, as per TechCrunch. The first inkling of trouble surfaced on the Roku user forum roughly two weeks ago.

Roku customers are experiencing a range of issues, including popular content applications not functioning at all or frequently, frozen displays, and problems with the Roku remote’s performance.

A Roku project leader responded on the forum with more information regarding the problems.

“Even though we can verify that it is only impacting a small portion of Roku customers owing to certain connection arrangements, we are currently investigating alleged performance and reliability problems. To get an instant workable solution, Roku is starting to make an application rollback accessible “In a forum post, project lead RokuAustin said.

For now, there is no formal software update that discusses the significant issues, but the Roku message board moderation team assists customers which are experiencing problems to send a personal message to the moderating factor to examine further. In furthermore, you can verify your impacted machine for a mechanical update that may provide certain relaxation.

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Effective tool approached out to Roku to discover out a timeframe of when customers can intend a fix for the problem but has not gotten a reply.

The Roku Operating system 10.5 edits were at first introduced in Oct. Meanwhile, according to TechCrunch, the firm first updates its streaming players before moving on to its machine. As a result, Roku TVs and controllers that have recently gotten an update may be the core of the issue.

Several people have reported having their displays freeze and their Roku control stop functioning, however, it’s uncertain if this is a connected or distinct problem.

Roku claims to be concerned about the issue and is trying to fix it.

Roku Customers Report Streaming Issues After The 10.5 Update

Whereas the 10.5 updates were released in October, Roku’s video players were updated first, followed by Roku TVs. Since many of the impacted users own a Roku TV, they only finally obtained the update, which triggered a storm of Roku customers’ dissatisfaction when it affected major streaming applications to stop working. Furthermore, the problems affect Roku Ultra machines.

How Do I Resolve My Roku Streaming Issue?

  • Restart your Roku device if it hasn’t done so already.
  • On your Roku remote, press the Home button.
  • Select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose a system.
  • Choose Power. Skip to the next process if you don’t see a Power submenu.
  • Select Restart the system.

What’s The Deal With My Roku Not Being Able To Connect To Anything?

If you’re having trouble using your Roku control, try removing and replacing the batteries. Replace the batteries and re-pair the controller if something doesn’t work. If the Roku controlling application isn’t working, check to see if your Roku TV is set to accept mobile applications.

What Can I Do To Boost The Strength Of My Roku Signal?

Change the location of your Roku box or router

  • Reduce the gap between you and your target: The wireless connection will be stronger if you move your Roku device and router closer together.
  • Remove any impediments: Place both phones in an area with fewer things and walls among them.

How Do I Stop My Roku From Buffering?

Roku’s ‘Buffering’ Isn’t Going Away

  • Look for any outages.
  • Restart.
  • Updates should be installed.
  • Clear the cache on your computer.
  • Wi-Fi performance should be improved.
  • Channel should be uninstalled and reinstalled.
  • Change to a lower-resolution video.

How Do I Alter The Quality Of My Roku Streaming?

Hold the Power button on your Roku tv remote while your Roku device is turned on. Select Display type from the drop-down menu under Settings. Choose your preferred video resolution rate after deselecting Auto-Detect; lesser resolutions will result in lower video quality but will minimize the amount of information necessary to playback.


Roku has been aware of this situation for certain moments, as a Roku message board facilitator has been composing discussion board advertisements requesting information regarding their machines like the number plate, Roku each kind, unique Identifier, and application os version for at least the last week.

Roku had to repeal the download in some of its Roku customers by disabling their machines to applications model 10.0.0 due to the lack of a formal repair. This choice, meanwhile, wasn’t really made accessible to all Roku customers immediately. Rather, forum participants claimed that after sharing their required details, Roku customers personally sent them directions.

Roku customers have been prompted to provide a Roku staffer with a personal message with their user data to get the downgrading since last week, implying that the repair will be applied only once for the time being. Several Roku customers are irritated by this approach, believing that a broader reversal should be in progress at this moment.

The issues arise at a time when several Americans will be off duties for the Holiday weekend, which means they will get a lot of extra time to enjoy watching. It’s part of the Holiday custom to get into the atmosphere for NFL soccer, for example, but streaming video applications like Sling TV and Hulu are some of those affected by the programming flaws.

Roku was contacted for comment, but no response has yet been received.

Later that day, Roku emailed TechCrunch with the rest of the comment.

The latest stable upgrade, Operating system 10.5, will cause issues for a limited percentage of the people that have certain previous Roku TV versions or older Roku Ultra devices. We are actively researching and attempting to remedy this as rapidly as feasible, and we will offer real-time updates to our clients.

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