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How To Get Mints In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Trainers who want to use mints in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet to alter their nature should start setting aside their pokemon money.

A very recent addition to the Pokemon universe, Nature Mints first appeared in Generation 8’s Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Both Legends: Arceus and Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl include them once more. The fact that Nature Mints made a comeback in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet may not have shocked followers of the Pokemon franchise too much.

Nature Mints do exactly what their name suggests—they alter a Pokemon’s nature. For those who don’t know, Natures lower one stat while raising another stat on a Pokemon, with the exception of HP (again: barring HP). Trainers of Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet may want to think about giving their Pokemon a sprig of mint if they acquire a Pokemon with a Nature that is incompatible with their base stats.

What do Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s “Nature Mints” mean?

The game offers 21 different varieties of Nature mints. Since Generation VIII, the Pokemon video game has featured items made of mint. They are beneficial resources for enhancing a Pokemon’s stats. Once their effects have been applied, these items change the Pokemon’s nature, enhancing its stats and assisting in its evolution into a more potent version of itself. The base stats of the Pokemon are often increased by Nature Mints while decreased by others. Nevertheless, depending on the nature they possess and the Pokemon they are being used on, they may open up a whole new world of opportunities.

You can use a Nutrue Mint to alter a Pokemon if you find yourself in a circumstance where doing so would be against its nature. To access the natural mints at the Chansey Supply store, you must first earn six Gym Badges. To make the most of their Pokemon’s abilities, players must carefully decide which enhancers, if any, to use on them.

Types of Mints in Pokemon & Where to Find Them

Each of the 21 Nature Mints relates to a different one of the several Pokemon Natures. In most places across Paldea, Scarlet/Violet players can pick up Mints that are laying on the ground. Look around in forests or in grassy regions. However, the areas outside of Cortondo can potentially include mints.

Mints that are found in the overworld have the same “sparkle” as other haphazard items. They are also arbitrary, so gamers will have to rely on luck if they’re seeking for a certain Mint. As an alternative, players can advance in the Victory Road plot.

Mints are unlocked at the Chansey Supply store once players have earned six gym badges. In all of Paldea, there are four Chansey Supplies. They are located where they are:

Mesagoza: One is on Central Square, while the other is to the east by the Sure Cans store.

Levincia: From the Pokemon Center in the north, head south.

Cascarrafa: From the northern Pokemon Center, to the left (the one by the desert).

Montenevera: Pokemon Center’s other side.

The total cost of all available mints is 20,000 poke. As a result, players who are Scarlet or Violet should make sure they are gathering and selling a lot of treasure or using the Amulet Coin to double prize money from other trainers or gym leaders.

Although there is no restriction on how much you can purchase, the outrageous price will make you want to think twice before parting with your hard-earned Pokedollars.

If you have perfected the art of team building, this shouldn’t be a problem. For instance, using a Modest nature item on a Pokémon that doesn’t benefit from it is a waste of money even when it enhances your Sp. attack.

Trainers can also find these natural mints through exploring the map and interacting with the sparkling objects on the ground, as well as by winning Tera Raid Battles. However, as it’s an uncommon item, getting one is unlikely, but it’s still worth a shot.

Where to buy mints pokemon scarlet

You can buy mints Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in Paldea’s Chansey Supply stores. They are found in Montenevera, Mesagoza, Levincia, and Cascarrafa.

How do you get Pokemon mints?

You can get pokemon mints from the same town as Montenevera, the Ghost-type Gym Leader, in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, to get Nature Mints to save your money and go to a store. There, you may either use your League Points to do the same conversion or pay 20k Pokedollars each Nature Mint to purchase them.

Players will have to rely on luck if they’re seeking for a specific Mint because they’re likewise random. Players can also advance a little bit in the Victory Road plot. The Chansey Supply store will have Mints available for purchase once players have earned six gym badges.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, will they have all of them?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet doesn’t support every Pokemon in the series’ history, but once Pokemon Home is included, virtually every one of the 1000+ Pokemon will be catchable in one of the games on the Nintendo Switch.

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