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How to Autobattle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How to Autobattle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet- You’ll be a very busy trainer now that Pokemon Scarlet, as well as Violet,as well as Violet has been officially launched because the Paldea area is so large and there are so many new Pokemon to catch and even Legendary Pokemon to locate.

It can be challenging, though, to fight all those Pokemon and even go shinies hunting. Fortunately, autobattling, a new function that Game Freak and The Pokemon Company implemented to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, makes it much simpler to defeat several Pokemon without having to control the battle yourself.

How to Autobattle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Auto-battling enables you to just lay your Pokemon on the ground and watch as they engage in a fight with other Pokemon without having to take control of the situation yourself. When you’re out exploring and would like to level up a specific Pokemon but not have to deal with the grind yourself, it’s quite helpful.

In Pokemon games, you would typically have to control how the battle unfolded. To give you a better chance of capturing shinies, your Pokemon will even wait to attack them when you use the autobattle option, which allows your Pokemon to fight autonomously. But how do you engage in this activity specifically? Actually, it’s rather easy.

Simply explore the overworld and use ZR to battle your lead Pokemon wherever you are to participate in autobattles. It is important to note that you cannot hurl your Pokemon into cities or even buildings. As a result, it’s advisable to save this type of behaviour for the uninhabited areas that surround the main city and any other settlements you may come across.

Your lead Pokemon will circle you in an area surrounding the autobattle and attack any other Pokemon it comes across. This is excellent for removing large-scale occurrences like Mass Outbreaks, which can result in up to 100 of the same type of Pokemon spawning nearby.

You can only throw down your lead Pokemon, which is something to keep in mind. Therefore, you will need to swap out the lead Pokemon in your party if you intend to use this ability to teach your Pokemon.

While your lead Pokemon engages in autobattles, you can still engage in combat with other Pokemon and trainers. However, occasionally your lead Pokemon may come back to you and engage in combat as well. If you want to have your beginning evolutions included on the PokeDex, levelling up is extremely helpful.

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