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How to Hide Your Phone Number in Telegram

To avoid any other kind of harassment, Telegram gives you the option to hide your phone number from strangers and members of social groups. Here are a few quick instructions on how to keep your Telegram phone number private or How to Hide Your Phone Number in Telegram.

The messaging program Telegram is loaded with capabilities, many of which are privacy-focused ones. Hide personal information from people you communicate or from people in groups you share with them using one of Telegram’s many features.

Hide your phone number to stop people from calling you at your registered number and pestering you on Telegram or elsewhere. Here’s a quick guide on how to conceal your Telegram number.

A phone number is necessary to register for the instant messaging service Telegram.

Although it is an end-to-end encrypted network, it also provides a wide range of extra features and security choices that let users better protect their privacy. One of them is hiding personal information, such as a phone number.

By hiding your phone number, you may prevent people from accessing your registered phone number, which could result in online fraud or harassment.

How to Hide Your Phone Number in Telegram

Be sure to use the most recent version of Telegram and to have a working internet connection before going to the Settings to hide the registered mobile number from other users.

  1. Open Telegram’s phone number settings.
  2. Click on Three dots
  3. Click on “Settings”.
  4. Click on “Privacy and Security”.
  5. Click on Phone Number
  6. Select: under “Who can see my phone number”
  • My contacts: Only let anyone in your phone’s contacts list to see your phone number.
  • Nobody: Don’t let anyone see your phone number.
  • Everybody: Like WhatsApp, make your phone number readily available to everyone who initiates a chat with you.

Change who can find you by your phone number

You can keep your profile hidden on Telegram so that it is difficult for strangers to find. Because of this, even if someone has your phone number, they won’t be able to find your profile or speak with you.

  1. Open Telegram’s phone number settings.
  2. Click on Three dots
  3. Click on “Settings”.
  4. Click on “Privacy and Security”.
  5. Click on Phone Number
  6. Who can find me by my phone number is under choose:
  • My Contacts: To restrict who can find you on Telegram to just the contacts you have saved on your phone.
  • Everyone: To enable anyone who uses the public link or has your phone number saved in their contacts to initiate a chat with you.

To keep your Telegram account even more private, you can hide your contacts from it. Because Telegram won’t have your contacts to compare against, even the “My Contacts” option above will be useless. As a result, no one will be able to contact you via phone.

Go to Privacy and Security in Telegram’s settings. Here, turn off the “Sync Contacts” checkbox. To remove previously synced contacts from the Telegram servers, click “Delete Synced Contacts” one last time.

With the aforementioned settings, Telegram will no longer sync and upload your contact details to their servers. At this point, you can also ensure Telegram does not automatically pick your contacts due to a bug or if you accidentally press the sync button by disabling the “Contacts” permission.

More Advice on Telegram Privacy

Within the software, Telegram does make an effort to protect your privacy. Messages are kept private by being saved on your device rather than Telegram’s servers.

A message can be erased for both parties when it is deleted, allowing you to control what the other chat participant sees. To make your talks even more secret, there are a couple more changes you can make in Terminal.

Here are a few tips for enhancing Telegram’s security

Self-destructing chats

End-to-end encrypted Secret Chat is a feature of Telegram that self-destructs after a certain period of time. For these discussions, you will need to set a timer, but other than that, everything happens automatically. This is a really amazing option for those talks that you never want to be found.

  1. Start secret chat in Telegram
  2. Select the menu symbol with three dots.
  3. Select Set a timer and a self-destruct timer.

When the timer expires, all messages in that phone conversation will have been removed. When you are in a hidden chat, Telegram also turns off your smartphone’s screenshot feature to further increase security.

Hide screenshots from your phone gallery

You can conceal your Telegram screenshots if you don’t want them to show up in the media gallery on your phone. You can prevent mistakenly disclosing images when browsing your photos by defining precisely what media can and cannot be viewed from outside Telegram.

Hide screenshots from your phone gallery on Android:

  1. Open Telegram Settings menu.
  2. Click Chat Settings.
  3. Turn off “Save to gallery”

Hide screenshots from your phone gallery On iOS or iPhone:

  1. Run the Settings program.
  2. Choose Photos and Privacy.
  3. Switch “Telegram” to the off position.

You will still be able to view that media within Telegram, but it will no longer be visible on your device.

Set a passcode

You can set a passcode for Telegram if others have access to your phone and you want to keep your privacy. This disables the app and prevents anyone else from using or viewing it unless they know your passcode.

  1. Open Telegram and select Settings.
  2. Select Privacy and Security.
  3. Turn Passcode On after tapping Passcode Lock.
  4. If prompted, enter as well as re-enter your passcode.

When you first launch Telegram, you will now be required to enter your PIN. Make a note of your PIN or keep it somewhere safe because it is the only way to access your Telegram account.

Hide Last Seen for selected Telegram contacts

Telegram, as you are probably aware, shows other people last time you were using the app. Follow these instructions if you want to prevent someone or chat without being seen.

  1. Open Settings in the Telegram app
  2. Choose Privacy and Security.
  3. Select Last Seen & Online.
  4. Choose from Everyone, My Contacts, or Nobody.

You do not need a mobile phone to sign up for Telegram. If you are unable to receive an SMS, Telegram will call a voice number as well as provide you with the verification code. There still are payphones in operation around the world, and some of them even recognise incoming calls.

You can also borrow a phone from a library or a store. Many hospitals have public smartphone in the lobby where people will make calls. You can use that number and remain completely untraceable as long as you can accept the one call from Telegram.

Make use of Google Voice.

Google Voice is the company’s VOIP service. A Google Voice account provides you with a local phone number that must be linked to a Google account, but making a new, anonymous Google account is simple.

  1. Log out of all Google accounts.
  2. Create a new Google account.
  3. Connect your new account to a google’s New Voice account once you’ve created one.
    Select a phone number
  4. Sign up for Telegram using your Google Voice number as your mobile number.
  5. Enter the authorization or verification code from your Google Voice account into Telegram.

Make Use of a Temporary Number

You can sign up for a burner number instead of going through the hassle of creating a new Google pseudonym. There are numerous services that will provide you with a temporary mobile number, or even a 2nd number, without requiring you to verify or establish your identity.

There are several websites you can use, but FreePhoneNum offers a free service that is ideal for your needs. You can get a temporary phone number for free from this website, a number which is then recycled and reused by other people.

Because this site as well as Telegram are unrelated industries, there will be no link to prove that you are the specific user who used that temporary number to sign up for Telegram.

  1. Go to FreePhoneNum and choose one of the numbers showcased.
  2. Type the number you chose into Telegram.
  3. Wait for the Telegram SMS with the verification code to appear at FreePhoneNum.
  4. In Telegram, Type that verification code.

Use a burner phone

Old feature phones (phones that aren’t smartphones but still work on the cellular network) can still be purchased from thrift stores or the private market. For a few dollars, you can also buy someone else’s old phone that still has an SMS service.

It’s a somewhat sketchy part of the mobile resale world because most of these phones are usually purchased with the intent of committing crimes, but having a phone that isn’t attached to you isn’t illegal in and of itself.

Once you have the mobile, sign up for Telegram and then rid of it. You may then login in to Telegram on your primary phone with your Telegram username and password without having to authenticate your identity again. Simply switch off “Two-Factor Verification” in Settings to ensure you never need that phone number again.

Hide Your Phone Number in Telegram on Android

You may conceal your phone number in Telegram by changing an option in the Android app. To begin, launch the Telegram application on your Android phone and choose the three-line menu icon in the upper-left corner.

  1. In Telegram for Android, select Menu.
  2. Choose the “Settings” option.
  3. In Telegram for Android, go to Settings.
  4. Navigate to the “Privacy and Security” section now.
  5. In Telegram for Android, choose Privacy and Security.
  6. Select the “Phone Number” option here.
  7. In Telegram, click Phone Number.
  8. The default choice in the “Who Can See My Phone Number” section is going to be “Everyone.” If you just want your phone number to be shown to your contacts, select “My Contacts.”

This guarantees that only persons in your contact list can find you on Telegram. Nobody can find you or see your phone number.

When you’re finished, hit the checkmark symbol in the upper-right corner to save your changes.

Hide Your Phone Number in Telegram on iPhone

  1. In Telegram for iPhone, the procedure is slightly different. Navigate to the “Settings” page in the Telegram client.
  2. Select the “Privacy and Security” tab.
  3. In Telegram for iPhone, choose Privacy and Security.
  4. Visit the “Phone Number” column now.
  5. Choose Phone Number from the Settings menu.
  6. There is a “Who Can See My Phone Number” area here. You may change the setting to “My Contacts” if you only want users in your contact book to see your phone number (and hide it from everyone else).
  7. If you wish to keep it hidden from everyone, select “Nobody.”
  8. Change to My Contacts or Nobody.
  9. If you select this option, a new section named “Who Can Find Me By My Number” will appear. The “My Contacts” choice is the default. People who have your mobile number in their address book will only see your mobile number when they’re in your list of contacts.

If you want everyone who has your phone number saved in their list of contacts to see it on Telegram, select “Everyone.”

Choose between My Contacts and Everyone.

Now that you’ve removed your phone number from your contacts, you may stop sharing your contacts with Telegram as well. This guarantees that your phone number is no longer used in connection with all of your contacts.

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While Telegram is not the most secure messaging software, it does provide some protection, and there are a few measures you can take to make the application even more safe. You may simply set up a Telegram account anonymously and alter your settings to safeguard your privacy by following the steps outlined above.

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