Pokemon Violet: Where to Catch Bagon

Pokemon Violet: Where to Catch Bagon- Players will have the ability to catch Pokemon that are special to the Scarlet and Violet versions of the game, which is one of its pleasant features. These Pokemon may include non-Legendary Pokemon such as Bagon as well as Legendary Pokemon such Koraidon as well as Miraidon. Only Pokemon Violet allows you to catch the Dragon-type rock head Pokemon Bagon. And pretty early on in the game, users can actually add this Pokemon to PokeDex.

How to Catch Bagon in Early Game

Getting settled at school is the main focus of Pokemon Violet as well as Pokemon Scarlet’s early chapters. But you can also encounter a variety of Pokemon in the wild as you progress along the trail to the major city. Bagon is one of these Pokemon.

Go to the northeastern region at the bottom of the map, close to south Province Area Five, to locate and conquer Bagon. When you arrive, ascend the surrounding mountain range and scan the area for Bagon’s rocky head. Other Pokemon may be found in this region if you’re playing Pokemon Scarlet.

As always, you may always leave and return if you can’t locate the Pokemon you’re seeking for nearby. You can always locate the Pokemon you’re searching for, even if it wasn’t there the first time, by pulling back far enough for the game to un-render Pokemon and then render in fresh ones. Additionally, a number of wild Pokemon will already be roaming the earth due to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s high spawn rates.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduces a number of brand-new Pokemon, including Bagon. At levels 30 and 50, this tiny fella will develop into the semi-Legendary Salamence and a turtle-like form known as Shelgon. When you encounter any Pokemon that are vulnerable to that kind, you can be sure that you have a Dragon-type Pokemon on hand by catching this Pokemon early on.

Of course, looking at all the Legendary Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet will help you make sure you are ready for your most recent Pokemon journey. Our list could be updated in the following days because the games recently come out.

Even while this isn’t the only location where you may look for Bagon, it is one of the most accessible. Technically, you can do so right after leaving your house to go to the academy in the very first seconds of the game.

While the majority of Pokemon have the same spawning in both the Scarlet and the Violet variants, there are some that are unique to one or the other.

Pokemon with Scarlet Exclusives:

Koraidon, Stonjourner, Armorouge, Larvitar, Pupitar, Tyranitar, and Great Tusk

Pokemon with Violet Exclusives:

Shelgon, Salamence, Iron Treads, Ceruledge, Bagon, and Miraidon

Links to all Pokemon locations are provided here, along with information on their spawn rates per biome, evolution requirements, needed time of day, goods that may be carried by captured Pokemon, and overall fight stats.

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