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How to make money in cyberpunk 2077

With our advice on how to make money in Cyberpunk 2077, you can get rich in Cyberpunk.

The ability to make more money is important to the plot of Cyberpunk 2077 since it defines your character as you work to accumulate eddies, the game’s currency. That is an abbreviation for eurodollars, the unit of exchange in Night City and the Cyberpunk 2077 universe (after the country joined the European Economic Community).

A lot of the game’s events begin because your character wants to make more money, and even when major events begin, it’s still about the money if you want the greatest weapons, armour, improvements, and other things. We can thus assist if you’re wondering how to earn as much money as you can to spend on items like cyberware, clothing, upgrades, weapons, and other items. This detailed guide will show you how to make money in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to make money in Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk 2077, the concept of money can mean anything from dropping a few eddies on a Coke to blowing $50,000 on a brand-new motorcycle. However, because you start out with nothing, it may seem to take forever to reach even the smallest quantities. Ripperdocs who sell weapons or enhancements will taunt you by offering choices that you simply cannot buy yet. So how do people in Cyberpunk 2077 make money?

The best strategy is to simply finish missions. All of the gigs that fixers in each area provide you, including the main and side assignments, will pay nicely. You’ll receive some extra money if you assist the NCPD in fighting crime and gangs.

Make sure you’re looting everything else as well to increase your income. When you are near a merchant and can sell it, go through your inventory and spam the pickup button with anything you can. Since many of the food and drink options are simply different variants of the same thing, you can sell your consumables if you find that you aren’t using them. Additionally, be sure to assess the worth of the trash you collect because you may come across a few objects that are quite precious.

Really, that’s all there is to it. If you frequently run out of money, slow down the main plot, take on some side jobs, and make sure you’re looting everything. Sell the weapons you don’t use because their value will increase with their tier. You’ll soon be able to buy everything you want.

Should you sell your Junk Items

In Cyberpunk 2077, selling junk items can be a successful business. Particularly at first, when cash is scarce. When you uncover rubbish that is worth $800, you will be overjoyed since some of the junk is pretty valuable.

Don’t worry; if you steal junk items from a public area, nobody will come looking for them or challenge you for them because junk items are not owned by anyone.

Avoid selecting the perk that immediately disassembles rubbish if you decide to sell it, especially near the beginning of the game. All the trash that you could and ought to sell to a vendor will be destroyed. And you’ll want to sell as much rubbish as you can, especially at first when your prices are low.

Automatic disassembly of junk is convenient, yet some products are worth keeping around to sell. BUT the actual problem is that I can’t read the amusing asides on each item anymore, and it’s so annoying. Meta, as seen on Reddit.

Is it advisable to sell weapons and other items?

Need not disassemble your old weapons if you’re not getting into crafting; sell them instead. Keep a few epic as well as legendaries and even the rare ones until you find a better weapon, then sell the rest because it is a fantastic money maker. particularly common weapons.

Additionally, bear in mind that Night City has numerous Drop Stations scattered throughout the area. These yellow stations are denoted on your map by a grey box, and you can sell your surplus items there swiftly.

If you do opt to craft, all you have to do is loot everything you can, spec into automated disassembly, open your craft screen, and create as many green objects as you can. Try to sell them at a drop station!

Remember that you can get materials by using the soda vendors and breaking those things apart for materials. It is always good to have the tiny quantity of experience points that crafting provides.

Unless you intend to focus primarily on crafting, avoid choosing the skill perk that instantly disassembles junk things. In the early game, junk can accumulate and earn you a respectable living, and if you enjoy reading, they all have amusing descriptions.

How to earn Eddies by committing street crimes

You may occasionally be driving the car you didn’t actually need but still wanted in Night City. You press Z to leave and head to the crime scene after seeing the message “Assault in progress” and the Night City PD’s message flash up on your screen.

Always survey the perimeter. You should spot a group of adversaries who occasionally have a yellow marking with a red skull on their heads.

If it’s a red skull, it simply signifies that these opponents are far more powerful than you are, and it’s up to you whether you choose to engage them or not. Given the high likelihood that you will only get one shot, we advise that you simply leave the area. Checking at the map and looking for a small spiky melee club icon should show you where attacks are happening.

Once you’ve made the decision to engage, simply eliminate the group of four to seven adversaries. You use any weapon you have at your disposal to kill each one of them, then you plunder them all. Take everything, utilise what you can, and sell the rest. They typically have some Eurodollars on them as well as a tonne of weapons and stuff in the area.

The majority of them have a bounty on their heads, so when you finish the job, you will also receive regular Experience Points, Street Cred, and a significant sum of money. It is a very wealthy industry.

Additionally, the prize can even include legendary things like legendary Mantis Blades or blueprints.

Once more, this is a fantastic way for you to earn money and gives you additional opportunities to explore the map.

Cyberpunk 2077: Terminal Hacking Techniques

While on a quest, you come upon a terminal. You should jack in when the terminal asks you to. Why? Because using your hacking abilities to break into these terminals will gain you the desperately required Eurodollars. And while getting the biggest pay out can be challenging at times, you should persevere.

A hacking minigame called Breach Protocol challenges you to access a target using a string of letters and numbers in order to seize control of a network. Before you may participate, you must have points specified in Intelligence, but I promise it will be well worth it.

To enhance the amount of money you earn from Access Points in Breach Protocol, you want to specify into the Advanced Datamine perk. The first one will give you 50% more, and speccing an additional point into that implies the amount will grow by another 50%, essentially giving you 100% more.

Just bear in mind that you can obtain a few Eurodollars from each terminal as well as perhaps thousands of Eurodollar, and that all of these sums will eventually reach your Night City bank account.

Earn easy money from Side Jobs and Gigs

The source of the most revenue in Cyberpunk 2077! Basically, side tasks are lengthy side missions with fantastic rewards that are interlaced with people from the main plot so you may come to know them even better. as in: reasons, characteristics, and history, like River’s. Therefore, if you want to earn a decent living, be sure to answer the phone as soon as it calls.

Do a few gigs if you want to earn some quick cash and some simpler objectives. Gigs are less demanding than Side Jobs, yet they are still well paid. Additionally, more gigs may be completed in the same period of time.

Bounty Hunting in Cyberpunk 2077

Bounties are rather simple, uncomplicated tasks where the game will lead you and point you in the direction of your destination. After you kill or knock out your victim, you should immediately receive the money.

You won’t actually need to haul your bounty to a sketchy character in Night City in order to do the task and receive the prize.

Based on a star rating from one to five, a target may have a reward attached to it. They are harder to take down and earn you more street cred the bigger the prize. Check their star rating on your Data Sheet by giving it a careful glance.

Bounties have the advantage of being available everywhere and providing rewards at a consistent rate. Additionally, there is no central office or other place where you need to travel in order to collect your target or turn in your bounty. Once the job is over, the prize should automatically appear in your inventory.

While you are engaged in fight, fresh Experience Points, Eurodollars, and Street Cred will not materialize. Even if the Bounty may be in trouble, there can still be hidden targets that keep you from receiving the prize.

Therefore, before you assume that they are blue milk runs, reconsider. Search the area for several targets, and only after they are all dead and the situation is calm enough to collect can you do so. Just consider the hazards before moving forward!

There are particular hit jobs where you take on the role of a gun-for-hire on a specified target. If you hit M and seek for “Job” on your map, you can locate them. Locate a yellow poster of a prisoner and hover your cursor over it.

Most likely, you’ll notice “Neutralize Victim,” which might indicate either subduing or killing the target. The location of the target will be indicated on the map. For these common types of occupations, the Fixers are often the ones that hire you.

The main storyline is a lucrative one

Talk about overstating the case! However, the primary plot does provide substantial financial incentives as well. Simply by adhering to the plot, you may make a lot of money. Therefore, if you have your eye on a new piece of Cyberware, a legendary weapon, or a piece of iconic armour but are unable to purchase it just yet, play the next chapter of the main plot instead. Who knows, the item may still be available when you finish it and return to the weapons seller.

Quick ways to make money in Cyberpunk 2077

All of the aforementioned techniques are acceptable and normal, but if you want money quickly or in large amounts—for instance, to finish the Autojock Achievement—you may use one straightforward technique: invest a little amount of money in crafting to unlock the Epic tier of that skill.

You may level up your crafting ability using the same strategy that you would use to acquire money quickly. Just decide which one to give top priority.

Make a lot of flaming epic grenades (the purple ones). Take apart for crafting materials. Sell the parts to a dealer or drop-off location. It’s important to keep in mind that sellers and terminals reset their budgets every 24 hours, so sell whatever you can before moving on to the next sale.

Each incendiary Epic (Purple) grenade must be made using one Common and one Uncommon crafting component.

These Incendiary Epic (Purple) grenades may be disassembled to produce a vast amount of resources, including Epic ones.

Additionally, you get a tiny number of experience points (XP) for each grenade you make.

You may also disassemble the beverages that you can buy for 10 Eurodollars from the vending machines in Night City to obtain simple crafting materials. not the five Eddies, but the ten Eddies. Purchase until the machine runs out of stock, then disassemble them to obtain more expensive Common and Uncommon crafting materials.

So how do you make money in Cyberpunk 2077? 

The best strategy is to just finish missions. All of the gigs that fixers in each area provide you, including the main and side assignments, will pay nicely. You’ll also receive some extra money if you assist the NCPD in fighting crime and gangs.

This part of Corpo Plaza in the City Center is an excellent place to start:

If you want to quickly and easily earn the Autojock and Master Crafter Achievements, you’ll need this tip. 

Please leave a comment if you have any more tips so that the article may be updated!

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