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Lineage OS 19 (Android 12): A Complete Review

Lineage OS 19 is a popular and frequently used free and open-source Android operating system that provides a clean, bloatware-free experience.

In today’s Android aftermarket development scene, the term “custom ROM” has become a household term. It’s a third-party operating system that replaces one’s current operating system and improves the current user interface while also providing new functionality.

Lineage OS is the most popular and extensively used skin enhancer among the different Custom ROMs available. If People want to see what Lineage OS 19 is all about, People have come to the correct place.

People will go over Lineage OS 19’s expected release date, features, and changelog.

First And Foremost, Below Are Some Of The Features Of Lineage OS 19

  • Longer phone life expectancy.
  • Stability and security.
  • A fantastic way to de-google the smartphone (by removing all of Google’s apps and other restrictions).
  • Bundles of external features

Lineage OS is built fully from the Android AOSP (Application Open-Source Project) source code, which was released by Google.

The much more recent ROM accessible under the Lineage name is Lineage OS 18.1 (based on Android 11). Nevertheless, Lineage OS 19 is supposed to take its place sooner rather than later.

What is Lineage OS 19?

Following Lineage OS 18.1 (based on Android 11), Lineage OS 19.0 will become the lineage family’s next successor. Almost likely, this latest customized ROM is built on the Android 12 AOSP.

Lineage OS 19 (Android 12): Updates, Launch and Changelog, A Complete Review

Features Of Lineage OS 19

As already said, it is planned to be based on the Android 12 AOSP source code, which means it will have all of Android 12’s fascinating customizations and even its unique characteristics based on ROM developer modifications.

Users will also be able to modify the ROM that used a variety of open-source modules that may be found on the internet for free.

It’s expected to be a big upgrade over Lineage OS 18. Not only if there will be more privacy, security, and system improvements, but there will also be a wider choice of widgets to choose from.

Furthermore, Lineage 19 will surely provide its clients with a substantial UI boost, as Android 12 gives some incredibly great customizing features in comparison to Android 11. As a result, it’ll be a really tempting combination for aficionados of Custom ROMs.

More details regarding the features will be accessible after Lineage OS 19 is officially published.

Launch Date Of Lineage OS 19

The Android 12 Beta GSI has been the only software provided for Firmware development to proceed with on Lineage OS 19 prior to the release of the stable version of Android 12.

Firmware developers are currently working on Lineage OS 19 now that the stable Android 12 with AOSP source code is accessible.

It is scheduled to be released in April 2022, based on previous releases of Lineage OS 18.1 and Lineage OS 17.1, which were released in April 2021 and April 2020, respectively.

The creators’ public pronouncements, on the other hand, may put an end to any remaining misconceptions. Nevertheless, following the official release, only a small range of phones would support it, necessitating the need to wait for more devices to support it.

Lineage OS 19 Changelog

That’s because the firmware programmers started working on Lineage OS 19, the official website has been updated regularly with feature upgrades and bug fixes in addition to making the user and UI experience as fluid as possible. The aforementioned are some of the expected Lineage OS 19 changes:

  • System UI: Auth Controller, Side fps Controller Hide the gesture-based navigation hint bar. Invert the navbar layout, add left and right simulated buttons while typing, and so on.
  • Settings: Allowing/disallowing apps over cellular, VPN, and Wi-Fi networks is now possible. Support for authorizing and denying apps on restrictive networks is now available. Remote Preferences for device-specific snooze settings, automatic hiding of incompatible USB modes, and so on.
  • Debugging: Fix crash with enabled visualizer but missing permission by adding Lineage version to tombstones.
  • Set-up wizard: Eliminate the restore page from the TV and replace the privacy policy link with HTTPS. Display the privacy policy link, hide the privacy policy link on large-no-touch, and so on.
Lineage OS 19 (Android 12): Updates, Launch and Changelog, A Complete Review

Android 12 Overview

As previously stated, Google recently released the Android 12 stable build for a number of devices, including the Pixel 3/3a/4/4a/5 lineup, Asus Zenfone 8, OnePlus 9/9 Pro, Oppo Find X3 Pro, Sharp AQUOS sense5G, Realme GT 5G, Tecno CAMON 17, TCL 20 Pro 5G, Vivo iQOO 7 Legend, Xiaomi Mi 11/11 Ultra/11i/11X Pro, and ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5G.

Android 12 is, of course, the sequel to Android 11 from last year. Android 12 comes with a slew of intriguing new features, including enhanced security and privacy, more system enhancements, a complete overhaul of widgets and the overall user experience, and more. We’ve listed some of Android 12’s most notable features below.

Improved widgets, new power menu, new quick tiles, improved privacy & security management, improved notifications, easier Wi-Fi sharing, One-handed mode, quick tap feature at the back panel, haptic-coupled audio effect, system updates via Google Play, unused apps option, all-new emojis, screenshot markups, improved splash screen, rich content insertion, AVIF image support, and more.

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It’s worth noting that this is an aftermarket firmware that interested consumers can install on their Android devices. Those who may not want to use stock firmware or skins on their Android devices, or who want to use ROMs or root their devices, can easily flash the latest Lineage OS, depending on their device’s compatibility.

Lineage OS 18/18.1 is the most recent and stable version that interested Android phone users can install and start using. It was recently published by Google for its qualified Pixel devices and several other models from different OEMs. Google has now released the stable build of Android 12 as well as their AOSP source code and GSI package, which any Project Treble-supported Android device users may download and install right immediately.

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People May Ask

What Android Version Is Lineage OS Based On?

Android 11.

Is Lineage OS Better Than Android?

Lineage OS is certainly as secure as vanilla Android, if not more so, as others have stated. It’s a free source and frequently includes more recent security patches. If I were you, Then would choose the LOS without hesitation.

How Good Is Lineage OS?

It has one of the most devoted followings. It usually provides the most recent monthly fixes as well as a virtually up-to-date Android version. So, if you want the most up-to-date stock features from Google, try LINEAGE OS or any other nice custom ROM-like resurrections remix.

Is Lineage OS Safer?

Lineage OS is an Android 11-based operating system. It’s just like any other Android 11 firmware in terms of security. Lineage’s developers haven’t added any extra features to make it more safe; instead, they’re utilizing the same source code as the OEMs. However, because Lineage OS frequently lacks security fixes, one could argue that it is less secure.

Is Installing Lineage OS Worth It?

Yeah! It most certainly does. I’ve been using this OS for years and have never had a battery issue with it. It works even better than my original Android OS for my battery in newer versions of Lineage OS.

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