5 most iconic glitches in GTA franchise

5 most iconic glitches in GTA franchise- GTA game bugs and glitches may be annoying, especially while playing under stressful conditions. Rockstar Games has corrected a lot of game-breaking bugs throughout the series, but some minor ones have been left for gamers to enjoy.

Fans have also found a number of methods to make fun of these problems, which has led to some memorable gaming moments. In order to have a good time, gamers should try these five well-known GTA bugs.

Try these 5 most iconic glitches in GTA franchise for a different gaming experience.

  1. Bug with Cherry Popper saves in GTA Vice City
  2. GTA games with a double vehicle explosion in 3D
  3. The 3D and HD GTA games at Blue Hell
  4. GTA 4’s Swing Glitch
  5. Gap using the telescope in GTA Online

Bug with Cherry Popper saves in GTA Vice City

One of the most prominent bugs in Vice City was the Cherry Popper save corruption bug. This occurred because the game was published when communication channels were slower and less flexible than they are now. For a very long period, it was many gamers’ worst fear.

A save symbol appears within the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory once Tommy buys it. These icons are frequently used to store game progress, however the Cherry Popper corrupts the save file and also deletes the other ones. Players run the danger of losing the match as a result.

Many others were taken in by the trap and completely lost their progress. Fans still take extra care while saving their games, despite Rockstar fixing the glitch later.

GTA games with a double vehicle explosion in 3D

In GTA games, car explosions are commonplace, and when a car is on or near a fire, players commonly run. While the explosions in Grand Theft Auto 5: Expanded and Enhanced are more realistic and better, 3D-universe cars occasionally explode twice.

It’s unclear if the double explosion was intentionally inserted by the game designers or if they were just trolling the gamers, but it definitely halts the plot.

A car’s fire starts with a mini-explosion that damages some of its components. The automobile and its environs are totally destroyed by a stronger explosion that happens a few seconds later.

The 3D and HD GTA games at Blue Hell

One of the most well-known bugs in the Grand Theft Auto series is Blue Hell, commonly referred to as “getting out of boundaries.” All 3D and HD-universe games have the bug, but San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto 5 have it the worst.

One can easily descend under the map in certain secret locations because they don’t have any collision impacts. The game teleports players back to the earth in a matter of seconds even if the graphics depict them plummeting to an infinite height.

GTA 4’s Swing Glitch

The most entertaining and silly bug in Grand Theft Auto 4 is this one. The swing bars in the Firefly Projects Park automatically launch players into the air when they try to push them. Characters and vehicles can both be used to perform the bug.

One can fly at any distance since the swing’s trajectory is unknown. Additionally, the player periodically slides off the windshield of the automobile while in the air owing to inertia, creating a comical sight.

People typically use this bug to get a rib-tickling sensation when they get bored with the game.

Gap using the telescope in GTA Online

Players can mix certain headgear that isn’t normally allowed in the game thanks to the telescope bug. The error is straightforward and quick to fix.

The principal attachment must be worn, and one must approach a telescope without utilising it. The player can attach a different accessory by utilising the interaction menu once the accessory has been automatically removed. Simply step away from the telescope when you’re finished to combine the primary and fresh accessories.

The Pumpkin Mask costume for the Halloween event, which includes a hat and a pumpkin mask, was recently made by players using this bug.

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